Ghost Stories

Dreams of a feather.

This is more of a story about a dream I've had, possible effects; and a question... read through before you delete or move, but if you feel it's necessary then feel free... This is my first post on this forum.

When I was young, I constantly had a fear of my parents bedroom, mainly due to a dream that occurred constantly.
First, here's the dream;I'll try try to break it up a little....make it easier to read

This has been with me for over 10 years, I'm 19 now, they still happen.
This is the story first dream i have, there are others, but I'm always aware of what I've picked up in the last dream... I'll explain later when it'll make more sense.

It always started with me going into my parents bedroom to get my silly putty, which I loved playing with, the silly putty was always on the center of the bed, which was large, so I had to go onto the bed to reach it, I pick up the putty no problem and turn around, happy to have it.
Then, I become confused that the door is shut, I left it open, nobody had come down the hall, and it squeaks, so why is it shut?
I walk over to the door and try to pull it open, it starts to open then stops... there's no pressure, the door just won't open anymore, I tug it again, harder, and this time it closes, pulling me against it, then I hear a cluttering noise, and turn around to see the suitcase sitting at the end of the bed shaking violently, and then, so does the door.
The wardrobe opens and closes once and I back away from the door in fright climbing up on the bed, as I do this, the room calms down, but becomes colder, and I realize that the window was open, then, a feather drifts in, there's no breeze, but it floats up into the air again and hovers directly between the bed and the suitcase.
It's a small feather, the type you'd expect to see on a bird that's starting to loose its down, no variance in its colour... it's bright white.
I watch it mystified as it circles a little...
Then, it begins again, the feather starts to circle, no longer gently... now it's a flurry, it darts towards me as the drawers beside the bed start to shake, the suitcase again violently shuddering and the wardrobe door now doing the same thing, I try to scream for my parents but it was lost in my throat, completely terrified i hide under the quilt, which is torn off from me, the room is back to normal, the door is open again and everything is as it was, except the quilt, which is on the floor over the suitcase.

The dreams always happened like that, but there were, as I said, changes in each one, as i had the same dream, sometimes i had people with me, my younger cousin for example, sometimes i had my little brother with me...
but every dream i had the feather seemed to become more pronounced, with a mist seeming to hang around it.

I've had a lot of dreams which have nothing to do with it, they can be pleasant, such as days out at the beach, or a park, but this feather drifts into them and the dreams become terrible, much as the simple task of going to my parents room to get my favorite toy became.

Wherever I go, I feel watched when i'm not thinking about other things;
This probably sounds silly, but even moreso than when I'm with people.
I see things out the corner of my eye, shadows and sometimes lights, and I've heard my voice being called clearly by who I thought was my father, but it turned out it was nobody.
Also, I've had a cat since i lived in that house, he has a habit of staring at my left shoulder for a long time when there's nothing behind me but wall.
I've talked to my parents about it before, and they told me that lightbulbs sometimes fell from the light which was functioning perfectly, though they were screw-ins, sometimes things went missing, mainly my fathers keys and my mothers books.

I'm not scared, I figure that if something terrible was going to happen to me, it would have happened by now.

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into this... Is this just some childhood trauma thing, or is there some other reason behind it?
I've never heard of anything.

There are other questions and stories I'd like to share, but this is the one that I'm most concerned with....
I'm sorry for the long post and I hope someone answers, even if to tell me to go see a shrink.
Sorry if this has wasted your time... if you'd like to hear other dreams or... what i can only really call episodes/experiences, please let me know, i'll be more than happy to comply.

Also, i live in Scotland, so I sincerely Apologize if there are any spelling differences, you can also tax that up to me being dyslexic.
Ah, see, I'm learning things, this is good, I like learning new facts- especially that interest me.

The only thing I really know about dream interpretation is that it's impossible to know for certain what they mean, but, you're right in the sense that i like to do things on my own, I'm more of a loner than I care to admit, this includes within family. Mainly by choice, partly because of my lack of... affinity with school and the people i knew from there alongside a certain degree of lack in self confidence, by which i mean a total lack in it ^^'.

If it wasn't for the fact that my dreams started when i was a child, I would have said you were dead on.

Quite a lot of my dreams are vivid, all of them seem to be in colour,

Another dream, that didn't occur as often, but reoccurred a few times and had the feather in it there too involved me being at a play park a few miles away from my house, This one is much more vivid, I'll try to break it up a little and put as much detail in as possible, but as i know the park area well it'll be hard to not allow my memories of it today influence the memories of it then (although it was renovated a few years ago)

After writing this dream, I've realized it's a wall-o-text and I'm sorry for that, feel free to skip over it if my recounting style is terrible, i don't prize myself on my writing skills! :D

This is one of the more vivid dreams, i'm not really sure why as it ocurred less than my first dream.

I was on the swings, happily playing, with nobody there aside from a friend, it was an amazing sunny day, the park itself was covered with woodchip, there was a large red slide in the centre, a sort of helter skelter and a smaller blue slide which you could sit in underneath. There were two roundabouts at opposite sides of the park, nearer the road which was partially covered by trees, and a wooden fence around the play park area.

I was small, still around 10 or so, I had mouse-blonde hair, short, cut to around a 2 or something, I was wearing a White t-shirt and had my fleece tied around my waist, the top half was white and the bottom half was black, the sleeves were white too.
I was wearing my blue jeans and white trainers with Velcro on them (I had trouble with tying my laces at that age, co-ordination is lacking, hah).

My friend at the time was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, she had white socks, white trainers and red shorts and t-shirt on. She had blonde hair and was a bit older than myself.
Her name was Emma Rose.
(it's worth nothing that I didn't actually know anyone called Emma Rose, but apparently I had an imaginary friend called Emma Rose, with whom I had apparently had conversations with and played with, I assume this was her.)
(I had another called "shoe"... but let's not go into that!)

I could feel the heat on my skin, there wasn't a cloud in sight, a few cars drove past on the road and the dream continued with this, me talking to my friend, I still remember talking about us running up the slide (as opposed to sliding down it) but that's all I can remember.

I jumped off the swings and my friend followed suit, she'd jumped further and had won, now running around the park in a victory lap, I laughed, watching her and then ran over to play on the roundabout, lying down on it first and spinning it around with my feet, I watched the blue sky as I did so and thought I caught a glimpse of white, I watched a while, nothing.

I stood up, yelling for Emma Rose to come play with me, she jumped on and we pushed it as fast as we could, spinning around faster, making a lot of noise, when it stopped, and went backwards, at the same speed as it had been going before, I turned around to tell Emma Rose that she was strong, and found out that she was doing nothing, then the entrances both made a clanging noise, and the roundabout went faster and faster, Emma Rose was screaming for it to stop, she seemed to be begging me, then I screamed with her. "STOP"
It stopped abruptly and we got off, looking around, there was nothing there, so we went towards an entrance, and all of a sudden, the swings we were playing on started to shudder, the chains rattling, then, they flung themselves over the bars, swinging round till they were as tight as possible, unable to move any further, then, the other two swings on the set followed suit, I turned to grab Emma's hand, frightened, and as I turned, I was met with the feather, it was not just between us, but a foot or so away from my face, not dancing or spinning, just there, hovering, bright white, I would say it was whiter than white, but that was probably just the sunlight.

Emma Rose was looking at the swings, not having noticed the feather, I tried to scream and couldn't, i couldn't run away, then, a handful of the wood chipping on the ground threw itself at my legs, I looked at it confused as nothing had thrown it, then looked back at the feather, which was now hovering higher.
The chipping threw itself at me again, harder this time, a little higher, then from the other side of me, the same thing, and suddenly, Emma Rose was clinging to me as the chipping became more like a storm, think sandstorm, but with wood chips.

This is where I wake up, or at least don't remember any more of it.

After this, I was never actually afraid of the park, just the roundabout, which was okay as there was another to play on. - that wore off after a few months (or kid years... time is relative)

I hope this wasn't too long and boring, I feel as if I'm imposing my dreams upon the frequenters of this forum as if they were problems or such, If they bore or just annoy the majority of you, please tell me and I'll be sure not to do so again!

I always remember dreams for a while afterwards, Some of them are just plain strange, others disturbing and others funny or scary, often after these dreams I didn't dream for a while.

Anyways... I hope I tackled everything with this post, and I hope that SOMEONE enjoyed my dream at least; I'm a little tired and now I'm drained too, remembering this dream was a little taxing. :)

Sorry again if this just seemed like a ramble to anyone, Apparently i do that, although what I say may have great meaning to me, other people just think I'm nuts.