Ghost Stories

Evil lady in tree update

Hey all! I'm sorry i've been away. Well, here it is..

After our last bout w/ this, we decided to not take photos or movies any more. So the next events have been bolth scary and intreaging. We were at my house one night and I sprained my ankel, while resting it & talking w/ my friend (the one who has the evil in her yard-let's call her "K" ), I get a chill, then start to see dark shadows fly by in the corner of my eyes. I choose to ignore. Then "K" says wow, uh, you have an Angel in your tree, so I turned & saw it. Then looked the other way and saw a demon face w/ no eyes. So We got a little freaked & called it a night. Arter all we are at my house, not her's.

Then our next get together was my daughter's b-day party, my house again, after the party we clean up then sit on my front porch. My husband & his friends were in the back. We start to talk about whatever and she stops in mid sentence and says oh my God! then looks down, i'm like what? She says turn around, so I did, saw nothing, she says you don't see that, it's a Gargoyl he looks like a dragon, she says oh shit it's bearing teeth at me & has green eyes. I still didn't see any thing. so she goes home. Then we get together at her place.

We are sitting in the back & she says I'll be right back, I have to go get something, do you want to come w/ or stay? I'll only be a minute. I stayed, outside. My back was to the pairie, I lit a cigratte, no sooner did I put the lighter down & started to hear whispering, so I turned the tv on, they got louder, then I uped the volume. 'k' comes back, she's like Loud enough? I said I'm hearing whispering. She says oh, they are starting already. So I turned my chair around, now we are faceing out. We saw red eyes looking at us, all nite, green blobs floating around, Shadows, then the garage light goes on, kicker is the garage was all padlocked, windows too, also she doesn't have a switch, you have to take the extention cord plug that runs behind a tool shelf, plug it in to a hanging light. That scared me so I went home.

Her daughter had a sleep over that night, they were playing cards in the screen room, her friend went in, her daughter stayed out, she saw a shadow of a girl w/ a pony tail, w/ no legs, go from the house door to the garage, then out of the garage & vanished into the air. I had a diffrent friend come over a few days later. she can read tarro cards & a pendolm, she taut me how to do the pendolm. we asked it alot. ( We have been very unsuccessful in our research- so I went a diffrent way) It told us that there were 4 spirits in the pairie, 3were evil, 2were good. it said.... yes, a black woman was hung,as well as burned, she was accused of witchcraft by white people, in the early 1900's, it also told us... there is a demon & it wants in the house as well as to hurt "K" & that I brought something evil home w/me. So the next night we were at 'k''s ( after the reading) She tells me that her & her husband were in the yard ( in day light) doing yard work & she looked up & saw a panther, then it changed forms into a black Lab w/a red collar. This is the last night I was there. I don't think we'll be sitting out side there any more. We saw so much... Green blobs, a huge red twinkeling blob- this one was all night it just would change forms& move around, white stick figures walk look then vanish, evil red eyes looking at us, shadows going from tree to tree. The worst.... a cold breeze went through the room hit me, I felt sick & dizzy, I lost my balance & went in the house. I was so scared. So friends, give me some in put & thoughts, tell me what you think.