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Demon In the House or Have We Gone Insane?

The following is a copy/paste of PM I received from this member..

I dont even know if this is real but either I'm insane -likely, its bad luck, or my daughter is right and I have a demon or demons in the house. Im getting hurt a lot for no rational reason, I have numerous health problems most of which started or were worsened when we moved here, we've had several car accidents, and my family is having lots of fights when we didnt have them previous to moving here. Its mainly when we are here. If we leave for a while we r ok but we get angry or tense when we get home. My son and I have become almost agoraphobic. Its weird cause we are frightened and angry here but we dont leave unless we have to and never for very long. I believe in the Christian God but I know my faith isnt strong enough to deal with this. This all started 3 years ago when my husband's grandfather died(not in the house) So we sold our home and we moved here. An interesting note: Grandad pretty much lost his will to live after suddenly losing his healthy wife to a sudden brain anyurism(in the house-she was brain dead by the time the ambulance arrived) I'm so scared I want to move but my husband said he will not move(he knows about my family's "abilities" but doesnt want to believe his Grandparent's house could have a demon or angry spirit or whatever this is) I'm sorry to talk to a complete stranger but I'm afraid this thing is going to seriously hurt me and my family,provided i'm not mentally insane. My daughter said it might be a trick these nasty beings have fun with(The demon makes you and others believe you have gone insane). I'm not sure if demons do that but it sounds like something a demon would do. I have had ghosts visit me since I was a toddler. I knew about people that died before I was born and I know things about events that happened before I was born also. I once had a vision of my best friend being crushed to death by a blue car at his work(he's a mechanic) I actually saw him die in the vision. I begged him to stay home and I was so distraught he agreed to call in sick. That day, his collegue was using my friend's car lift at work(since my friend was not there) and we got a call that my friends lift had broken and a car(same color blue i described the day before) had crushed his collegue nearly killing him. The collegue was considerably larger than my friend and only narrowly escaped death.My entire family knows about that incident and countless others. My Mom and her Mother have the same type things happen to them also. My dead Grandfather used to come to me evey time I was troubled about anything and he always told me God would watch over me and my family and to call to God for help on any problem. Trouble is I'm afraid now and I dont think I can deal with this. I do believe but I feel my faith being tested to the limit. I also dont want to tick the thing off more by trying to get rid of it if it is real. I'd be checking into a mental ward if my daughter wasnt feeling things also. Other interesting note:my daughter has had instances of knowing things and about people just like I have all my life) Sorry for the marathon message but someone told me check out your site and ask for help. Also, I dont want to do anything that goes against my Christian beliefs(like invoking things and such). But I do want help! If you think I'm crazy please let me know because you deal with stuff like this a lot I'm guessing. Final Note: I don't belong to a church anymore. Even if I did they are Southern Baptist and they would not entertain the thought that this could be real. Please let me know your thoughts because I have not told many people about this and you are the first"stranger" I've mentioned this to. If you think there's a demon it would help to know it's a real possibility. Otherwise, two flew over the coo coos nest.(me and my daugher).LOL. Also forgot one more important detail, my son. He rarely goes in his room(the place I think the demon is or came from) He sleeps in the sunroom claiming he "just feels wierd in there" but he doesnt believe any of this stuff is real even though he's had similiar things to what my daughter and I have had all his life. He has "seen" hurricanes, bridge collapses, and other tragedies weeks or days before they happen as have my daughter and I, but he's afraid people will think he's nuts so he says "it was a guess" or "It was just a coincidence" He has only slept in the room a few times since we've lived here (exactly 3 years this month). Almost everyone thats been here avoids that room like the plague and when the room is mentioned everyone says its creepy as hell. My husband's uncle grew up in that room and he died of AIDS about 20 years ago-he didnt die here in the house though. Whew, again sorry for the lenghty message but I'm afraid for my family so I wanted to give you a background so you have an idea of what has been going on. I live in the US in the dee[p South and people here are very close minded-especially our Baptist churches. Thank you so much, Terrified Kim.

Please do not apologize for talking to a 'complete stranger' about this. This forum is here to respond to people in your circumstances and there are many people here with a great deal of experience and expertise. I am sure they will jump in with their take on this.

I am on my way out the door at this moment and I want to hit the road before I hit rush hour traffic, but I shall get back to this in a bit.

Good Afternoon!

I apologize for my not replying earlier.. life sometimes bites into the time I spend in Ghostplace.

First, thank-you for choosing this site. There are good people here.


The first thing to jump out at me is that there is a great deal of negativity in this house that is detrimental to the physical, mental and emotional health of your family. I have no way of knowing the source for this, but we cannot rule anything out. As for your grandfather's being involved here, I think that is unlikely, given that as you say, he 'lost his will to live'. I like to think he has crossed safely and is where he should be, with his wife. You mention your uncle who died from AIDS twenty years ago. I do not think he is involved.

You mention you and your family are psychically gifted. I think it is possible that you are shining a beacon to which entities are drawn, who then feed on your fear. There is a great deal of fear and negativity in your house. Yours is a precious gift, but it must be controlled. Have you ever spoken to other psychics to learn now they control this? It seems to me that you know only fear.

Your son concerns me. You mention he rarely leaves the house, has become 'almost agoraphobic', and will not sleep in his room. Have you mentioned this to a doctor? I think these physical symptoms absolutely need attention. He is by NO means insane, but the fact that he is reluctant to leave the house raises alarm bells. That he is so psychically gifted yet is in denial, does not help.

And then there is his room.. He is psychically gifted and therefore if there is a negative presence in his room, he would be aware of it. That he is uncomfortable enough to not sleep in that room, and that others have noted the creepy atmosphere, indicate that there is something nasty. hanging out there. I am wondering, these people who note the 'creepy' atmosphere, do they know about the issues you are having there? If they do, I wonder if they expect to feel creepy, and therefore do. It would be interesting to note the reaction of someone who knows nothing about the house.

You note that while you are Christian, you do not think your faith is strong enough to deal with this. Your faith is so important to you here, so may I suggest you explain your situation to the pastor/minister/priest of another church. Ask his/her advice.. you need this support. I find it troubling that you and your family seem to react to the house by becoming angry and tense with each other when you are there, yet you cannot stay away. Please mention this..

May I suggest that you contact a Paranormal Investigation Team? I do not lightly recommend this, but you are truly in need of more assistance than we can give.. We can and do offer you support, but you need more than that.

And please post again.