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Demon Cave

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Demon cave

The year was 1972, I was attending a Baptist college in Oregon, I was majoring in theology. While attending theology classes, I was given my choice for a closer in depth study, a subject in the Bible, I chose demonology and related periphery. I immersed myself in the study of demons, evil spirits, necromancy, channeling, ouija, mediums, witchcraft (which the Bible does not include as connected with demonology, but connects it to the area of the flesh (initiated by humans). I came to a point in my studies where I began to be subjected to a myriad of mental attacks, paranoia, a demon under every bush, so much so that I decided to take break from studying, and take a trip in my car somewhere. I decided to drive to Yellowstone Nat'l Park. So off I went. The route took me to Idaho first. Driving through Idaho I soon came to a place named Craters of the Moon Nat'l Park. I stopped at the entrance and drove thru, and parked. Here was basically a small ranger station and a parking lot.

Now picture the landscape with nothing but a lava field for miles, predominantly flat and crunchy, and peppered with outcroppings of large rock lava formations. I had walked nearly 175 yards from the parking lot, when I saw a wooden ladder protruding up from the ground about 2 feet. I soon discovered the ladder descended into an opening in the lava, holding on to the ladder, I looked down into the bottom of a small cave, whose floor was probably 12-15' below. I began climbing down the ladder slowly, finally stepping on to the floor of the cave.

The cave was shaped in form of a double-lobe, picture a heart shape, the bottom of the heart cut off about 1/3 up from the point. The lobe on the right was about twice the size of the one on my left, as I faced the separation point (like standing in the heart's middle facing the top with the lobes) I did a slow pan of the cave, starting with the larger lobe on the right and moving in a left direction across into the smaller lobe, and ending at wall on my left. I now stepped into the small lobe 2 short steps, because the floor had a basin drop to it. I panned the walls more slowly now, carefully noting it's finer textures, feeling so peaceful and calm, I was truly enjoying myself.

Having inspected it fully, I pivoted on my right foot, and took 2 1/2 steps in the larger lobe, I was immediately and violently frozen with fear, having a presence of immense hatred mixed with a projected and evil demand to leave it's domain, all the while wrapping me in dominating restraint, so I could not even act on it's demand. I would say all these restrictions placed upon me lasted about 20-25 seconds, when I felt a slight, resentful lessening, allowing me to pivot around and begin climbing the ladder, all the while cloaked, as with a heavy cold blanket, with all the original fear, hate, evil demands of this entity.

Making it to the top of the ladder, I ran, no release, as though now the entity had succeeded to cleave to me, permeating even into the hairs of my head and adhering to my skin. I had reached the halfway point on my run back to the parking lot, when, abruptly I was released, as quick as I had been grabbed at the beginning, hey, wait, I'm not through, you just don't acknowledge that violence has ended and all is well, my running gait didn't miss a 1/4 step on the way to the parking lot, when I reached the parking lot a park ranger was standing at the edge. Having stopped, and trying to catch my breath, the ranger said why were you running so fast, and why the fear in your face? I said you would not believe me if I told you, he replied "try me". So I related the account to him, and he replied to me "you went down in that cave?" "yes" I said.

He said that not even the rangers go down into that cave. I am a Christian, in my belief the Bible says the Holy Spirit resides in me, and is my protector in spiritual things. The Bible teaches a believer is to "know the spirits, and to test the spirits to see whether or not they are from God, and a study of demonology is a legitimate pursuit when studying theology. My point in all this is 1. Demons are real an vehemently opposed to humanity, and 2. For a Christian, be careful how much you delve into your studies in demonology, and regarding those who have other beliefs, who delve into what is not seen, the other side knows more than you, will not play fair, and know "good guy, bad guy" much more than our law enforcement officials. I Corinthians 15:1-4.