Ghost Stories

Childhood hauntings

As a child, my fathers family had some property that had been passed down for many generations. My fathers childhood home was on this property. My Dad seemed to be obsessed with moving back into this old abandoned farm house. My mother didn't like the idea very much, however. This house had a troubled history. It was really old and had been a church at one time. Unfortunately, at the time the old house was a church it was also used as the county court house. There was a cemetery in the backyard and there were tales of hangings on the courthouse lawn in days of old. The old farmhouse was also said to have been used for an old civil war hospital(some churches became very multipurpose during the war). Not to mention, my grandmother had died a slow death in the house when my father was a child. THe house had an eary feel that could not be denied. My mother gave in for a short time to my fathers obsession to move back into the old house. But, she didn't support him very long. A hand print(that was a rusty deep crimson color) kept appearing on the living room wall. My parents primered over the handprint multiple times with no success...this was not okay with my mom. Not to mention, one night my mother, myself and my brothers were waiting outside in the car for my dad when we all saw a bright white ball of light fly from behind the house and into the treetops to disapear. She was done with the house convinced there was an evil presence there.

Several years later, my parents seperated. I was 13 years old and my father moved into his old family homestead. My mother was openly uncomfortable with our weekend visits at the old house, but she allowed it. I lived there on the weekends for about six months(my dad passed away before my 14th birthday). I had taken a relaxed and comical view of the spirits that I knew were there. I only had a problem with the spirits twice the whole six months. Both incidents were very similar. Both happened on Sunday evenings in my fathers bedroom while I was packing up my bag to go back to my moms. I was the only one in the room and out of nowhere a perfume bottle on my fathers dresser flew up and hit the ceiling and at the same time a model car went flying off the side of the dresser and smashed into the wall. My dad ran into the room and was really pissed...he thought I had broken his cherished model car(and it was broken, bad). I swore up and down that I didn't do it and i guess he might have believed me. Well, a week or two later on a sunday, packing my bag... the bottle went flying off the dresser yet again up to the ceiling. No model car action this time since it had been destroyed in the previous incident. My father didn't really even react this time. I never saw any ghosts while i was there (other than the white light ball earlier in my childhood), but my 11 year old brother saw a lot. He would always talk about this white floating man-like figure that would turn the sink on at night and just stand there by the sink. He said at dusk one day he saw the figure standing at the screen door looking into the house with its featureless face. Also, one evening my little brother decided he wanted to sleep on the couch in the living room in his sleeping bag. The next mornig the sleeping bag was completely soaked as well as my little brother. No, he didn't wet the was sweat. He said that in the middle of the night he was awakened by the sounds of birds chirping. When he opened his eyes he saw birds flying above the couch. He said he then felt something near his feet and when he looked to see what it was, he swore he saw a being that look like the grimm reaper(looking straight at my little bro). So my brother just covered his head and body in fear and sweat profusely inside the sleeping bag the rest of the night. He said he was scared to move with that thing on the end of the couch...can't really blame him. Well, my dad did pass away suddenly and so did our weekend visits to the old farm. My dad's family had the house burnt to the ground after the funeral. It turns out no one else was willing to deal with daily unexplained creepiness.