Ghost Stories

Different house, same vibes

I haven't posted many in Ghostplace and haven't visited this site for a long time. I always come back to Ghostplace when I think something is happening.

Well, we moved 3 times in the last year and a half. We are good tenants, (lol) it's just that the landlords in this area think it's a good time to sell their houses!

1st house we've all had a few experiences, the 2nd house was way much older, but had absolutely NOTHING and lastly, 3rd and hopefully final move for a while, we are experiencing some things.

It started off as, things in the corner of your eyes, but never quick enough to turn to see it properly, chills in certain parts of the house and quite noisy during the night. Like soft footsteps walking up our hallway into the kitchen and sounds like dishes being moved around, but not crashing, discrete movements. Those are okay with me, it's just two incidents that has happened, which seems to stay on my mind more than the others.

Well, 2 things have pretty much put the icing on the cake, since staying here.

1st, I went to bed late, because my 4 yr old Son slept during the arvo and pretty much couldn't sleep till about midnight, so I stayed up with him. He went to bed after going to the toilet and quickly fell asleep. I had a ciggy, had a hot cuppa Milo (Coco), potted around, switched lights off, checked on my 3 little horrors (Children lol) then went to bed and dozed off. I'm sure it wasn't long, I remember looking at our alarm clock and it read 2.46am. EXACTLY and I thought I heard my Son running up the hallway. Usually, it means he's looking for the toilet in his sleep. I jumped out of bed, called out to him and telling him to go toilet. I walked up the hallway thinking he was standing there, went into the living room, but he wasn't there. Just my hubs snoring his head off on the couch after a hard day and night of working. I nudged him and said, 'Son wants to go toilet', he looked up at me and mumbled 'Huh?', then crashed out again. But Son wasn't anywhere. I went into the bedroom turned on the light and there he was fast asleep in his bed. I went to him and woke him saying, 'Son, do you want to go toilet?' He said, 'No'. He was quite annoyed I turned the light on and woke him up from a deep sleep.

I went back to bed, confused, with a frown on my face and thought about it. I eventually shrugged off what I heard and went to sleep.

The second time was terribly vivid. I actually thought I was in some strange dreamworld. I went to bed, possibly deep sleep or something, then I saw, maybe in my dream?? or something?? the light in our living room flickering on and off and I saw a bed up against the same wall with the light flickering and a voice saying, 'Elizabeth.... Elizabeth...'. It was a mans voice. I apparently woke up and went to my hubs, who was sitting in the living room watching TV, and was mumbling stuff to him or slurring. Then I must have went back to bed and fell asleep. Woke up and shrugged the whole sleep thing idea, as a real vivid dream.

The next day, after he came back from work he asked me, 'What happenend last night?' I didn't really understand what he was talking about, but then he explained to me I came out saying that its a Mans voice looking for Elizabeth. I was pretty much dumbfounded and I told him that I thought I was dreaming and the things I saw and did was just all part of my dream. He shook his head and told me till he was black and blue that I did come out and said those things to him. So, I described my dream in great detail to him. Now, I need to explain something to you and probably lead you off the subject a bit.

My hubs was the one that found this place and moved all our belongings into it and arranged viewing with the new landlord. I was at my Mum and Dads house with the kids, because I had some complications with my pregnancy and after and couldn't help much to move and clean and view the house myself. I left it all up to the hubs.

The new landlord, Keith, had just recently bought the house off the previous owner and thats all I knew. But my Hubs may have put things into perspective when he explained to me how he came about renting this house. Keith, had bought the house off an elderly lady. When asked why she wanted to sell up the house, she said her husband had died about 3 years ago and found keeping maintenance on the house and grounds got a little too much for her to do on her own as age was getting on a bit. But her husband became ill and wanted to lie at home for the rest of his days. He eventually died in his sleep, I suppose, in this house. That's what Keith told my hubs.

So back to the dream, I explained everything in detail to my hubs and he then pointed out that, there was a bed in the living room, by the same wall of the light, when he came in to view the house, before he decided to rent. I described the bed, right down to the colour of the sheets. Hubs confirmed it to me that that was the same bed that was on that wall. I looked at him he stared at me and said, yeah. A swear word. Then he told me about his little drama..... His has to do with, chills and hairs standing up on the back of his neck. My hubs is not a person who takes to kindly to the afterlife. He tells me, it's better off not knowing those things so they don't bother you. But no matter how ignorant he is, he still has his senses about him and DO pick up on the little things. Regardless of how he feels about it all.

So we now believe that this lady is Elizabeth and it is her husband looking for her. He is probably surprised to see different people living in his house and has always been around his wife and most likely, will always be until they meet again in the afterlife.

Let's hope that he won't get angry with the sale of the house and his wife up and left the place and especially with us occupying what he holds dear. As for those footsteps running up the hallway, it don't sound like adult footsteeps, they were definitely childrens pitter pattering.

What I am asking, is, what can you tell me about this dream pattern episode I had, but I actually thought I was dreaming the whole thing. Could be something similar to sleepwalking, but I can remember this dream very clearly. Any ideas? Thank you all for reading my long as story, sorry!!! Thanx