Ghost Stories

Edmund Bighams ghost

Edmund Bigham was the son of a wealthy landowner on the Old River road in South Carolina. Ever since his family had immigrated from Ireland the were known to gain land and other such properties by means not exactly legal or ethical. There father had taught them( Edmund and his two brothers, Grover Cleveland and Smiley Jr.) the ways to gain more and not get caught.

They once tied a young slave boy to a tree and nailed a 20 penny nail into his ear just for slapping a horse on the back side while he was trying to break him. They were known to take peddlers and kill them and take whatever goods he might have with him at the time. To the point, this family was evil if there ever was such a thing.

Their mother had poisoned their father by putting cyanide in his evening glass of milk to get some land deeds that he always kept on himself. After that there was a huge dispute over who was to get what. On January 15, 1921, a day that is still clouded in mystery, one of the Bigham brothers( no one knows for sure if it was Edmund or Smiley Jr.) killed the entire family, to include there mother,two sisters, two adopted children of one of the sisters. If you listen to Edmunds side of the story, Smiley killed the family then went in to the woods and killed his self. The Florence Co. coroner said, after all the bodies had been discovered and put in one place, that he was "afraid for his life because the man who did this might kill again" hinting that he knew for sure that Edmund had done the deed.

After the enough evidence was found to say that Edmund committed the crime he was brought in and tried and found guilty. After a few years he was released for the lack of evidence to prove guilt of such a crime.(To read more about the Bighams you can get "The Last of The Bighams" by Boilin, if you want to believe that Edmund did it, or You can get "A Piece of The Foxes Hide" by Schwartz, if you want to believe that Smiley Jr. did the killing.) Both are good books (but I think "The Last of The Bighams" is the better of the two) But any way back to the ghost story. While Edmund was on trail once he was found guilty he said that the judge and the jury would die all before he did. On the day after he was sentenced the first of all 13 died. He also said that no grass would ever grow on his grave, and there is no grass on his grave, and that his house would never be destroyed, as it still stand today(a popular hang for me, my friends and other curious minded people).

The last thing he said three days before his death is that he would live on in spirit and never leave his house, or the plantation. The plantation is now owned by the state as no rightfull owner was ever determined I personally have seen Edmunds ghost on numerous occasions. The first time was when he was walking up the stairs in the house. And countless occasions on the road, at the river where he said Smiley Jr. killed his self, and in the old Bigham slave houses and barns which are all still standing today.

Alot of the older people on the Old River road say that they dont goafter dark for the fear that they might have something that Edmund want and will kill them for it. If he was able to get the land deeds that his father had, then why is he still here, is there something else that he wants or what.Or is he still here trying to prove that he is innocent. Some people say he is still here to watch over his property and make sure that no one takes any of the Bigham estate. Who knows. But I do know that he is still here. It is not uncommon for people to see his ghost at the house or on the Old River road.

There is also some people who have said to see the ghost of his family that were murdered.My friend took an old shovel head from the Bigham barn one time just as a keep sake item. A couple days later it was gone. When we went back one time to try to communicate with Edmund he found that shovel head back in the barn, with all the rust and everything that had a accumulated on it, it was hard to really tell if it was the same one. But he has never found the one that he took.

Maybe Edmund didn't want him to have something that belong to him.

Blessed Be