Ghost Stories

Doppelganger of my mother.

So this is one of the experiences that I've had that is truly the most terrifying that has happened to me, ever. Well maybe some sleep paralysis episodes were just as scary, lol. Last summer, my life went from happy to spiraling out of control. I lost my job that I gave my 110% to, I was ashamed/disappointed in myself for some choices I had made in my personal life, and I started to suffer very badly from body dysmorphic disorder. For those of you who don't know what that is, it means that you view yourself as hideous or in some cases even disfigured when you are not. I went from having very high self esteem in all areas in my life to feeling like a loser with no job and direction, and just completely hideous and worthless on top of it. I became an alcoholic who just got blacked out drunk nearly every day. It was extremely bad, self-mutilation was often a thought but I never did because it didn't make sense to me logicly and I was really hoping things would get better (and they did, thank God!) but during this very dark period of my life, I experienced some paranormal activity like never before. I believe my severe depression made me so weak and far from God that it was like I left the door wide open for negative entities to come in.

Because I was depressed, I looooved to sleep. So one morning, I was sleeping in my bed, and my (real) mother comes in. She tells me she is going to a Daughters of the American Revolution meeting, and she will be back in a few hours. She was dressed up nicely and I told her I would see her when she got home. I fell back asleep. Well I would say about an hour later, I was "awoken" by the sound of a plastic bag I had on my floor full of some junk being picked up. I like to sleep on my stomach, when I opened my eyes I just looked down at the floor and I saw my mother's feet, the bottom of her bathrobe, and the plastic bag hanging there like she was holding it. I was kind of out of it, and seeing my mother doesn't alarm me so I closed my eyes again. Then I woke again to my shoulder being touched, I felt a lot of pressure on it. the first thing I saw was my cat that my mother had given away about 2 years ago. She was an amazing kitty but unfortunately had a peepee problem... she liked to pee on everything, I was devastated that she had to go but I understood. I was so excited to see this cat! She started to playfully paw at my face like she wanted me to play. I said "mom! you brought her back! why did you do that??" and her doppelganger responded "Because I had to." I was so excited to have this cat that I started to sit up so I could play with her, and in doing this I came out of this "dream"/state/trance (whatever you want to call it, it was the same dimension we are in in sleep paralysis... almost reality but not quite. just like 1 or 2 dimensions/planes away.). I was very shocked when I came out of this because it felt so REAL. More real than anything I had EVER experienced before... I actually HEARD that sound of the plastic bag with my physical ears and actually FELT that touch on my shoulder, it was NOT a dream. I knew that I had just encountered a spirit but my mother is alive so I was very confused. I got up out of bed and called for my mother... even though a part of me felt this dread that I knew she wasn't home. And she wasn't... she came home a few hours later. I was very confused about this entity, whether it was positive or negative. It obviously did not want to scare me away and that is why it took the form of my mother. And it did something nice to me, brought me my beloved cat who I would seriously probably do anything to get back. But I found it a little creepy and very strange, definitely unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

The next week I wanna say, I'm home alone, sleeping in bed during the morning, and "she" comes into my room. I have no idea that it's not really my mother. She comes in carrying some kind of wine-glass looking thing, full of some kind of juice or drink of some sort, I dont really know what it was. She comes up to my bed, puts it to my mouth, and her hand on my cheek and tells me to drink it. I take a sip of it, and then lay my head back down on the pillow. She rests the glass next to my bed on my nightstand. That was that... of course the glass was not there when I finally woke up later. These are NOT dreams, my normal sleeping and dreams were being interrupted during these encounters.

Maybe a week or two later, I'm sleeping in my bed and it is morning time. my mother is off at work. I am sleeping soundly, to be "awoken" again to my "mom" opening my bedroom door and just walking in. I am looking at her, she has the same mannerisms and EVERYTHING. I'm completely unaware that it's not her. She gets that look on her face like she always does when she's thinking and wants to talk to me. And it says "So.....", pauses for a second, looks at me and says "when is your MOTHER coming back???" I immediately gasp in horror, it smiles at me this disgusting evil smile, and I start screaming and then snap out of it. I begin to realize that this is probably not such a good thing.

The last time I remember seeing "her", she must have gotten stronger. I was not even in my bed or home alone this time. I had a really bad night, I was ridiculously unhappy. I had a friend visiting me, and we fell asleep on my large L-shaped couch in my living room. My real mother was also home. Again, I am sleeping but not quite in the dreaming state. I "open my eyes" because of some commotion I'm hearing, and I see my friend and my mother both sitting on the couch, watching TV. The doppelganger comes in, with some brunette lady in a purple shirt I had never seen before. I become terrified instantly, and I ask my mother and my friend "Can you see them?!?!? Can you see them too?" And they respond to me "Yes, of course we can." Like it was no big deal. After I ask this, the doppelganger gets that horrible EVIL grin again, and gets right up in my face with it, and makes me cower into the couch. Amused with herself, she walks away from me and takes the brunette lady by the arm and tells her to come with her. She was giving her some kind of instruction or something that I didn't understand really... I'm assuming she was just a common ghost that was getting bullied or controlled by the doppelganger or another higher up.

That is the last time I remember seeing "her"... thankfully around October I gained control over my life and my self esteem. I have made nearly a 100% recovery and I no longer have body dysmorphic disorder, the only thing I am still trying to get back is my skill level and self esteem in my singing voice (which I completely gave up on while I was depressed and stopped practicing) and my direction job wise. I'm very thankful to have my life back. But of course as soon as I started to gain some happiness back, "she" didn't really come around anymore. I was too close to God again and that door was closed.

**Theory-- one of these days I was having a complete and total emotional breakdown, it could have been before the doppelganger visits started. I was in my mother's bathroom, and began to stare into the mirror. I began to stare into my own eyes and feel like I was completely losing myself somehow... almost like if I had kept staring with the concentration and crazy emotions I had like I would have been sucked in. I broke this trance I put on myself, even scared myself a little because I felt like I was really starting to lose my mind. I know mirrors can be portals. I wonder if me doing this is what brought this doppelganger into my house? Maybe it was of my mother because it was in her bathroom? I'm not sure! Maybe it chose to take the form of my mom because it knew that it could interact and communicate with me that way without me knowing it wasn't her. until it wanted to scare me.

This is my most mind-boggling experience to date. Has anyone experienced anything like this?!?! Any ideas? Thanks for reading my post! :)