Ghost Stories

face to face (whispering ghost)

I have seen and heard things pretty much all my life.
My mother , aunts and sister all have the same problem. I remember seeing things when I was really small, like 3,4, 5 years old. but then we moved to a farm house and lived there until I was 13 . No one ever saw or heard anything the whole time we lived there. I think that was the only place i have ever lived that not even my mother saw anything. But we moved from there to a little gray house and my ghostly experiences sky rocketed there. I have been plagued ever since.
I have been frightened by a few things in my day but this experience scared the sh*t out of me.
I had only been married for about a month and half. My husband of course knew about my little problem. He believed in ghosts, but really tended to lean more toward the skeptical side because he had never seen anything himself. He really didn't like talking about that kind of "stuff" because it gave him the willies.
We moved into a downstairs apartment right on the edge of downtown.
at night the streetlights would give plenty of light even through the shades. I could get up and go the bathroom without ever turning on a light. I had always told him that if he was going to marry me, he had better get use to the paranormal. Of course he just kind of snickered and said "yea ok". It wasn't long until he started hearing things and seeing things out of the corner of his eye. He always slept on the oustide edge of the bed and I always slept on the side against the wall.
He got up one morning and told me that I was going to have to change sides with him. I asked him why and he said that the night before he had seen someone walking from our living room into the kitchen. When he got up to go and investigate, there wasn't anyone there. I said "maybe you were dreaming" but he said there was no doubt that he was wide awake. He said that he had never seen anything like that before and of course said it was my fault.(lol) I knew it was just a matter of time before he started seeing things. or at the least ,hearing things. so anyway... we traded sides. Just a few nights later something woke me up whispering my name. Well... it's really my nickname that my sister gave me when we were little. She couldn't say my name "Darlene" so she called me "eenie" which eventually turned into "engie" (sounds like eengie) which has stuck with me to this day.
I was laying really close to the edge of the bed with my back to my husband. Something kept whispering very loudly"engie, engie wake-up"
"engie, engie wake-up". For just a moment in my semi-conscious state, I thought that it was my sister . But as i woke up more I knew by the feeling that i had that it wasn't her. I tried to open my eyes as narrowly as i could , so that whatever it was wouldn't see me looking at it.
as I opened my eyes it was really dark. which was strange because of the light that comes in from the street I should have been able to see pretty well. I backed up over my husbands side of the bed until i was touching him. It made me feel safer. when I moved back I could see why everything looked so dark before. Whaterver this thing was, was kneeling down on all fours at the side of the bed with its face pressed right up against the mattress. I could see it from the nose up. I must have been nose to nose with it. From the light in the room I could see that it was just completely black. I could see its outline. It just looked like a bald man kneeling beside the bed. I could see the shape of it's head and that it didn't have any hair and I could see it's ears and it's back from where it was kneeling down.
It just kept saying the same thing . It never moved at all it was completely motionless, as are most of the things I have ever seen before . I rolled over and cuddled to my husbands back and started praying. It kept on whispering for about three or four more minutes and finally the whispers just started fading out and it stopped.
The real kicker for me in this incident is when I was talking to a friend of mine a few days later.(mind you .. I usually don't tell people about the thing that happen to me. except of course for my family. people usually don't believe you anyway and think that your goofy or something)
Anyway... she was telling me that a couple of nights before something woke her up whispering "stella, stella come here". She said that she was so scared she jumped out of bed and went and slept in her 14 year old daughters room. She said that after a while it just faded out and stopped. When I told her about what had happened to me she just about fainted. lol
I don't know what that thing was or what it wanted, but nothing had ever spoken to me before or since. I hope that I never have another experience like that again. It was really very frightening.