Ghost Stories


This post is also about my family that lives in Mexico. My Grandfather that owns the house with the soldier, had a huge ranch/farm passed down to him when his father passed away. I think my great-great -grandfather aquired the land during the Mexican Civil War (Pancho Villa-Emiliano Zapata time). The ranch I think was originally about 2000 hectares-or over 4000 acres. It has now shrunk to less then half that size because of squatters. The hacienda had a small school, several wells and a cemetary. The cemetary is still on my grandpa's land and I believe he still has 3 wells and the school has been closed down because they have built new and bigger ones closer to the actual town where the ranch is. Anyway, the story I have was told to me by my mom and grandma. This happened to my grandpa when he was about 15 yrs old.

Back then, even though my great grandparents had all this land they were poor because they did not have enough money to work it properly. They only had their children to tend to the fields and stock --and that was not enough man power. So they just had a little shack built a good hike from the cemetary, one of the wells and close to the livestock. They had pens for the goats, cows, horses, sheep and pigs. There was no electricity and the only water was that from the wells. One hot summer night all the boys were sleeping outside. It was cooler then inside the little shack. The brother were just peering at the clear night sky, just looking at the moon, when suddenly it started to cloud up. They figured it was going to rain and started clearing up their cover and quilts to head back into the house. As they were going in they heard a ruckus comming from the dogs guarding the animals against coyotes. At first they thought it was coyotes, until they heard one of the dogs yelp in pain.

There was a short path paved with stone leading to the pens and then from there to the well. My grandfather and one of his brother started down the path, with a machete and a lantern. Their father demanded that they find out what was bothering the animals. Then they heard the other dog yelp. and the goats and horses making frantic noises. There was just a commotion going on out in the pens. As they got closer to the pens they say one of the dogs completely torn apart, and the other one close by still alive but agonizing. It had one of it's legs ripped off. My grandfather was scared but knew it would be worse if he let any more animals die and didn't investigate. He said that as he continued down the path he saw more destruction leading toward the woods in the direction of the cemetary. Some goats were bleeding out and cows that had been torn at. Alot of animals where killed, like by some very large viscious animal. He and his brother heard a noise coming from the edge of the woods, towards where they were headed, and shown the lantern light in that direction. They said that they saw a very dark shadow, they thought it was a very large animal with red eyes. That they felt like it looked at them really hard, then it just turned around and ran off into the dark wooded area.

My grandfather does not like to talk about this incident, when we ask him about it he says to just mind our business. Several years after this he abandoned the ranch and moved into a growing city where he met my grandma. I was really scared by this story because they told me around the time that there was a craze concerning the "chupacabras"- my mom told me that my grandpa thought that's what killed the animals and tore up the dogs.
I hate going to the cemetary, the last time my mom made me go was when they celebrated "el dia de los muertos". I think they celebrate it on the 1st of November. My grandpa did once tell us that they dared one of his cousins to spend the night at the cemetary and that he didn't make it all the way through, he came out running saying he heard chains, and moaning, and saw red spots around the cemetary.

This ranch is really creepy, there still is no running water or electricity where my grandpa built his little house there. The last time I stayed there was last Easter. and it started to storm. The sky is so clear and since there is no light you can really see the moon and stars and so when it storm it looks really scary because the lightning illuminates the woods in a very scary way.