Ghost Stories

Daylight Trip To Okie Pinokie

I decided to check out Okie Pinokie during the daylight hours. Since I've never been there in the daylight, I thought this would be a chance to get a feel for the layout and see if I noticed anything unusual that wasn't visible during the nightime hours. When we were driving down the gravel road we noticed that some spots were still covered with snow and ice despite the warm temperatures we had Sunday. We also noticed several rocks that someone had arranged in weird circles and piles as we drove along. We observed what looked like a crude altar of some sort that someone had made in a little clearing on the side of the road going back. We kept driving and noticed that several trees seemed to be twisted and deformed.

When we reached the clearing we found the evidence of a campfire and markings on the ground as if someone had poured a flammable substance on the ground in a circle and set it on fire. We parked our van and decided to get out and do some exploring. We introduced ourselves and stated our purpose and then asked for permission to take pictures and explore. I felt the sinister feeling lighten a bit and took this to mean that they would permit us to do what we had came for. In some spots we couldn't get my boyfriend's digital camera to work. In other spots it took pictures just fine. We walked into the woods and I felt a feeling wash over me that made me very nervous. My chest started to tightened and my heart began to race. I apologized and said I don't think we should have walked this far into the woods. I then stated that we would harm nothing and touch nothing and the feeling lifted and we were able to continue. We heard what sounded like a child screaming and low rumbling noises we couldn't explain. We examined the area where the "glowing eyes" came from on our last visit to see if maybe something was in the woods that would reflect and make it appear like this, but there was nothing there. We kept hearing sounds as if someone was walking towards us. We heard the sound of footsteps crunching over the twigs and other things on the forest floor but we were the only ones there.

In one area of the woods on a hill with a steep drop to a small creek that feds from the river a few feet away if you closed your eyes you got the sensation of falling and tumbling down the hill and landing in the creek. The area is surrounded with trees that are twisted and disfigured and some of them have been burned in places. The area was still very dead and silent as on previous trips.

I felt we had overstayed our welcome and decided we should leave so we thanked whatever it is that dwells in this place and got in the van and drove out. We stopped to snap a few pictures of the crude altar and then drove out of the area and went on about our day.

I didn't feel as unwelcomed this time. Maybe the respect we showed helped and they permitted us to do what we wanted for a short time.

I'm not sure when or if I'll go back. I guess that depends on what shows up when the film is developed. But for now I think I'm going to leave whatever dwells in this area alone for awhile.

We didn't return to the Salamonie State Forest. I'm not sure if or when I will return because of the feelings and experiences my sister and boyfriend had there. My boyfriend, Josh, who has just joined the site as "Originalcrazyone" will be posting his experience and what he felt while at the State Forest later I believe, most likely as a reply to my post called "Here We Go Again.". Look for that as it is kind of interesting what happened to him.

I will keep you posted about the pictures.

Take Care,
Darkness Falls