Ghost Stories

Coudl some body help please?

I'm not sure where to start for this, so I'll start where I can remember...

I went out looking for some firewood so we could get our fire started at a buddy's house. There's a hill that's about a five minute walk from there, and for some reason I started walking that way... It ended up taking me mabe a minute or two, I don't know where the time went for that, and the next thing I know I'm already on top of it walking around. I looked over the edge, which is about a 60ft steep ledge, and saw a solid black figure. I was staring at it to make sure I wasn't seeing what I thought I saw, then I saw another one more then ten feet away from it standing to it's right closer to me, to my left from where I was looking. About that time I started walking back, as quiet as I could just incase I could here something coming up. I no more got about 10 yards walking before I busted into a full burst sprint to the side I walked up and down it. I slowed to a stop about 15 yards away from the hill to calm my breathing, and slow my heart rate down so I could hear and look around to see if they were following me. I walked for a minute, checking my surroundings, then I saw one again. By that time my phone went off from my friends calling me worried cause I was out there for awhile, and I was already into another sprint to the house. About this time one of my friends went out to her car to get something out of the trunk, she heard somebody walking and heard someone running at the same time... I wasn't even close enough yet to where she coulda heard me comming. She looked over the road and saw what she thought was me standing over there and hollored, I didn't hear a thing. She was about to run over to it when she saw me clear three bushes at the same time. Before that, I thought I saw her standing at the road behind my truck, which was atleast 200ft away from where she was... I glanced back to see if something was following me, then when I turned around she wasn't over by my truck she was to my right. I didn't stop till I was in my buddy's house. My friend walked in to check on me, when she came in and looked at me she saw that I was pale and had black stuff on the side of my face. We checked my pulse and it wasn't slowing down for nothing even though I felt calm, when she felt me I was frozen yet I felt like I was normal... After a few minutes I dicided to check my pulse again, it slowed alittle bit but before she came in again, while I was checking it, it stopped for a good couple of beats then went back to how it was doing. She went outside to see if someone was good to drive her car and she was going to leave early with me cause of what she saw and felt, I decided to check my body just in case something did hit me. Once I checked my back I could see a mark on my back like something whipped me, I called my friend in and she could see it and something that could look like little claw marks... When I tried to walk out of my friends house, the aura I felt was so strong that I couldn't leave the house. I text her, that something really didn't want me there, and when she came in, I was at the door, she walked up and hit a wall that she said felt like pure fear/evil(she can't place it but it just felt wrong)... Finally when she took her keys out to give them up, I could barely get out of the house and I just walked straight to my truck, and got in to crank it up... The whole ride back I just kept feeling like some thing was watching us the whole way home, I even had the heater on cause of the chill I got was so bad. I don't know what to make of it, I'm still feeling the same thing and she is too, my back where it looked like I got whipped is aching right now to where I can't really move my arm. Any help on this would be appreciated, I'm currently stationed in Twentynine Palms, CA in the Marine Corps... I've had experience in this sort of thing before, but not to where I couldn't leave a place. If you would need anymore information, like the places of the marks and stuff like that I would be glad to tell you.

Just an up date, I posted this a couple of hours ago and we tried to sleep... We had almost the same dream, except when I saw IT I started saying the lords prayer over and over... It woke my friend up to jump off the bed and finally wake me up. This is way over my head, I've never delt with anything like this before, one of the marks has gotten worse. I have no clue of what to do or if I can sleep again tonight.