Ghost Stories

Demons, Family Connection?

Im not shooting down anyone. But if ghost happens to appear or anything else for that matter and you cant move its because your asleep. Ive had dreams like this before and even tho they seem real and even work within the time frame or look exactly how your room did it doesnt meen your really awake. Hell, one time I was stuck in bed and looked out the window above my bed and saw within the clouds a huge UFO. I woke up afew minutes later to see the clouds parted in the same way as my dream and no UFO. I was able to draw it too and it wasnt anything I ever seen before. The mind plays tricks.

Now on a more personal note. A psychic went thru my house. There has been past occurances of strange things happening, such as noise where no one should be banging on walls and such. Everything was fine and to be honest I believe the psychic was full of crap. Then she went into my room and was so upset she had to leave. I don't kno if my mom told her anything about the history of the room but she was shivering and scared when she left my room. Saying that a intense feeling of emotion overbore her senses and she couldnt stand it. She basicly pointed the the corner where my TV is right now and where a abnormal amount of heat is generated all the time and said there was something strong in my room. Basicly, from my experience I do feel things in different rooms but my room is probably the strongest. Its more comforting to myself and I dont have anything wrong with it but its like a weight on my shoulders and sometimes in my chest at times. But then I do a quick prayer so if there is a God or ghosts the belief I had in Christianity wouldve kept it away for the time being.

And a even more personal note. My dad and sister were visited by demons. My dad had a more personal experience where he actualy was able to talk to the demon, after a week of this it was able to form a appearance of a green demonic head. After that happened he could only bear it for a couple nights and then attacked it basicly, it attacked back but he doesnt remember what happened. My sister used to live in the same room I live in now. Totaly different furniture and layout of the room. Well she was also visited by a voice that she couldnt see but heard. She was scared at first and didnt talk to it. The demon got frustrated and then personaly attacked my sister. Basicly just pushing her against things hard as hell. My mom was in the room one time and saw the bed shaking uncontrollably. After that a priest came and blessed the house. After that everything was fine. I personaly never seen a demon and at the point my sister and dad was in there life they were filled with hateful spite for everyone so it was able to feed off that....

Later on we talked to my old friends dad who was a Satan Worshipper that turned Christian. He talked about how they would summon spirits and knowing how to control the spirits and demons that were summoned to a extent. He basicly said. Speaking to a demon or ghost, very bad, they can feed off your fear and make the person weak and basicly paralized (disregard the sleeping while paralized point i had above). Seeing the demon is much worse tho, that meens there is faith in it and its growing in power. And then there is the Knowing it is a demon. At first my family didnt know what the hell it was until my sister was experiencing the problem. Knowing that its a demon it will try to trick people in believing its a holy figure and thats a much worse because if you give yourself up to them its basicly signing devil's contract. God's holy beings cannot be seen, but the person will only feel them. They will never see it. Because thats just how God works.

I still feel the intense emotions inside my room and always something weighing me down. But at the moment it doesnt bother me. Any comments?