Ghost Stories

Childhood spooks.

I was thinking, childhood was definately a more ghost filled time wasn't it? Well, for me it certainly was, i got to thinking about the earliest paranormal experience i could remember, and there were two that i'd like to share. As far as i can recall, these are the earliest experiences that ever happened to me. Both are first hand accounts (i.e. they happened to me, and the second one involved my mother)

The earliest was when i was living in the dingle, and i must have been three or four at the time. The house my family were living in was one of the really old terraced houses in the cheapside of the Dingle, two rooms downstairs, and two small bedrooms on the top floor. Of course my mother and step father had one room, and i had the other. It was a delightful room, my family was poor, very poor as a matter of fact, but myparents had spent a small fortune redecorating the room, trying to get me to like it. You see, my room, was always subzero cold, even in the summer, with sunlight blazing in and heaters turned on, it was like a freezer. Not only that, but you always felt as though you were being watched. This was true for the rest of the house though, and as it was where i'd been raised, i was fairly used to it, if a little apprehensive. I never slept in that bedroom, not by myself, only once. Usually i'd end up sleeping in my parents bed, because i couldn't stay in that room once the sun went down. But anyway, the one and only time i slept in there, i was awakened by something rattling the window pane (we had single pane glass windows, and it has to be said, they were in quite bad disrepair). I looked up at the window, and it seemed to rattling as though a train was going past, there was actually a disused train tunnel running underneath the house (which i didn't know at the time, but found out a few years later). That was n't the thing that scared me, i was a child, a rattling window pane wasn't all that scary, but what was, was the slender man, made of shadow perched atop of my wardrobe glancing down at me. I couldn't see his face, he didn't seem to have features, at least any that i can see, it was dark, he was made of shadow (or at least covered in them). So i did the only thing any child could do, i put my head under the sheets, and screamed. I still remember the look on my step fathers face when he burst into the room. I'm sure he saw the figure there as well, i'll never know, i haven't talked to him in years, and we never talked about that night. From that night on, i always slept in my parents room, and when my baby brother arrived, it made for uncomfortable living conditions, as we were all cramped in one tiny bedroom, for fear of the other. Those living conditions were just one of the reasons why within two years my family had moved house down to Penzance in Cornwall. One of the other reasons was my mothers love of cornwall, but however there was another incident that happened that helped my family to make the decision to move.

My mother and me were sitting in the living room one day, watching TV, my step father was out of the house, doing whatever it was he did (he had no "job" per se, he lived off welfare cheques, and odd money he made off doing odd jobs in the neighbourhood, personally i think he was either in the pub, or the betting office, but maybe i'm just being cynical). So anyway, we were watching TV when we heard the latch on the front door open, we had one of those big, and i mean big latches, like the size of a gorilla's fist, latches, because crime was quite rife in the neighbourhood, so it normally took a while to open, and my mother, being the practical joker that she is decides we hide in the closet, and when he opens it to put his coat in, we jump out and surprise him! Well, of course i agreed, and so me and my mother hastily hid in the closet, just as we hear the front door clicking open. We hear the front door swing shut, and footsteps approaching, but they went straight past the closet and into the kitchen, and we hear the door open and shut. So, still with the intent of sneaking up and surprising my step-father, we quietly get out of the closet, and open the kitchen door quickly and as we did we jumped back, because as we opened the door, the kitchen, exploded. There's no other word for it, tins of food were thrown from the cupboards the taps above the sink were wretched out and disconnected from the water mains, the fridge door snapped back off of it's hinges, and i don't know why, but this stuck in my head most (perhaps because i'd help make it) but the spice rack, me and my stepfather had made, that was nailed to the wall was ripped off the wall almost like an invisible hand had used some sort of bestial strength to do so. My mother stopped only to pick up me, and the keys, and we were already half way towards my nana's house (just down the street luckily enough) where my nana was babysitting my little brother.

Now, theres a few possibliities of what happened on these two occasions. In the first story, i could've been just having a nightmare, it's true, but then why did my step father insist that i sleep with my parents from that night forth? And the second story, well perhaps some body broke into the house and was about to commit a robbery, before he realised somebody was in the house, and so escaped out the back door, but not before setting off some kind of small explosive, out of sheer spite, and if thats the case, did a practical joke save both mine and my mother's lives? Or was that house really haunted? I know that my bedroom there was always full of cold spots, indeed, it was just one huge coldspot, and i also know that none of my immediate family (save for my nana) liked going to the house (well, not even my nana did, but she endured it, she actually told me a few stories about that house just shortly before she passed away a few years ago, a few stories of what happened to her in that house, and a few spooky things did happen there, i'll put them in a different thread though). I've also heard it said (from a fairly unreliable source, but that might just be my being prejudiced against him for what he did to my family) that the house was eventually exorcised because the poltergeist activity got too much. So yeah, there's my two tales of that house, and subsequently my earliest (remembered) childhood hauntings, any feed back on the stories, or theories as to what it perhaps could've been, would be much appreciated, thank you. Later days!
Well, the other occurences aren't really as dramatic as the two i mentioned in my previous threads. And these are from secondary sources, so i can't confirm their veracity, but that said, they had no reason to lie about this stuff, and it's quite trivial really, but anyway, here we go.

A lot of incidents would often take place when someone was babysitting me, or me andmy brother. One of my cousins refused to babysit me or my brother anymore, because as she was watching us, there was a thundering crash from upstairs, we were in the living room, which was right under my bedroom, AKA, ghost central. My cousin, (how brave) ran out of the house screaming, leaving me and my brother alone with whatever was there. Luckily she ran into my mother,and her mother (my aunty) coming down the street, back from doing the shopping. Of course, my mother went upstairs, to inspect for damage (there was no doubt in her mind this was the work of the ghost) but found nothing out of place, except for my car collection (i had quite the collection of mini micro machine cars and vehicles) scattered all over the floor, and presumed that the box holding them must have fallen off of the shelf. At least thats what she told herself, as the box with the cars in was too big to put anywhere up high, it was always on the floor, but it's of no consequence, my mother chalked it up to coincidence, and tidied the cars away, and that was the end of that incident.

A rather more light hearted one was related to me by my nana, shortly before she passed away. She was babysitting me (this was before my brother was born) and was trying to watch an old western movie on the tv (she used to love watching all this western movies), but the problem was the tv kept on changing channels by itself, and kept switching onto a rather, shall we say lewd, tv show, about bikini models. Now the tv we had was one of those really old fashioned ones, where you had to get up to change the channels, and you had to push down one of ten buttons to get a channel. So everytime she put on her movie, the tv would flip it's own button, and switch to a different channel (with the bikini models), so she was constantly getting up and down all night as the tv continued to change channels, and it would always wait for her to sit down, or go make a cup of tea. Looking back, it's hard to see how this little mischief progressed into such violent poltergeist activity.

The third incident, perhaps wasn't related to that house at all, though it's effects were certainly felt there. I had two dogs whilst i was living there, not at the same time, but one after the other, Jack, and Fluffy they were called. Jack, could never settle in the house, he was constantly agitated, and would lie down, then spring up as though he was being poked in the ribs or something. He'd bark, constantly, at blank areas of wall until the day where i guess he finally broke down all together, and flung himself down the stairs. In hindsight, i guess, maybe other forces were behind it. The second dog fluffy, seemed to be made of tougher stuff than Jack, he'd occasionally bark at something not there, but over all he seemed far more content in the house than jack. Thats until he ran away, someone had apparently left the back door open, and also the backyard gate, and he'd got out. No one admitted to opening the back doors, because you know, who would, it cost us a dog. But thinking about it later, i realised it wouldn't have been anyone we knew, because we never opened the back door, it was kept locked permanently in case of thieves. And the backgate being open, was even rarer than that. The reason why i say that this incident wasn't related to that house, is because this has happened to all the dogs my family have ever had. It could possibly be related to what was in that house, but then it's presence has also been felt in three of my cousins houses with their dogs (mysterious illnesses, going crazy from being prevented from sleeping, etc. etc.) and has occured to every dog my immediate family have. (which is scary, as we just got a new dog and i really don't him to succumb to what ever it is the other dogs did, but it already looks like it's happening to him, although i'm hoping thats just because of that ghost in the living room, at least if i know it's her i can do something about it, but what can you do about an entity thats followed the family for generations?)

Anyhoo, there's three more tales of my childhood house, and there's still plenty more to come, so as you can tell, a lot went down there. Later days.
My next story takes place not in that house, but five minutes walk away from it, in i guess what you would call my first childhood house (i lived there until i was 6 months old, so these following stories are not mine, they are my mothers and nana's). The stories here are relavent though, at least i believe so.

My nana's house (since her passing, i guess it's now my aunties, but to me it'll always be my nana's) was, for it's location, quite a big house, it had two big living rooms, a big kitchen, and four, very decently sized bedrooms. Now, as a new born, i was often placed in the smallest bedroom, along with my also just new born cousin, whilst the adults were downstairs, gossiping, drinking, etc. etc. At the time we had an alsatian dog, a monster of a dog, his name was Rinti (the 3rd "Rinti" the family had had, it was almost an honorific we gave to our dogs, at least those with alsatian in them, the dog i have now is the fourth Rinti) and although you couldn't tell from looking, he was gentle as anything, and he seemed to have taken up guarding the door of the bedroom me and my cousin were in. Nobody made him, just one day, he went up the stairs and flopped down in front of the door, ad practically nothing could make him leave that spot, until our mothers came to take us downstairs for feeding. As long as we were in that room, he was outside the door, protecting us. Protecting us from what exactly? Well, just across the landing from the room we were sleeping soundly in, was The Room. If anyone says The Room in my family, we all knew what that person is talking about. It was the second biggest bedroom in the house, it was also the darkest, the coldest, and just downright spooky room in the house. Nobody liked going in there by themselves, shadows danced across the wall, you'd constantly see something flitting past, just in the range of your periperhal vision. Things would go missing, turning up in the least expected places, and messages would sometimes appear written on mirrors in the room. In short, it wasn't a very nice place to be. And just across from that room, watching it with a steely gaze, was Rinti, protecting the two infants in the other room from whatever was in The Room. My mother figured something was going on, when one day she heard Rinti growling at the top of the stairs, Rinti never growled, ever, in the twelve years i knew him (he sadly passed away when i was twelve, but he was 22 at the time, an unbelievable age, so i don't feel bad for him) i never once heard him growl. Not even playing a game of tug with him, not once, but there he was one day, in his usual spec just outside my door, growling, teeth bared, heckles raised, staring with rage in his eyes at the opposite door, he didn't look away when my mother came up the stairs, he still ha his eyes locked on The Room. My mother noticed how cold it was, then she heard a smash in The Room, reluctantly she went in and saw a smashed perfume bottle on another of my cousin's makeup desk. Rinti stopped growling, and my mother went and got me, and after fixing a leash to Rinti, we left for my aunties, where we stayed until my nana and uncle turned up to collect us.

Now, i know you're wondering how this ties in with my previous accounts, well, after this one incident, The Room was suddenly more hospitable, ever since Rinti challenged whatever was there. I think it bided it's time, until my mother got her own house, and then that thing followed us to that house. It would explain why it hated dogs so much and got rid of the two i had whilst growing up there. It's an intriguing thought, and a scary one, it would also explain why every house (except for the one in Cornwall) i've ever lived in, has been haunted. Maybe this thing has been following me and my mother around since i was baby (although it actually first struck in the late 70's against my mother and her sister), well, it'll be interesting to see what people have to say about it.

The next story is not a nice one, it was related to me by my nana, and it's quite disturbing, and sickening really. A few months before i was born, my granddad died. He was fairly young, well, 55 i think, so not that old, but not too young either. Anyway, my nana was finding her big house quite empty without him, and was having a thoroughly depressing time. Sure enough, all her family were around all the time,always popping in, stopping for a chat, and perhaps dinner, and so on. But at night, and early morning she was feeling quite lonely. One morning, she got up and was getting dressed when she heard a voice calling from the bedroom across the hall, it was my granddad's voice! He was calling her name, and she quickly threw on her top, and dashed down the stairs (which wasn't easy for her to do, she had a bad hip, and the beginnings of arthritis in her bones) and she saw a shadowy indistinct figure standing in the kitchen. It spoke her name once more, then blew right past her, up the stairs and into The Room. My nana didn't know what to do, and tears began to well up in her eyes, and suddenly a deep, reverberating laugh starting coming from upstairs, and increased in intensity as she began to cry even louder. Even though she knew she looked quite woe begone, she went out, and later that day a moving fan was parked out in front. Whatever the spirit was expecting though, this wasn't it. Rather than moving out, my nana had instead brought around reinforcements, her son, my uncle, and his family moved into the house to keep my nana company during her grieving time, so i guess a sort of happy ending occured here.

As a sidenote to this story, i believe the spirit tried this again when my uncle passed away 8 years later. Fortunately (depending on how you look at it) his widow was more logical, and thought that death was the end, so when the spirit tried to trick her, it called her down for tea (in my uncles voice) and my aunty answered something along the lines of "yeah phil, i'llbe down in just a tick" then realised what she had heard, and simply dismissed it as hearing things.

There's a few more tales for now, i'll probably put up more in a bit, later days!
Because i've been writing these stories down, i've been putting a lot of research into this entity....and it's my belief that it's haunting my entire family. I was talking to one of my aunties, and she told me a tale of something that happened in her old house (which she recently moved out of). She was preparing tea, when she walked past the staircase (the staircase in the house was between the living room and the kitchen) to go and clean the living room whilst the meal was cooking, (she's an obsessive cleaner) and she looked up the stairs because she heard someone laughing, and then she saw her son run past the top of the stairs and into his sisters room. Now he's quite a distinctive looking lad, peroxide blonde hair (natural) and quite a lanky figure, even then (he was only about 13/14 at the time), and it's her son, so there was no doubt in her mind it was her son. Anyway, she called up to him to tell him to wash some dishes, and he didn't answer. So, assuming he was just trying to get out of washing dishes, she walked up the stairs and into her daughters room, but her son was nowhere to be found. She then heard some kids outside playing football in the street, and she leaned out to ask them if they knew where he was, imagine her surprise when her son was in goal at the opposite side of the street, waving at her. She turned around quickly, feeling desperately uneasy, and after saying a little prayer of faith, hurried downstairs.

Now, why do i think this story connects to my previous entity, well, as i've already established in previous accounts, the entity likes to impersonate people from my family (i.e. used my grandfather, and my uncles voices to try and trick their widows) and there is another story that backs it up (with regards to my other stories). My aunty had a dog called Bruno, he was a big dog, i don't know the name of the breed, but he was sorta like a pug dog, only much bigger. And, as you've probably guessed if you've read my other accounts, he was a tortured pet. Not by us, but by an unseen force. He was a very placid dog, never barked or growled, but he'd always be mournfully howling in the early hours of the morning. Me and my cousin once thought that he was being attacked by a creature called a bogle, a sort of gremlin/goblin creature, that we'd read about in a book. But in hindsight, and looking back at the cases of dogs going crazy, or being tortured by some invisible hand, or in Bruno's case, literally wasting away (he had 4 operations on a cancerous tumour, and although the verdict always came back that he was 100% clear, it always somehow reappeared, he sadly passed away aged just 4 years and 9 months old), i think it possibly proves another link to my familial haunting.

There is another story, that is chilling by the fact of the widespread range of this haunting. A few years ago, by a happy coincidence, i discovered one of my best friends in secondary school, was also a cousin of mine (we didn't know at the time). And lo and behold, i discovered her house was also haunted, although the nature of this haunting was somewhat benign, but only to her. For some reason, the ghost always gave her a wide berth. But another friend of mine, wasn't so lucky. He was going out with her at the time, and whenever he stayed over at hers, her parents always insisted that he sleep in the spare bedroom, for reasons that are probably too obvious to mention. But one night he was staying over there, he was sleeping, when something woke him up, he looked up and saw a shadow looming over him, gazing down, it had no features, but was vaguely masculine, it continued to stare down at him, not moving. Eventually my friend decided that there was only one course of action, he took a swing at the shadow, which recoiled swiftly, and slid out underneath door frame, peter (my friends name) got out of bed, switched on the light and opened the doorway onto the landing, there was nothing there, but an uneasy silence. The next day Peter mentioned the experience to my cousin, and she just chuckled and said "oh, that was Jack", yep, she'd named the ghost Jack. Peter never felt right in that house again, only (funnily enough) in my cousin's room, which is where the ghost never went. I have my own theories about that which i might relate to at a later date, but i've rambled on long enough now, so later days people
Hi, sorry about the long absence, i've been very ill for the past week or so, which wasn't fun especially as i had to attend a college interview, whilst looking like death warmed over. But anyway, i digress, i promised theories about the hauntings i've been explaining. The first is fairly straightforward, my family have just been unlucky. And one after another have inadvertently decided to lodge in houses that have been haunted, some to a far worse degree than others. It's simple, it's (from one perspective at least,) true, and is probably the case. However, there are two other theories, which i think might be the case.

The first involves the women of my family. A lot of them are of a psychic disposition. For instance, my mother can "smell" disasters (such as death, accidents, etc. etc.), she often gets whiffs, then can accurately describe something happening, one example of this is when i was run over by a car as a child. She astonished my friend who ran from over seven streets away to tell my family what was happening, by detailing the accident to him. An auntie i mentioned in a previous story on this thread is also a talented tarot/palm reader and has premonitions. Well, from time to time anyway. But the point i'm driving at here, is that perhaps, a long time ago, a distant aunt (although, possibly more likely to be a great grandmother because of the ghosts predilection for targetting my immediate family) accidentally summoned up a spirit, maybe even a demon, who decided instead of going back to where ever it came, decided to haunt my family for generations to come? Possible? Perhaps, but not likely.

My second theory, has a bit more laudability to it. Back in the 1700's, long before my family emigrated over to england, my great great great great(you get the idea) grandfather was funnily enough engaged in hostilities against the english nobility. That is to say, he was a thief, a thug, and also a horse thief. This is a fact, my uncle Ronnie was interested in family history, and researched this for months and months, until he found out about this particular ancestor. He hastily stopped. It is also a fact that this ancestor, was caught, and then hung for his offences against the english. So it obviously goes without saying, he hated the english, so fast forward roughly 200 years, my family emigrate, having survived the potato blight, they land in Liverpool, England, sometime between WW1 and WW2, i'm not sure of the exact date, but everything is fine. Until my Grandfather an irish catholic, meets my grandmother, an english protestant. My grandfather's family basically disowned him after that, only his mother and father would accept him as part of the family. Not that it mattered, but it was soon after that, after my grandparents gave birth to their first child, that the hauntings began. In other words, the first English born child of my grandfathers blood line. So yes, it is my belief that this spirit is none other than the returned shade of a fiercely loyalist irish ancestor, one who detests whats happened to his family. Personally, i don't know why, but this is the theory that makes must sense to me. I'd like to hear peoples views on this though, and, of course, any questions are more than welcome, later days people.
Hello everyone
Sorry about the long and protracted absence, i suppose there is no real excuse, I just, as people tend to do, got sidetracked by life and such. Hope you've all been well in the interim, but now I'm back to further flesh out the story I've been weaving thus far.

First off the bat, my dog Rinti (the fourth) died. He was but two years old when he was put down, he died from an inoperable brain tumour. Is this relevant? I believe so, given all that has befallen my families pets. My mother bought a pair of puppies (after a few months of mourning) and already they seem to show signs of an invisible presence torturing them (although admittedly, their anguished yells of a night may just be the howling of young pups).

During my time away, i must admit that I haven't really delved deeper into my families (seemingly) connected ghost disturbances. Instead I've been focusing on the three closer to home. Yes, there are three resident spooks *living* right here in this house. We'll start with the named one first, "The Baldie Man". This ghost lives on the top of the stairs, he's (mostly) a harmless sort, who seems to have a particular affinity with animals. Every dog i've had, or my cat, apparently love to sit on the second from top stair in the staircase, which of course, is his step. Now, in addition to this, each member of the household has actually seen The Baldie Man. I personally saw him myself whilst the rest of the family were on holiday in Cornwall, his face poked through the top banisters of the stairs and stared at me whilst i was sitting in the living room, I turned, caught a glance at him, and I must admit, I freaked out. I slammed the door shut, and took refuge behind the sofa. In hindsight, not my my proudest moment.

It was also not my brightest moment, for you see, whilst the baldie man is at worst a neutral entity, the one in the living room certainly isn't. In the living room resides the spectre of a young girl, roughly 17-18 years old judging by looks, and whilst she seems content to let the family leave peacefully, it may not be by her choice. I have seen this one too, on several occasions (arguably the least shy ghoul I've encountered) and each time she looks rather miffed. Quite angry, though at what I've no idea, I've never attempted to contact and converse with her.

The third is probably the saddest looking ghost I've ever encountered. He bears the image of being a small boy, from his looks I'd say about the age of 10-12, somewhere about there. He resides in what used to be the downstairs toilet (converted into a multi-purpose store cupboard) and I've only ever met/encountered him once. The atmosphere when i met him was so despondent, so miserable, it was practically palpable, his face was a mask of sorrow, and one of pure longing. Presumably for absolution, though if he achieved it, I've no idea, as I've never met him or felt his presence since tells me it was probably resolved either way.

Before I finish this installment, I shall come full circle and bring your attention back to my family's haunting. In previous posts I've described how some entity has taken to impersonating my family members (usually deceased family members) in order to play tricks on my family. But, there's one time in the not too distant past that makes me feel a whole lot better. A few months ago, my sister was having a nightmare, when she awoke, screaming in fear of whatever devilish mare the night had provided, when she saw my nana sitting at the end of her bed, who simply said some comforting words and patted the foot of the bed (an act she used when she was telling people to feel better and stop worrying, she'd often pat something in range twice, such as an arm rest, a table, etc.) and my sister fell back to sleep almost instantly. So yes, I just thought I'd end this post on a sentimental and heart warming finish, and I encourage people to debate this post, as well as the others, later days people.