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Crazy Happenings

Well, Im new to this forum but i wanted to share some of the things that have been happening around my house.

I live in TX, and i moved out here with my mother and stepfather about July of this year. For years everytime i visited this house i told my mother that i always felt like something was watching me and that there was something about her house that just brushed me the wrong way, of course she shrugged it off and told me i was weird. Though, these past few months things have been getting more strange. Things would go missing, and reappear after searching high and low only finding it in the same place you had left it. We have cats, and one of my cats is considered a spaz. He'll run across the house, back and fourth like someone is chasing him but yet no one is. We always thought that was funny but never really thought anything of it.

We took a trip to an old town and a house that was supposedly haunted, only after that trip i mentioned to my mom about taking pictures of the house just to see if we'd catch anything on the camera, and sure enough we found every picture containing atleast 3 orbs in it. I and my mother both were stoked about this finding but afterwards nothing really happened around the house.

One night my mother and stepfather were both in their room watching tv and all of a sudden the tv starts changing channels by itself, my stepfather a nonbeliever brushed it off like nothing, but my mother on the other hand was excited. We had a few times where they didnt enjoy what we were watching and either turned the channel or turned the volume down. The night after that she could have sworn that she watched a orb fly up, hit some windchimes and fly into their bathroom where my stepfather was walking out of, even he turned around and asked "where'd it go?" after watching my cat fly into the bathroom chasing it.

After those accounts it got quiet in the house until this past month. My family came into town, grandparents and little brother. Things would still go missing but eventually turn up. My grandmother always complained about a breeze when she sat in one spot of the house, but no one else ever did. This past week we've had the most intense account with these spirits in our house. My mother, brother and I were sitting in our living room watching tv when all of a sudden the channels started to change, and my mother fighting with it, and of course me and my little brother laughing about it. We'll we have dish, so you turn the guide on to see whats coming on, the spirit finally put it on a paperview channel where a box pops up asking weather you want to purchase the movie. "yes" "Cancel" "no" and thats when we first spoke to the spirit.

Limited to yes or no questions to ask, we started asking random questions, and infact the spirit would answer with a yes or no answer. Finding out the name of the spirit was "Nick." Nick is like a buddy to us now. We have talked to him for the past week, found out that he is here with his family and there was another little boy that was here that he didnt like.

Nonetheless, finding out that infact his children and the other little boy liked to play jokes on us by hiding things, yet nick would always go and find those objects and place them back where we would find them. The more we talked with nick the more we found out about lots of things, even the house it self. Infact..the house isnt old at all, my stepfather built this house not but 5years ago. Although, the house that was here before ours was burnt down but everyone told us that the house was empty when it burnt down. Nick disagrees.

Not getting into any religious talk, but some of my family members are wiccan. Talking with nick, we found out that this other childs spirit was 'evil' and here to do us harm. I eventually got to talk to this 'other spirit' and he agreed that he was here to do harm to my animals and enjoyed scaring them. We'll my mother didnt take that lightly. The next day my brother and i were here alone and we're talking about this 'other spirit' that was to do us harm. And as we were talking my little brother looks up at the clock and it jumps from 3:11 to 3:09 and then back again. It scared him so much he didnt speak for a few minutes. After that, my mother came home, we spoke to nick and filled him in on some rituals we were going to perform to clense the house and put protection spells on it. In an instant he agreed and my mother wanted to speak with this other boy. Once she did, lets just say it was a interesting sight.

We performed these acts on the house, and it was like a lift came upon me, as if the 'evil' had left. We asked if Nick was still here and he jumped right back on the tv and started talking to us agreeing that the little boy was gone. Since then it has been more quite around the house. Nick still likes to play games and turn light switches on and off, change channels and talk to us, but thats as far as his power has gotten so far.

Sometimes we think he lies, because the little boy would hide the remotes...and we'd ask for nick to find them, and later on that night the remote would be sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for us to pick it up, but yet we've asked him to move things and he says he cant, I havent really put my finger on it yet, but i may well never be able to.

I cant help but wonder if he'll gain more energy some how and beable to show himself one day. It's not a scary feeling with him around, kind of like a protector. He knows he's dead, but doesnt want to leave, he says he enjoys it here. Its all a little weird to me, but hey talking to a tv isnt normal either. Many other things have happened in this house too but thats the jist of it mostly.

My little brother is 12, also know that since he is young he brings alot of energy into the house, which gives them more to beable to interact with us. Nick has been asked if he will leave with my little brother, because he tends to cling to my little brother more than anything and he said maybe. Its all a big thing for us, but we love it all the same.