Ghost Stories



]Okay so...I haven't really posted lately because I have been so busy with work. So now that I have a spare moment I have got 2 stories that have given chills to everyone I have told them to. So far...ha ha...[:O] lets hope it does the same for you good people.

The 2 stories which I have called Creepy Girl #1 and Creepy Girl #2, have been experienced by my co-workers up at Six Flags Astroworld. Unfortunately for them! My co-workers were not at all too pleased and in fact one of the gentlemen proceeded to scream, cry, shake, and quit his job over one of these lovely ladies.

These girls are 2 different apparitions. One that was seen at our very own park, seen quite often, just recently, and by a series of different people. She seems to like popping up and staring people down. She is seen in different areas, and follows specific people around. She also has done quite a few things out of the ordinary. Makes you think either she has a sick sense of humor [:P], or maybe she is really a demonic spirit[}:)].

The other exists in Oklahoma I believe, but when another co-worker told me the story she just sounded like such a creepy girl I felt she should be thrown into the pile as well.

So on with it then....Let me tell you about Creepy Girl #1. As I have said I work at Six Flags Astroworld in Houston, Texas. We have so many "Ghosts" you can't even keep track. After hearing about this, and seeing the reaction of my friend, all I have to say is, I would never want to be a security guard for the night shift!! AT ANY THEME PARK! NO WAY!

We call her "Eyes". Cause she has none. When I first heard about her it was from a boy I know who works for the Grounds Quality Night Shift. Their job is to wash down the park after we are closed. They usually work from 10pm till 8am. He infact has never seen her. But he was there the night that a guy under his watch did. One of the guys was sent to the Italian section of the park to power wash the streets. He was all by himself. So let me tell you a little bit about him first. I was told that he is a married man, 40 something, a devout christian, and has kids. Not someone who really came across as the type to make it up, and as my friend Matt said his reactions, physical and mental states after the sightings spoke more than words.

His first sighting happened his first night on the job the poor thing. He was busy power washing the streets while near one of the shops where a local radio station plays. There are large windows at the station so that people can see the DJ's and singers. So this man is doing his job, cleaning when he said that he felt like he was being watched. He said it was as if someone was so close that they were breathing down his neck. He turned around and there standing in one of the windows was a tall, thin, pale, young blonde girl, her hair in her face. Well like anyone would probably do he jumped, and then he said that at first he thought he was just seeing a cut out of Faith Hill that we have placed in the window. He said that he laughed to himself and backed up and looked again. But to his surprise she was there, [u]next to the cut out of Faith Hill, and she was moving. He said her head was down, and then she looked up at him really fast. He startled and fell down on his back side, and said all he could do was look at her, and stare into her eyes. What was so weird is that he said he felt like he was being stared down, but when he looked there were no eyes. He said she looked like a real person until he noticed her eyes were completely gone.
It was like two empty sockets. All this happened quicker than it sounds, and he proceeded to get up and run through the park back to the office screaming. When he got there he was winded, crying, and was shaking. He reported what he saw, and as men do they all laughed at him, all of them thinking he had seen the cut out of Faith Hill. But he was sure it was not and made my friend Matt call security to find out if anything was going on, or if maybe someone was in the park. Matt told him to go back and do his job but he refused to go back to that one spot and refused to work alone. I don't blame him, CAN YOU REALLY BLAME HIM?!?! So he was sent to another part of the park. A large outdoor theatre located behind the Train Station. He was working with another guy, and they were cleaning out the entire venue. His partner needed to go to the bathroom and proceeded to do so without telling the guy. Hoping he wouldn't freak out, from just noticing his absence. Well while the guy was in the bathroom our friend was still cleaning. He had no idea he was alone, infact he saw something moving above him on the stage out of the corner of his eye. Thinking it was his partner he proceeded to talk to him. When he asked him a question and didn't get a response he got a negative feeling all of sudden and looked up to see the young lady standing on the stage staring at him. This time she looked as real as any person you see except her eyes again. He can describe her perfectly. He said she had blonde hair, tall, thin, very pale, was wearing a yellow 70's style dress, with white flowers on it. The thing that made him realize that she was not of this world or of the living was the fact that....HA SHE HAD NO EYES!

He froze and then screamed and yelled. When his partner found him he was curled up, crying, and had wet himself. This being a full grown man, I can only imagine the embarrasment and blow to his pride. Matt knowing that we had pranksters in the park was sure that someone had taken a joke way too far. So he called security. The guy was given a change of clothes, while waiting for security to come to the GQ office. Once they got there Matt explained where our co-worker had seen the young lady. But before he could continue with any kind of description of her, one of the guards interupted. He saw her at the Radio Station and the Outdoor Theatre right? He pointed to another guard...and they gave eachother knowing glances. Yeah she is always popping up like that. Blonde hair...right? Matt shook his head in agreeance. Yellow dress, with flowers on it kind of retro looking. Tall really pale, and oh yeah No EYES!! Matt said he felt chills. The Security men had described her perfectly without even having heard out Matt or the other man. They went on to say that no one really knew who she was. That she shows up to usually always the same people, all over the park. Its like she followed them, and not only that but for someone who had no eyes her stare could pierce the soul. One of the men said that while he was on duty he would have to walk around the outdoor theatre. He said he would always see a young lady dancing around the stage. But when he would yell at her, she would flee to a near by restroom. When he unlocked the door to the one person bathroom no one was in it.

The guy was shaken Matt told me but continued to work there. He would either always have a partner, or would bring head phones so he could ignore weird noises and keep his mind off of it all. Until one day...he was joking around with Matt, saying maybe he was just imagining it. Matt was thinking otherwise because of the fact that this man was not the only person who has seen her. But if that made him feel better than he was going to let him believe it.

That night he was working maybe 20feet from another GQ worker, and he even had the headphones on too. When he experienced that same overwhelming feeling of being watched. He tried to ignore it he said...but eventually he looked up into the paned glass window of a restaurant. There standing in the window was the girl, shaking the her head at him in a horizontal motion. He said he had never seen anything like that, but that he did not get a positive feeling from her.

He hasn't been to work since. Upon hearing all of this I inquired to everyone that I have known to be at the park the longest and no one can think of who she could possibly be. Except for a young lady back in the 60s or 70s who was killed in an accident at the park. She was a dancer and was going into one of the disco rooms where large record like turn wheels spun on the floor. No one knows how what happened, happened...but evidently her dress got caught on something and she was sucked under the flooring and skinned alive. She bled to death while waiting for the ambulance.

All I have to say is, I never want to meet her face to face. I would quit too.

CREEPY GIRL #2 is too be continued...I need to sleep...

Some are left found wanting.