Ghost Stories


Hi everyone.

I had an experience a few years ago, I'd like to share. Let me give a little history first. I am a single mom, to a teenage daughter. I live in an apartment on the lower level of my mothers home. My parents bought this house from my paternal grandparents in the 70's. My grandparents were the first people to live here, since they had had the house built for them. My parents seperated within 6 months of our family moving into this house, and mom has kept the residence for herself. When I had my daughter, my mom and her husband suggested I move home and go to school, to be able to work for a decent wage, so I did. And I still am. In the house, that is.

Here is what has happened. It all started with a CD I bought of the band COLD. I loved this song on the radio and went out to buy the CD. It was late at night, after Kate had gone to bed, I opened the CD and put it in the computer and began to listen while I goofed around online. At some moment during the evening, I opened up the jewel case and removed the insert containing the bands pics and bio's and stuff and i became fixated on the lead singer. I don't know why. I remember getting really creeped out suddenly, and I put the insert down, and continued my online crap. When I was tired I went to lie down in bed and noticed my daughter hadfallen asleep in my bed. So I moved her over and watched TV until I, myself had passed out. My TV was on an automatic sleep timer to go off at 2 am, so I know for sure that what happened was after the TV had shut off. I was dreaming, that I was in a large NYC club watching the band I had previously been listening too earlier in the night (Cold), when the lead singer jumped from the stage with a chain saw in his hand, Bee-lining straight for me. I was standing in the far back of the club with a man who I would assume was my date or boyfriend, when the chain saw weilding singer jumped from teh stage heading in my direction. My date, grabbed my hand and ran me to the far right of the club, where I then slipped on a liquidy substance on teh floor. When I stood up from where I had landed, I was standing in the middle of the word "murder" written in blood. The floor kinda reminded me of my junior high school gym floor. I looked at my hands and saw they were covered in blood, and in the dream I was saying to myself that I didn't want to ruin my new coat. There was a long row of chairs lined up across the floor of the club and standing on every chair were heavy set women scantily clad in black goth like clothing, and they were all bent over, revealing their black panty clad behinds to me. ThenI was woke from my dream, by my daughter. I was sleeping on my stomach, and could feel something on my back, poking at me. I could not roll over, then I realized it was the weight of my daughter on me. She was straddling my back "typing" on me almost like she was sitting at the computer. She was maybe 9 or 10 when this occured. I used an arm to gently nudge her off of my back and she rolled off and continued sleeping. I had had a few occasions of my daughter sleep walking and doing weird things in her sleep, so I shrugged it off. I layed there still on my stomach for about a minute, allowing my eyes to adjust to the extreme darkness, I turned my head from one side to the other, toward the TV so I could see what time it was on the cable box, and there, to my surprise was my grandmother, no more than 6 inches from my face, on her knees, looking like she was washing clothes on one of those old washboards. She didn't look at me, just continued with her chore, then turned sideways and stood up and began to walk toward my closet, where she then turned into the image of my grandfather. So clearly I could see his flannel shirt. The colors of white with black and red plaid, where he just continued to walk through my closet door.

Now I got to admit I wasn't all that scared, maybe just a tad creeped out. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

Then next day, the dream and the ghostly images of my dead grandparents weighed heavy on my mind, but I didn't share my story with anyone. I came home and was upstairs in my moms part of the house with my daughter, when I asked her to go downstairs and get something I had for my mother, when she replied, "I am not going down there by myself." So I asked her why and she said that there were ghosts down there. I laughed and askled her why she thought that and she said that something was making her sleep walk at night. Needless to say, I retreived the item for my mother and she never brought up the subject again. Never. And she never had any more sleep walking occurances happen to her again.

My house has never felt haunted, but occassionally, you can stand by the front door to the house and smell a cherry vanilla scent. That ver scent resonated around my grandfather for as long as I can remember. He smoked a pipe, filled with cherry vanilla scented tobacco. It is a very warm feeling whenever I can smell it.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this with you.