Ghost Stories

daydreaming about future? sorry somewhat long

Well this is somewhat weird. First I daydream alot, and out of nowhere. I can be in the middle of something and all of a sudden something pops into my head that i can't explain and have no idea where it came from. Such as: about 5 years ago i was at work (repo place) and i started thinking...what if one day one of these cars slipped into gear and ran me over, but didnt seriously hurt me just like run my arm over and my right arm so i cant write...hmm would i still have to work oh my god that would be horrible: WHY that came into my head NO CLUE i just brushed it off that i had been in the sun too long or just to exhausted.

That night a co worker and good friend at the time was ran over by her husband, but only her right arm....i felt HORRIBLE like i had caused it. The next thing that happened besides minor things like talking about something then it comes on tv or that person calls, knowing who is calling (and no not with caller id) etc. Well anyway i was at work and i got horribly sick, severe headache throwing up about to pass out and so on. Well i got a call later that day that at the same time my cousin was involved in a serious life threatening accident.

Again i thought one day (my neice had been hit in the nose a couple days before while at batting cages) anyway i was day dreaming about her being hit again in the nose while playing baseball and having to be rushed to hospital. Well at her last game she was hit right in the forehead and they were going to take her to hospital, but felt she was ok.

Yet another experience, my son had been sick and he had a doctors appointment the next day and i had just heard somewhere things to do if your child has a seizure and for some reason i stopped to listen to it. Well the day of his appointment as i drove to my moms i put him up front with me because i started thinking oh my god i am going to be driving and he will have a seizure. We got to my moms fine and he was acting better (he was just a couple weeks shy of turning 2) so we got in h er car to head to the doctors when we were at a stop sign and i turned around. He had been sleeping but for some reason i turned to check on him and he was seizing. It was at that point that i felt TERRIBLE like i was making these things happen.

I also have dreams of things, i woke up one night scared and frantic thinking there was a fire and searched all over even went outside and in the breezeway listening for smoke alarms...heard nothing. I had dreamed of a candle then i saw a big flame and there was fire. About 20 minutes later i woke up to sirens and i ran outside and the apartment building across the street was on fire. Then about a week later if that, i as burning my potpouri in my potpourie burner and it was on fire, i went to put it out and a huge ball of fire came up all round me. How i didnt get burned i have no clue. Just was thankful nothing worse happened.

Also one night i went to lay down and i closed my eyes to go to sleep and it got really bright. To the point that i had to squint even though my eyes were closed, when just before that everything was pitch black....i couldnt even see the light from the tv (with eyes closed) well it was dark then when the bright light came it came slow like a circle and got brighter and bigger then there was a black figure in the cirlce. It was a profile of a person and i immediatley knew who it was and my eyes (still closed) like opened big, but still closed if that makes sense?!?! And it was like i couldnt get my eyes to open. When i finally gott hem open i looked around and saw the time. It was 2 minutes after i laid down and looked at the time.
The next morning i got up to use the phone and the computer was still connected to the internet. So i checked my messages and at the same time i laid down i received a call, but nobody said anything it was just silence. And it lasted for about 2 minutes.
I am not 100% sure it was the person i saw when my eyes were closed or not but i think it was (a living person)

Things like this happen all the time, or i get that gut feeling to do something or not to do something, which i think everyone gets. But sometimes it freaks out my family. Because i will be talking about something then it happens or it is brought up or comes on tv. Just recently i was at my grandmothers and i asked my cousins about something that happened at their school and not even 2 minutes later it came on the news. Then the phone rang and before anyone got up, i said its my mom. My uncle answered and was talking....while i was still talking to my cousins and i said, she is asking where i am and when i am coming home, and to stop and get something. Sure enough he hung up the phone and my grandma asked who it was. He said it was my mom and she wanted to make sure where i was and when i was coming to her house, and if i would stop and get her a drink. My cousins just looked at me like i was weird.

Or also when i found out i was pregnant, i was going in for birthcontrol (go figure huh) and we had to do another visit to take another test because i would only have been one week pregnant. Well the day of my appt i asked my mom if she was coming and when she said no i snapped at her and said well fine i just thought you might want to know if in fact you are having another grandchild and be there for me. She just gave me this weird look because i had been telling her i just had to go pick up the pills because they were out. And obviously i came out and said well yes its positive. Lol i also will dream i am pregnant, and when i do i know someone close to me is. But its not me.

There is other things, which i do know alot of people have or get, like when my cousin was int he accident. I know the specific kind of headahce and pain i get when someone is in trouble or hurt or something has happened. I just dont know who it is, so i usually end up calling everyone i know asking if they are ok.

Its sometimes funny...because if i go to bingo with my mom or my sister especially since my mom is used to it. I will tell her what the next number will be, but sometimes i have to give about 3 numbers and it usually is one of them. Yet i havent figured out how to know for sure what numbers will come out so i can win. Or like with the lottery numbes i can get atleast 2 of the 3 numbers 8 out of 10 times

So what would i call all this? Am i just more sensitive to things than others. ....or would there be a technical name or term for it? And how could i control this to be able to work when needed....not just at random times and not a daydream about myself or just a random thought popping into my head?

Sorry it turned out to be so long.