Ghost Stories

Experiences at my grandmother's house

Hi everyone. Since I posted a story about how haunted the backyard at my grandmother's house was I figured I'd post a few experiences that I had in the house. Please note I spent a lot of time at my grandmother's house cause my mother never got along all that well with me.

I Had gone down stairs one day to get some laundry out of the washer when I hear this scream and some one yelling my name. So I raced upstairs to see if my grandma was alright. Only to find that she was sound asleep on her rocking chair. I gently woke her and asked if she had heard the screams. She said that she hadn't but that she always heard strange noises like that.
I searched the entire house and came up with no reasonable explanation.

Another time I had gotten up around 4A.M to grab something to eat. Any way I wandered out only to find every single light on in the house, both the T.V and the radio on. At this point I decided to go figure out what was going on. Well I found that my grandma who was the only other person in the house was asleep in her room. So I went through the house and turned everything off. Then I got back to my room to go back to bed when I heard the T.V go back on and saw the lights come back on, I could see the light from under my door. So I went back out and sure enough everything was back on. I was to tired to go back through and turn all the lights off again. So I went back to bed. When I woke up 4 hours later everything was quiet, all the lights were off and so was the TV and radio. My grandma was still asleep. When I asked her if she had gotten up and turned everything off she said she hadn't then said "Are they doing that again?" I asked her who and she said "The spirits of course"

The next one happened when I was getting food for the raccoons that I fed, I raised them from babies and they have a huge story I would be happy to tell it if anyone is interested.
Now I was inside getting their food ready, which consisted of cat food, eggs and hotdogs.
So I got everything ready except for the eggs and too it out so they could eat then I went back in to get the eggs when I saw that the eggs were already cooking on the stove, which I had not done. I hadn't even taken the eggs out of the refrigerator. So I passed that off as my grandma and headed out with the rest of the food. Any way I got onto the porch and saw this black form standing there I couldn't tell which way it was facing since it had no features but it seemed to me it was watching me. At that point one of the raccoons who I had named "Bandit" looked over at this thing and started growling and baring his teeth at it. At that point what ever this thing was flew right at me an disappeared through the wall behind me. I didn't see any more of that thing but I did feel a nasty presence quite often. Also when I went back in to thank my grandma for starting the eggs she said she hadn't that she had been downstairs the whole time, Creepy since her and my aunt were the only other people there with me and my aunt is terrified of raccoons.

Last one that I will post for now actually happened in the back yard. I was enjoying wandering around enjoying the sun when I saw this white longhaired cat wandering through the yard. I decided to follow him and see what he was up to. Well I got about 20 feet into my following when I knew something wasn't right. Just as I thought this, the cat turns around and starts growling at me, I noticed at this point this cat's eyes were glowing red. I backed off and decided to stay where I could watch him. He continued on his journey through my yard and just as he was in plain sight he screamed like he was being murdered and vanished into thin air.
At this point I'm thinking I've had to much sun and am possibly losing my mind. Though I didn't want to pass this off as I was going nuts I went to where that cat was to find the body of the same cat I had seen not 1 minute ago hanging about 3 feet off the ground. He had been there about 2 weeks by the look of his body. The worst part was he was hanging by his tail and had a look of terror and incredible pain on his face.
The reason I hadn't seen this sooner was my grandma's house is on 6 acres of land and I usually didn't go that far back since I always got disturbing visions and feeling when I went back there. Unfortunately when I did decide to venture back there I found that poor cat. << Most horrifying thing I had ever seen.
My grandma helped me give him a proper burial and I never saw his spirit again.
After that I really avoided the back part of my grandma's land.

Peace :-)