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Demon incubus succubus

Hi, I'm new here, I've been reading a lot and decided to share. I have a history of things to tell. Frist thing is about my marriage, how it is in trouble due to, may I say, demons. Okay, all through out my childhood, my parents have traveled seeking a good witchdoctor to cure me. See, they say I'm possessed. I don't believe it. I never did. So when I was about 14 years old, I refused to see another doctor because I had no faith in them. So at this age, they agreed I was old enough to discontinue this. I hated it because I felt sexually assaulted by the male witch doctors, some of them.

So I grew up and I married my boyfriend from high school. One night I told him my secret. I told him that some nights, not all of them, but on a normal basis, I would be molested. No one would be near me, I just felt hands and fingers and a lot of heat at my lady parts. I would always ask him to place his legs in between mine as we sleep. Sometimes this still happens, but that's not the problem. I would sometimes just give in and let these things happened until I went to sleep.

So I told him, and him and his family are devoted Christians, and they would pray for me. Well, after I told him, we had a lot of fights, gradually they became big fights. Like we weren't each other anymore, lots of anger and just feeling annoyed by each other.

One night, I got into a physical fight with my mom because of my parents' divorce and her new boyfriend, she called the cops and I was arrested. So I severed time.

My loving Ruben, waited for me, faithfully. I believe him with all my heart. But, when I came home, he told me he would feel things at night. Heat at his genitals and he would feel hands and fingers down there. I didn't believe him, I thought it could only happen to me, and that he was only trying to be comprehensive of me.

A month home, I was shocked to know that he had become addicted to drugs, meth. Due to his depression and loneliness of my incarceration. So after several attempts to discontinue his use of drugs, we broke up and I left town for two months. When I came back, expecting to find a recovered man, it was 100x worse!

He was doing a lot of drugs, steeling, fighting, destroying property, harming himself with knives and razors, not recognizing people, and worst of all, claiming to be molested by demons. We went crazy. Mentally crazy. I was so shocked because this has never happened to me and I have known theses feelings for many years. Doctors say its the hallucinations of the drugs. But he swears up and down that they are real. He would say that the demons would talk to him and tell him I was sleeping with the mailman, the neighbor, my father in law, his friends, etc.

He would see things and chase them, he would yell back, he would punch holes in the walls fighting with these demons that beg him for sex. He tried to kill himself several times and to this day says that the demons let him hear me moan while I'm having sex with other guys, says he hears me laughing at him. That they tell him to do things and he does them.

This is very strange, and I can't help but blame myself. Now I'm thinking I passed on some of my demons that would do these things to me on to him and he just couldn't control them.

You see, my husband, Ruben, was a very, very nice church guy, when we meet, he directed the youth group at his church, was involved in their every activities, he would sing, read verses and help with the church set up. He graduated from the church academy and went to a tech school to become an air conditioner tech.

He help out his mom, and family, always gave offerings to the church and had only white friends that went to the Christian academy with him.

His old friends don't like him anymore, never look for him and are shocked just as everyone else in the church. Throughout this whole experience I was pregnant with my first and only son.

Me I'm a different story, I come from a family that will seek out a witch doctor before going to the emergency room. I have been very wild and rebellious all my childhood life. I was never taught religion, though, I was born catholic. Ruben took me off the streets and introduced me to their Christian church with gave me a warm welcoming and showed me love. I was baptized into the Seventh day Adventist church to marry Ruben. I no longer was the wild teenager I used to be. I calmed down and attended church with him. Until I told him my secret. Then we started fighting a lot and then I fought with my mom.

Help me please!

Ruben has been hospitalized several times in mental hospitals, emergency rooms, detox centers, rehabilitation centers, county jail. Every attempt has been made to help this man. All but one. And exorcism. His family oppose of it. Say that prayer alone will help and god will intervein when the time is right.

Ruben has been under supervision and has six months clean and sober. On our last visitation, he said this to me:

Yadi, I talk to the devil, he says your his too. Now I don't fight, I let the demons do whatever they want. One of them looks just like you. She has you voice and your laugh. I can hear all the time. Like a audio recording. I know what you're doing every second of the day. Yadi you're going to hell just like me. The demons are not mean no more. I'm not scared no more. Sometimes they make me laugh. They make fun of you and I laugh.

Princess in tears,
I'm not lying. What I have shared is just the surface. I too have seen things and heard things, but Ruben is more damaged. I have gone to the catholic church and have been turned down. I don't attend church anymore since our separation, so things have minimized for me. Ruben doesn't go to the church anymore either, but the pastors do look for him, and the whole church prays for him daily, holding special night prayers dedicated specifically for Ruben.

This is what I think. When I pray to god, things get worse. If I just ignore it and not go to church or pray, I'm completely fine, and I can handle the occurred nights alone. But Ruben is different. He is surrounded by all this god stuff that I think the demons act out even more. Like I said, my family is not into religion at all.

I have been separated of Ruben for a long time now. And this continues. I thought it was linked to me. Since my son was born I haven't been with Ruben because he attacks me, cries and apologies, says it wasn't his fault. So I just left for good. But now its no longer the drugs, because he has been in supervision, and still feels this. I believe him. Yes I know that sprits or demons are around us, but why do they hate me so much?
Ruben grew up all his life in a strict Christian environment, how can god let this happen to him. Me I understand. But him, he should have had some kind of god border to repel these demons I feel I brought upon him.

Thank for your replies, I will seek help. Thanks for telling me where to start. As far as the movie, I have never seen it but I will now.

Princess yadi