Ghost Stories


Well it is finally time to tell the one story that my friends back home have begged me to put on here, time and time again I've had to say no I'm not ready to relive all that not yet anyway. Well years later and only months having passed since I put in my membership here. Now with Holloween just on my heels what better time to reface my greatest encounter and most eye opening experience in the supernatural that took me beyond just believing that there is something making that bumping noise in the dark in the night.......... This was a night not unlike any of the other nights me and some friends got together and went looking for cheap thrills looking for old abandoned houses and buildings out in the countryside of our small town. Loaded up with a full tank of gas and not one but two cases of beer we were ready to take on what ever the night could through at us. We drove around that night for about two hours until we ended up out in this flat strech of country road with open cornfields all around us except for this old delapitaed farmhouse about a good 100 yrds from the road. My girlfriend at the time tried to talk me and my friends from going off the road and up into the front of this house. She had heard things about this place and even her parents had told her to stay clear of this place. I stopped the car and said lets put it to a vote who wants to go see whats in this place ? Of course Cindy being the only girl on this trip was out voted. Having known now what I didn't back then I should have listened to her. We asked Cindy to tell us what she had heard about this place. Her family lived on a farm only 20-15 miles east of this place. She told us that her mom amd dad had parked out here once when they where young and saw strange things happen. Well like what we asked. She told of her parents having seen a figure in white running from the back of the house to the barn. I remember going oohh scary adn she said the thing had no head. Her mom and dad said that they could see in the moonlight that this was the form of a female but she had no head. And when she ran to the barn she didn't open a door she just pasted through the side of the barn. I remember laughting and say that could have been anything a deer or wild dog anything. I do remember getting a slight chill after hearing her parents tale. We asked if there was anything else her parents had told her of this place. She said yes but she didn't want to tell us. We opened up the car doors to get out and head up to the front porch of the house. Cindy refused to budge from the front seat of the car. She was dead set to stay in the car she wanted no part of this house or any thing we had a mind to get into while here. So the rest of us went up to the front of the house and got a closer look. I to this day can still feel the hair standing up on the back of my arms and neck as we walked up the front three steps. An old porch swing scraped across the floor of the porch as the wind lightly picked up. One side of the swing had it's chain broke and laid on the floor and gently make a scraping noise as it dragged acroos the floor on the porch. It was then that my friend Dave brought it to our attention.........look none of the windows are broken or cracked. This was very odd because in an abandoned house such as this broken windows are common. Kids throw rocks and things and just break them out. But these windows were in tack. We got up closer to the windows and looked in. The glass was like darker than dark. We couldn't see inside the house it was pitch black. It was like all the light was just ate up by the darkness. It was than that we heard a loud slam....Cindy decided she didn't want to stay in the car any longer and decided to join us by slamming the car door. We all just about pee'd ourselves. After we stopped laughing we went to the front door and it opened easily enough. And then this was the second thing that was really freaky. There was no sound in the house nothing. Ussually you can hear the wind alittle outside but it was this eerie quietness. We walked into the livingroom of the house and you could easily see the car out front. As we walked through the house Dave asked Cindy to tell us what her parents had seen here at this house. It wasn't what they saw so much as what they heard. She said that her parents came back a few weeks later after their first encounter with the headless figure. And on this second visit they had of course brought along some friends in the hopes that they could see this figure again and have wittnesses. Well they got more than they had bargianed for. As Cindy's parents had finished telling the story of what they had seen the front door of the house slammed open and all the room lite up like all the lights were on at once. Then everything went pitch dark and a shadow or cload like thing came at them while still in the car. They left and never came back or near this place. We laughed and moved on. So far it was just an empty old house with nothing happening. It was when we split up that things got really freaky and in a real hurry. As Dave and Kyle went in one direction. Cindy, Royce and myself went to explore the upstairs. I was half way up the staircase when it happened. You know why people always tell you don't go into old abanded house? Well I found out the hard way.......the stairs gave way under my feet and I fell straight down to the basement. If you ever want to mess up your head this did it for me. Here I was in total darkness I had fallen into something wet and just plan sickening. The smell was just putreed. And now to make matters even worse Cindy is screaming at the top of her lungs. The house came alive with the shuffling of feet as everyone came running to the screams of Cindy. Then looking down at me in the basement. Dave ran off to the car and got a couple of flashlights. He tossed one down to me, and said he'd be down in a few seconds. I flashed the light around but could not see a thing. I heard what sounded like the door to the basement open and a feww seconds later Dave hit me with the light of his flashlight. I followed his light and we made our way out of the basement. As I came into the light a little better the stuff all over me looked like some kind of liquid redish black and a foul smell. I said it must be rotted leaves and such. By this time it was getting close to 2am Royce said he remembered seeing an old fashioned water pump out by the tree. So we all went out side to see if this thing worked or not. After about 10 tries it produced water so I washed my shirt and pants and shoes off as best I could. When I was half way into my shirt that was when things took off. The door to the old barn and the door to the house slammed opened at the same time. Now here is where some of us seemed to have seen diffrent things. Dave said he saw a horse drawn carridge come bursting out of the barn. I said no it was a dark shadowy cloud. It was Royce that then said look on the porch which we all did and there it was as plan as day a body dressed in a white nightgown and no head. When our attention was drawn to the window at the second floor there was the head only the head of a woman screaming. We couldn't hear her scream but you could see that that was what she was doing in the window. We all made it to the car and got inside. Cindy was in the drivers seat and the car would not start for her. After the fourth try the car kicked over and Cindy was able to get us to the main road. I to this day get a little chill up the spine because I remember that there was something with me in that basement that night I fell trough the stairs. I never told my friends that and this will be the first time they'll have heard me said it. But when I fell through the stairs I could sence and feel that something was not only moving around inthat basement but was also watching. It was and is the most unsettling thing to recall about this story and that is what was ever in the basement was anything but friendly and I don't know why to this day it never attacked me that night. To this day this day this is the one house I will not go looking up. Of all my other experiences this was the one that has left me not wanting to know what inhibits that house and that land............