Ghost Stories


This just happened to me last night, but before I get to the story, it's important to know the events leading up to last night.

Last Wednesday night at just about sunset, I decided to try my hand at EVP's at my mom's cemetary. I got there and the wind was very light, I plugged in the external microphone and earphones in to the voice acivated microcassette recorder and turned it on. Right away it picked up cars and trucks 1/4 mile away, I paused it adn waited for the sound to dissipate. I unpaused it and asked: "Is there anybody here?" " Do you have a message for your loved ones?" "It's kinda cool out here tonight isn't it?" "What are your names?" (I gave them a few minutes to respond in between questions.) Nothing audible could be heard. I shut the recorder off, talked with mom for a bitr and went home.

Last Friday night, I had an extremely strong urge to go back up there, for some reason I felt forced to go. I didn't question it, I just did it, no recorder, just myself. I got there adn there were a few younger poeple there at a friends grave talking and what not. I went to mom's grave and I felt very nervous (that's never happened before) and anxious for no reason at all. Thinking nothing of it, I cleaned away the dead plants from the headstone and my grandparent's headstone.

Returning to mom's grave sight, I felt an overwhelming sense of very great and deep loneliness, so much so that within a minute I felt like drying uncontrollably and all I kept hearing was, lonelines, loneliness, and kept feeling more sad with each second. Unabnle to stand it any longer, I hummed mom's songs to her, told her I loved her and left.

Last night as I was talking on IM with FMD, my mouse started moving to the left side of the screen by itself, went all the way to the top and stopped. I let her know what had happened, we both said "very strange" and kept talking. A few minutes later I heard two soft knocks on the side porch, inside wooden door. I never heard the screen door open. I aske dFMD to hold on a sec and investigated. Nobody adn nothing there, maybe the cats made the noise. I tried to duplicate the sound, couldn't duplicate it. We continued talking. Minutes later I felt chills on my left arm & leg, I let FMD know.

Seconds later the chills covered my body and I again felt overcome with deep loneliness and sadness and started crying. I let FMD know what was happening. She told me what I was feeling at the time (though I couldn't find the words to describe it). I t was a female ghost that was looking for her relatives and thought I could help.

I asked the ghost to politely leave and find her relatives and to never return here to my premisses again. That still didn't work, FMD prayed for her to cross over and FMD told me that her grandmother was here to take her with her. In the meantime, I more forcefully todl her to leave my house adn my land in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. That's when things started to change, she didn't want to go, but I kept repeating it over and over and slowly teh feelings started to subside. (getting the chills just writing this!)

FMD and I talked some more and I told her that I felt peace, joy, warmth and happiness. FMd told me that teh grandmother thanked me and was taking her home. I then started crying tears of happiness, great joy and extreme warmth filling me. FMD said that the grandmother bowed and again thanked me for helping her grandaughter return home. Seconds later, I could feel that they had left for good as a great calm pervaded the house and myself, and I felt great relief. I'm glad that I was able to help on her journey home, and I am thankful for FMD's help. Thanks again FMD!:D