Ghost Stories

Experiences at my grandmother's house 2

This is the 2nd set of experiences that I had at my grandmother's house. This is going to be relatively long so you may want to grab a drink and a snack.

It was winter and there was about 18 inches of snow on the ground. Well I was hanging out watching out the window for my grandma to get back from her doctor appointment. Due to the fact that I was incredibly bored at the time I decided to go down stairs and rummage around through a closet that my grandma had some photo albums in, I loved looking through them. So I got to the closet and tried to open the door only to find that the door was jammed shut. So I tried pushing on it and it didn't even budge. So I stood and thought for a moment. It occurred to me at that point that I didn't feel like the only one in the house anymore. So I listened for a minute only to hear raspy breathing coming from inside the closet I was attempting to open. I at that point decided to give opening the door one last attempt to see who or what was in the closet. So I rammed my shoulder against the door as hard as I could therefore making the whole doorframe and floor shake, Once again the door didn't even move. So I decided to see if I could hear anything else. Coming from the other side of the door I could hear muffled laughing and the same raspy breathing I had heard before. At this point I got creeped out and ran upstairs hoping my grandma would be home. I got upstairs and I was still the only one home when all of a sudden I heard the front screen door open and someone stomping their feet off on the porch. So I headed over to the door to open it and found that there was no one there. And there were no fresh footprints in the snow. At this point I decided to go read for a little while and try to get my mind calmed down. When I got into my room I heard the front door open and heard my grandma call my name.
I went out and told her what had been going on and she passed it off and went in to fix dinner. Since she was home I felt braver and went back down stairs to try and get the closet open again. Just as I got downstairs to my surprise the closet door was open and the light in the closet was flickering on and off. I decided to just go back upstairs away from the creepy stuff. Though I didn't hear any more creepy laughing or breathing that night.

This happened when my grandma was away. It was the weekend and I had done nothing all day. I was considering what to do for dinner, Possibly going and finding my dad and getting him dinner too.
Any way I had gone to look for my dad and found couldn't find him so I headed home. I had left when it was still light out so I hadn't turned on any lights in the house for when I got home. Just as I got onto the porch I noticed that the porch light was on. I went in to see if anyone was there, And after a thorough check of the house found no one. So I settled down and started cooking my dinner. My grandma's Huge 30 pound black cat "Sam" was laying in the kitchen window and was looking out side. Just as I got finished making
my food, Sam started growling at something outside in the dark. Bear in mind this cat only growls if there is something wrong. So I peeked out the window to see a red mist about 50 feet away from the window. When I looked close it looked like there were about 20 people out in the back yard I was slightly confused by this and then noticed I could see through every single one of them. I watched in a mix of terror and curiosity just as a white flash filled the yard and all the forms I had just seen vanished. At this point I decided to go in the front room and watch TV while I ate. About an hour later I hear a knock at the door and wondering what I'm going to find I open the door to see my dad standing there. He said he thought I needed help and walked 5 miles to make sure I was all right. So at that point I asked if I could talk him into staying at the house with me for the night. With him there I had no more problems for the rest of the night and had a good sleep since I felt nice and safe.

And the final one for now.
I had gotten home one night when I noticed that my Uncle was at my grandma's house. So since I can't stand my Uncle I went in through the back door and went right to my room. My grandma knew I was home since I had turned out the back porch light but my uncle was totally oblivious to my presence. So I was playing on my computer when my grandma called me for dinner. So I went out and had just sat down when my uncle starts asking why I was staying with my grandma. I simply stated that I liked staying with my grandma and I considered her house my home. Well my uncle didn't agree with this and went to hit me just as he swung his arm to hit me when some force caught his arm and sent him flying backwards all I saw was a blue haze at this point and got the urge to run. So I ran into my room and locked the door. I stayed in my room till I heard my uncle leave then I went back out to talk to my grandma. I found out that when my uncle went to hit me my grandma saw the form of a man grab my uncles arm and shove him backwards. My uncle also saw the face of a man when he tried to hit me.
My uncle will not come near me to this day.

I Hope you enjoyed these. I will post some more later on. :-)

Peace :-)