Ghost Stories


I tend to come across as a skeptic. I admit I am a bit of a skeptic, I don't tend to believe anything until I've shown undeniable evidence, I'm defiantly not the sort to think that every little thing is Paranormal. I think when I first joined around 4 years ago I think I posted my experiences. But I figure since I wrote them when I was 16 and since there are new people here that think I don't believe in anything, I'd rewrite and reintroduce them.

1. When I was about twelve or thirteen years old my grandmother took my father and I to a few graveyards. The town she lived in was a one horse town and only had four graveyards, three were small 1-2 acre family plots and the other was a massive mixed graveyard with soldiers buried on one side and everyone else buried randomly on the other.

I was fascinated with the larger graveyard and immediately broke away from my grandma and dad to explore. After a few minutes of exploration I realized a lot of the graves hadn't been tended too in a while, I believe in respect for the dead and wasted no time starting to tidy up the graves. I brushed dirt off the headstones, dumped vases of empty dirty water, straightened flowers, etc.

As I made my way around the graveyard, I can across four matching tombstones with "______ Infant" engraved into the worn and molded stone. I felt a wave of sadness as I stared at them and couldn't bring myself to walk away from them. My grandma noticed and came over to investigate.

"Oh yes, they have a lot of young deaths in the family...bad genes, bless their poor hearts." my grandma informed me.

I finally managed to pull myself away from the little graves and continued cleaning to the left of the graves. I stopped under a large tree to get a break from the heat and rest. I was looking at a wind chime someone had tied into the tree for the little girl that was buried beneath it, I started to reach out to touch it when I felt a chill run down my spine. It felt like someone had dropped an ice cube down my shirt.

Without much thought I glanced towards the infant graves and froze. A woman was standing beside one of them, she was about my height [5'3"-ish], she had long black hair, was wearing a long blue dress, her face was just a void of white, no mouth, no nose, nothing...but I knew she was staring at me. I remember gasping and blinking and she was gone as quick as she appeared.

2. Like most teenagers after seeing this woman I got curious, I read books and stories online. But my curiosity never went beyond that...until I turned 15. My friend's grandmother had just died and I checked out a book on doing a Seance and asked her to come over so we could try to connect her grandmother. We were naive and clueless and thought it was safe and nothing could happen to us...

We followed the directions and began the Seance, after about 10 minutes of nothing we got bored and decided to quit and go do something else. I told my friend we had to clean up before my mom saw and punished us for dabbling in "witchcraft" and we started cleaning. I blindly reached for an angel statue my friend had placed nearby and my hand hit empty air. I looked over to see if I missed and was slightly startled to find the statue was gone. I looked around and spotted the small statue across the room on my vanity.

I asked my friend if she moved it and the "deer caught in the headlights" look she gave me was enough of an answer. I reassured her I probably moved it without thinking [and convinced myself so] and continued cleaning. As soon as we were done my friend and I started to leave the room when we heard a low growl from under my bed. My friend, thinking it was our dog, boldly got on her hands and knees and looked under the bed....nothing.

We made jokes about growling roaches and went downstairs to get a snack. We decided to go back upstairs and read [yes, we loved and still love reading books]. As we reached the top of the stairs my friend left off a strangled gasp and grabbed the back of my shirt. I automatically looked back to see if she was falling and saw she was pointing at the bathroom door down the hall.

Standing in the door was a tall thin man, wearing jeans and a red western looking t-shirt. He was about 6'0" tall, with tangled black hair peppered with gray, I think I saw a few feathers in his hair, he instantly struck me as Native American. His face was grotesquely disfigured, his mouth slit ear to ear, he had no nose, his eyes were just black hollows in his face. He stared at me and I gawked at him like an idiot. He suddenly took a step back and vanished into the dark bathroom.

I wasted no time getting my older brother [who's bedroom is on the same floor] and getting him to look for the intruder. My brother thought we were both completely nuts but looked anyway...he came out confused and angry that we'd bugged him for nothing and went back to his room.

My friend and I went back to my room and made a quick vow never to dabble in this sort of thing again and quickly got rid of the book. I guess we were lucky we didn't attract anything bad...after that nothing happened until my husband left for Basic Training years later [which promoted me to return to GP and post about it after a long hiatus].

Anti-climatic, yes. But that's what's happened to me so far.