Ghost Stories

Devils Den ~ Gettysburg

My hubby and I took a trip to Gettysburg this past weekend. We had quite an interesting trip. We hit several of the "haunted" locations, snapped quite a few photos, and had some weird things happen. Since we have quite a few photos, I'm going to post our experiences and pictures at Spangler's Spring and East Cemetery Hill seperately.

On our first full day there we decided to park our car at Pitzer's Woods and walk over to Devil's Den. We chose to do this cause they were having a artillery demo there. We wanted to check it out after our walk. We put new batteries in the camera and took a couple of pictures of the artillery.

It's said that cameras won't work in Devil's Den. They lose power even with fresh batteries in them. We took several pictures on the walk over and on the path beside Devil's Den. The camera was working fine and the batteries were brand new. I took the camera from my husband and stood in the parking lot, I silently invited the spirits to show up. I told them I was going to take some pictures, if they wanted to show up that was great, if not that was fine also.

I took a few pictures standing in the parking lot and then started walking towards the rocks. Once I got into the rocks my camera started acting a little wierd. It would make clicking sounds. I wasn't holding down the button and this sounded like something internal. We stayed there for about an hour. Just walking around taking pictures. The clicking continued the whole time we were there. It only happened if we pointed the camera at the rocks. We pointed the camera elsewhere nothing happened.

Whenever we pointed the camera at the area that is called Slaughter Pen, it would click like mad. It did this with a couple of different areas, but that was the area that it did it the most. Whenever we walked out of the rocks the clicking would stop and then start again when we went back to the rocks.

When we left the area, our batteries were dead and we had to change them. Mind you these were new batteries that we had just put in that morning. We took several pictures on the walk back and of the artillery demonstration and the camera did not make the clicking noise at all after we left Devil's Den.

We ended up going back to Devil's Den two more times that day. The second time, it was too crowded and we didn't get out of the car. As we drove through I turned the camera on. I pointed the camera at the rocks and the Slaughter Pen and it started click again.

The thrid time we went back the camera didn't click. It was working fine then. It was later in day just before dusk. We stayed again for about an hour and took more pictures of the rocks, Slaughter Pen and Triangluar Field. It said that camera will not work in Triangluar Field either. Our camera work for us. The only thing noteworthly was the the temperature was significantly lower once we walked into the field. I actually turned back on the path and the temperature had returned to normal. In matter of seconds.

It was well after dark when we left Devil's Den, and it was getting a little weird. We were standing on top of the rock, my hubby was snapping some photos and I was just standing there. I saw a movement come along side of me. It looked like a man with a wide brim hat on. I turned around and no one was there. At that point I said to my hubby that the shadows were playing tricks on me and that we should get going. I didn't get into it with him, I just said that I thought someone came up to me and that no one was there. So we started walking out and my hubby, stated that the shadows were playing tricks on him. He thought he saw someone moving out of the corner of his eye. I went over to the area in the rocks where he saw movement and there was nobody there. The person he saw had one of the peaked hats from the civil war area.

We took alot of pictures of Devil's Den. The ones that we took earlier in the day we didn't find anything in them. Just a note we had to replace the second batch of new batteries after we left Devil's Den the third time. All in all we went through three sets of batteries in one day.