Ghost Stories

Face in the background

I have a story about the last house I lived in with my family. The house was an older house built in the 60's. We lived in this house for almost four years before we had to move. Right from the very beginning we experienced some things, although at first we just rationalized them to be just cars driving by creating shadows, sounds around the neighborhood and so on. I have had many supernatural experiences throughout my life so i was pretty comfortable with most of what I had experienced but their were a couple of rather disturbing things that happened while living there. First off let me tell you that the most normal things that occurred while living their were constant feelings of being watched throughout the living/dining room, mostly the dining room though. the living room was separated from the dining area and kitchen by a big brick wall, and when you went down the hallway to the bedrooms we would pass by the dining room. Every time we passed the dining area I got chills and a sense of being watched. My very skeptical husband also felt the same things. My husband has never believed in the supernatural primarily until we lived in the house. Other than the feelings we experienced we also saw many shadows in the kitchen from the small entry from the living room. Many times these could not be explained by passing cars throwing shadows, I know I saw something and my husband also saw the same things. We also had a few scary experiences which could have been passed off as just maybe dreams but they sure seemed real. My husband gave me the chills one morning when he said that he woke to see the shadow of our daughter in the reflection of the TV standing their in front of him and than shrinking into the ground, but she was sound asleep. Also one morning I was awoken by a big figure of a man hovering above me, the feeling that came from him was very angry and I had the feeling he meant to do me harm. All I could do was wrap my arms around myself and I imagined a glowing ball of protection around me while I felt fast gusts of wind blowing all around me. After a couple of minutes it disappeared and I lay their not knowing if what I had experienced was real or just a dream. I am fully aware it may have been a dream but for some reason I feel that it was more than that. My daughter had dreams a couple of times of a girl in her room that wanted to play with her and she was convinced that the girl was real, than a few times my husband and I heard the little girl playing behind our couch, playing with what sounded like toys but the kids were all sleeping so we know it wasn't them. Also my husband was lying on the couch one night and I had gone to bed early. He came in to see if I had come out because he said he had heard me walking up behind the couch but when he looked their was no one their and I was asleep already. The most convincing of all however is a picture that we have of my daughter. I had to go away on a trip for a month and I took a picture on my camera phone of my family before going away. The phone is no longer in service as this was a few years ago but I still have the phone and the picture. When I took the picture at first I hadn't noticed anything odd which baffles me because I was sure that I had seen the picture many times. It wasn't until a few months later that I looked at it and noticed that in the background their was a face, with a vortex spiraling to the ground. The face is very clearly a mans face and it was white and almost smoky. The spiral vortex looks almost like a tornado shape that meets the ground in a pool of light. The scariest thing about the picture however is that my daughters eyes look like hollow black holes. I looked at all the other pictures on the phone and the eyes looked normal, only in this photo did they look hollow and it still creeps my out. Is their any explanation for why the ghostly picture might have altered her eyes? I wanted to share this story not only to tell a story but also because I would like to know if anyone knows what this means if anything, or is it just a bizarre picture. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.