Ghost Stories

Creepy Family

Sigh... My family definitely gives me the creeps. I guess I should give a little bit of background on my family, at least the side that is stranger--my mom's side of the family. My mom's entire side is pretty much "Catholic"-- and I put that in quotations, because they have very different beliefs---I guess I should include myself in this too. And at this point I don't even know if I am even posting this in the right place. But anyway, we all go to church and such, but we also all believe in witch doctors, and witchcraft and all these other things that the normal Catholics frown upon. We don't practice and black majic or wish any wrong on anyone, but we like to protect ourselves with talismans, and Saints and herbs, and strange rituals--- a whole lot like Santeria, but we don't do any type of sacrifices or anything. I think my grandfather may kill goats but only to eat them (he used to live on a ranch--a haunted one--which I will write about later).

Anyway, with that said, my grandmother, when ever something is wrong in the family, she goes to church and prays, then she will go to a "curandera"-a witch doctor, and get amulets or something made that will bring good luck or something to protect or bring better health. She always goes to a spiritual advisor or medium when she senses something in her house, which is what my main point is in the story.
My grandparents' house is really haunted - no doubt about that.

Pretty much all of my family lives in Mexico, along the border to Texas, near the coast. The houses built in that area are built from cinder block then covered with cement and painted to look kind of like stucco. The roofs are usually flat, and also made from cement. The walls are built first, then the roof, and then they poor in the floor with cement, and they usually tile the floor or paint it. So they are pretty much like vaults-made completely of cement and block. Since they are made of this material it is very easy to add more and more to the houses in any directions, and that is pretty much what my grandparents have done through out the years, just added and added to their house. And as they make additions stories come out, many different things.

The first one that I know of is what happened to my aunt, when the house was just a 1 bedroom home with an out-house, about 30 yrs ago she was about 6-7yr old. She needed to go the the restroom and she said she was too scared to walk all the way to the out-house since it was already getting dark and it was a ways from the house. She decided to go pee under my grandma's lemon tree that was just about 30-40ft from the house. She said she was had just squatted when she head horse's hooves beating the ground near her. She thought someone was coming and finished peeing quickly and pulled her clothes up. She looked around and heard the horse coming closer, but she still couldn't see anything then she says she saw a soldier dressed in really old fashioned uniform just looking at her and smiling. Then he just disappeared. She says she ran like a bat outta hell, and told my grandma. At the time my grandma said nothing just comforted her and told her to forget about it, that is was her imagination.....
they continued adding to the house and then one day when one of the back rooms was almost finished my youngest aunt (27 now) about 9-10 then, walked into the room-it still needed the floor poured in so there was still dirt in there. She said she saw a hole in the ground and when she went over there to it that she saw my great grandmother laying in it. She told my grandmother, and again nothing from her, and my great grandmother passed away about a month later.

My grandmother tells us that right after this she went to see a medium, because she was worried about the house, with my great grandmother passing away and all. The medium told her - and my grandmother hadn't told her anything- that in the last room(where my youngest aunt saw my ggrandma) there would be a soldier buried there about 5 ft from the left corner of the room. Under the soldier would be gold and silver coins. The medium said that the soldier had been killed by other soldiers and his body had been used to mark the body, but that the soldiers where never able to come back to it. She said that the area where they live in used to be a camp during the time when Texas seperated from Mexico, and Santa Anna would have some of his troops rest there since it is so close to the Rio Grande. The medium told my grandparents not to add anymore to the house in that direction. The spot that the medium indicated is where the lemon tree is. My grandparent tried to dig up the spot but that they just this really ugly feeling like something horrible would happen if they did, so they just left it all alone. My grandma went to see the medium about that too and she said to just leave it all alone. No one sleeps in that room, my grandma uses it as a guest room or just for storage. When I have stayed there, I get this feeling that someone is watching, and my youngest aunt refuses to go into that room. Even though the room is small and has 2 windows it is always really hot in there, and the room right across is the same size and also has 2 windows but that one is cool even in the summer.

There is another room that can sometimes get a little creepy and that is right in the middle of the house. I was staying in this room one night, and I heard knocking on wood right outside above the window, and as i stated earlier the entire house is made of cement. Sometimes really late at night you can hear horses outside that same window. And things always get moved around, my grandma says that those are elves doing those things. She said elves are little children that died before they got baptized. My grandmother used to be a midwife and delivered children there in the house. One of them died a few hours after delivery, and she says that that one is the elf that moves things around the house and makes noises, like paper crinkling, or footsteps on the tiled floor. The house is weird but I still love staying there. I'll tell you more later since my hand is hurting now.

nancy m I hope it all makes sense