Ghost Stories

Cumberland Cemetary - Wenona, IL

Hi All! New the boards, have been reading with intense interest for a few months now. My friends and I have always been interested in ghost hunting, and anything having to do with anything paranormal. Our group is from Central IL and in past years we've all heard many stories about this very old Cemetary near Toluca, in Wenona.

A lot of stories have been heard, supposedly car accidents on the bridge, a lady cheating on her husband and then getting decapitated in the woods. Also supposedly the cemetary was placed on an indian burial ground during the Blackhawk Indian War era. Like I said, alot of information, and we're in the process of validating anything we can. This story starts off around 2 weeks ago when we decided to just drive through one night and get a quick scope of what we're looking at. It is a creepy old cemetary, big iron gate that has Cumberland above the entrance, tucked nice in the woods, and the road takes you through the woods off to the left of the cemetary to a little bridge further down. We decided to park on the bridge and listen for what we were told to hear. The faint sound of motorcycles that were involved in an accident some time ago. After about 5 minutes we were not hearing or seeing anything and decided to turn around, and this point we noticed on old post off the road a little bit near the bridge with flowers attached, a small memorial if you will. We turned around and parked facing north on the bridge. Turned it off, sat there, this time is when all 4 of us in the vehicle got insanely cold, and just this really uneasy feeling. I would say coincidence, but all 4 of us experienced this at the same time, very strange. After about 10-15 minutes of this, the wind came to an absolute stand-still, and our eyes started to seem to just get engulfed with darkness. I don't know if anyone has ever experienced this where it seems darkness just slowly starts creepign closer and closer, very strange. Then that jus stopped, and all of us at the same time noticed this dark, shadow-like, silouhetted figure standing on top of the hill about 50 feet in front of us near the bridge. It was unbelievable! It was just pacing back and forth, and when someone spoke, it would stop. After a few minutes of this, it stopped, and then just faded out. At this time we realized that we were possible on to something, and decided to go home for the night and come back in a few days to investigate.

We decided to go back 2 nights ago mainly with a camera, digital thermometer and see just if we can get anyhting before we really hammer down. We arrived around 12 a.m. (after confirming with police authorities in Marshall County) And started a quick walk through the cemetary, no uneasy feeligns this time, just kind of nice, it was a full moon so sadly it was really bright. What I'm excited about, is we had amazing luck! I was snapping pictures all night and not really noticing anything on my LCD of the camera, the next day when I got home. Many of the pictures I took in certain areas of the cemetary, one being along a fenceline memorial. THere seem to be 4 different pictures/cards/sets of flowers along this fence on the winding road through the woods. I snapped a few pictures there and when I looked at them on the PC, I had some very distinct BRIGHT blue orbs above 2 of the fence memorials. I was stoked! Many other pictures revealed some ecto mist and more orbs.

I believe Cumberland is a good place for us to investigate just based on our findings so far. I know this is unbelievably long but I wnated to share the experience thus far. And please, if anyone has any additional information about Cumberland, any stories, anything, please let me know! I'd like to find out as much information as I can baout this place before we tackle it again! Thanks again, and hello all! I will post pictures a.s.ap.