Ghost Stories

Family and Personal Occurences

So my, I seem to have had a small number of some what ghostly instances, though I am very skeptic and usually try to find little answers to such things, but lately I don't think that these things are so much as to be answered with ,"Oh, it was just the wind." So here, I guess I'll just unload my stories.

One of my very first realization of ghosts in my family was when I was four, and my mother had just met my stepfather, and they were going out. At that time, me and my mom were living with my grandparents. Now, my grandparents lived only a short ways away from my great grandparents, so news of my great grandfathers death came very quick, even though my grandparents didn't have phones. So we gathered up the family, go to his funeral maybe weeks later and soon my great grandmother died. She did not have a funeral though., and we presumed she died out of old age and sadness. So my family and I all go to this old house in a place called Christmas Valley (a desert) and we stay in the house. This house was my great grandparent's summer house, that has been run down now that they have passed away. SO anyway we go to stay there for the fouth of July, and my mother wips out the Wiji board. So we are all playing it casually and such and so my grandma asks the board, "Does great grandfather plymell live a good afterlife?" and the reply was yes. So then we ask about my great grandmother, and the reply is no. SO we all go to bed a little spooked, but easy feeling after the fire works. So in the middle of the night, we all hear a scream in my great aunts room, so we all rush there. She said that she saw a shadowy figure at the edge of her bed just staring at her, and so she screamed, and it disapeared. This was very startling, because my great aunt commited suicide weeks later, and she had left a note saying that she had caused our great grandmothers death by giving her drugs to cease the pain of losing her husband, and thus killing her with an overdosage which she gave to great grandma because she was weeping every night. So my grandma then theorizes that the figure at the edge of the bed was our great grandmother letting our great aunt know that it was her fault that she had died, and thus our great aunt committed suicide. Scary family story.

Now, years later my mother married my step father, and then I met my new other grandparents. I met them and thought that they were very nice, but soon found out that my stepfathers mother had cancer. She had been fighting it for years, and she was very sick nowadays. So three years passed, and she was almost on the brink of death. So we head over to their house to see her. Its is really late at night when we arive (after a five hour drive) and so we go strait to bed. So I wake up the next morning, to find that all of my relatives are now mourning over my grandmothers death. And then they tell me something else. Apperantly, my three year old little brother (the new child of my mom and stepfather) had woken up in the middle of the night, and walked to wake my stepfather. He said that a man told him that he should go to grandpa and grandma. So my stepdad does, and my little brother just sits there and waits. My dad walks in and finds that his mother (my grandmother) had just died, and his father (my grandfather) is crying over her dead body. So I just realized, my brother new that grandma was dying at that excact moment. So we asked my little brother how he had know what was going on, and he said that a saw a black man at night that told him to go and wake up his father because they were "taking away" our grandmother. We were really spooked with this, and thought for a while that our little brother just might be able to talk to spirits, but my little brother has never had any spiritual occurences at all, and he can't remember at all ever seeing the black man, or even waking up my step father.

The last stories have more or less, nothing to do with me, and they are far more dramatic, but these little things have happened to me myself, or they have something to do with me.

So in our old house, I lived with my mother, my stepfather, my little brother, and my stepsister.

So, one night my step sister had decided to run away without letting us know. So she was writting out her note to us, when apperantly she saw me (when I was like, eight) walk out and tell her not to leave, because her mother wouldn't take her in at Montanna. Apperantly, I had convinced her to stay. But the weird thing is, that I wasn't at the house when this had happened. In fact, I was over visitting my aunt and uncles house during the summer. My sister told me what had happened only a month ago, and now she is 24, has a child, is in college, and she told me that whatever told her to stay, was right. And she was glad that she hadn't left. This spooked me quite a bit.

There are also little things that happen to me when I'm alone at my new house. Now, this house is sort of very big, and has three stories. So, usually when I listen to the radio, more than often there is some crackling sound that goes off. Now, I'm pretty sure that it was just he radio going wonky, but then something else happened. I was in the basement third floor (its the playroom and its huge) and the two walkie talkies start to make the same sound. Now, I know that there wasn't some one on the other line making noises or anything, because its they were both there. I sort of freaked and ran upstairs, outside, and sat there on the deck for about five minutes. The fact that it was the same noise freaked me, but I don't think that it has much to do with anything, it could have totally been pure coincidence.

Another occurence really spooked me up into beleiving I have a ghost or spirtit inside the house. One day, about three months ago, I was all alone in the house and I decided to go downstairs to check on the playroom/basement. So I go there, and at the bottom of the steps is a dead rat, sprawled out, and dead looking. I thought , "Oh that darned cat, he brought in a dead rat again." So I go back upstairs, get some gloves, and get a plastic bag to go pick it up. I go downstairs and I don't find a dead rat, but I do find a cat toy of a rat at the foot of the stairs in its place. I stared at it for a while, and then thought, "Wow, that cat is trying to freak me out, maybe he brought the rat back outside." So I look to the doggy door (our cat uses the doggy door to get in and out of the house) and the doggy door is closed. In fact, it had been closed for all of yesterday, and last night, and all that morning. I realized that the cat couldn't have moved or caught the rat, and I was alone (my parents where both at work, and my little brother was at daycare) so I ran upstairs and back outside of the house, and waited a bit. I swear I heard muffled laughter. I couldn't figure out gender or age, but I swear something is messing with me.

Please comment on this, and tell me what the freak is going on in my life! If there are easy explenations, then I'll be happy to hear them. If you think its some kind of entity or what not, then tell me. I don't want to run out of my basement and run outside again feeling like a coward.
Alright, well sorry I've been away for a while but I do have more things tosay but first I have ome things to say. Back when the electricity went out, I went to check the circuit breakers to see if I could go and get the electicity back on, and nothing happened. I've also noticed that within my household, all batteries run out ofo energy very quickly. I went online to see if something like this has anything to do with spirit activity, and some cources say that some spirits uses electrical energy to convert it to manifest themselves and show some kind of form. Again, I don't neccisarily beleive in this, I am just keeping the possibilities open. I made sure that it wasn't just that all the batteries were low, because I bought different batteries and used them on things (radio, lamp, camera, camcorder, ect.) and the energy always ran out. Even my computer wouldn't turn on for the longest time, its battery was allways gone after I had charged it. So then this leads to one of the weirdest things that I've ever seen in my life.

So, about a week ago when all of the batteries and energy was running out, I was walking up the stairs. I come from the basement, to the main floor, and then to the second story. Now, right at the top of the stairs to the right is my parents bedroom. So i walk up the stairs and I glance at their room out of habit. On my fathers side of the bed I see an old woman siiting upright, in a pink sweatshirt, sweats, and with shortish ruffled brown hair that seems lopsided, like a wig. I glance right at her for a moment and then keep walking, and then I just realize what I had seen. I walked back to the doorway at their room, look at the bed and nothings there. I walk in, making sure my parents aren't in the room, or if a pet is in there or anything. No ones is in the room. Had I just seen an apiration? So I walk back downstairs to go watch some tv and calm me down, when I look at one of the shelves with pictures on it. its the picture of an old woman, at my parents wedding, with the same wig looking hair on it. This woman was my grandmother that had died of cancer a couple years ago. I know now that the hair actually was a wig, because grandma had no hair, because she had cancer. I asked my mother about her, and she told me that she actually had gotten some clothes from my grandma when she died. she shows me the sleection and thats when I see it, the pink sweatshirt with the fight for the cure symbol on it. That freaked me out a little bit.

So that is probably my most major story but just a heads up, after the incident, everything batterywise went back to normal. The clothing is still moved to the windowcill every other day, and nothing freaky has happened this last week. Well, actually, my pets refuse to go to the basement, or my little brothers room. They sleep every night in my room, or my parents room. They won't let you take them down the stairs to the basement. My cat clawed me up, and my dog just growls at the stairs. I have no idea what this is about.

Alright, thank you for listening to whats happened, and ohnestly, I feel sort of scared in my house. If you have explenations, or suggestions then that would be very nice. Thankyou.
Hi, it has been a long time since I last posted on this, and a lot of things have happened. I would like to let you all know that if you haven't read this post that much then read my other posts first and then read this. If you have already read all of my posts then that's good, and I would like you all to know that I have moved out of that house we lived in where all the things were happening. Now I will tell you why.

After I saw the apparition of some sort in my parents bedroom that one day I thought that it was my grandmothers spirit, looking over me and my family. I think I was dreadfully wrong. I wish I had been able to read some of your warnings, but then again my computer started to have drained batteries again. I eventually gave up on the computer, and then more things started happening.
About a week after the apparition showed, the laundry stopped moving and I thought it was over. My little brother had left to visit my aunt and uncles house like I used to, so I kept cleaning his room and tending to our turtle. One time I came into his room, and stepped on some pins that were upright on the carpet. I lifted my foot and saw that five pins were stuck in my foot, and I was bleeding. I left and disinfected my foot, thinking nothing of it. Maybe I had spilt some pins on the floor. You never know.

Then every other day there would be pins again, and I made sure not to step on them. So every day I walked around the disappearing and reappearing pins and fed our turtle like I usually do. Soon August came, and I went to tend to my turtle.

(This may be disturbing to some, so if you think you can, read on.)

The turtle bowl, the water that was in the bowl was stained with blood, and our turtle lay in it, dead. I screamed when I saw it, and I was alone in the house. I closed the door, crying because of it all. When my parents came home they were shocked and thought that it was most likely the cat. Though, the cage was closed, and if the cat had gotten inside then he must have grown thumbs. What shocked me the most, was when I cleaned out the cage, I found four pins inside the water bowl.

This was just the beginning. About two weeks later I tried turning on my new stereo system, with the big speakers. No matter what I did, It only played static, even with the CD's. The stereo system was placed on my bed frame shelf (my bed frame was a shelf looking thing) so the speakers were basically just a little ways above my head. One night, I thought I heard the doorbell ring so I ran downstairs and opened the door. I thought it was my neighbors playing a prank on me, so I went back upstairs to my room. When I opened the door, I found that the speakers had fallen onto the bed, onto my pillow, onto where my head would have been. If I hadn't gone downstairs then my head would have been crushed by the stereo system. I would have died. I told my parents, and then I told them about the turtle pins and they started getting worried about it.
The morning after this happened; we went to the closest church to our home. We asked the priest if he could come to our home, and maybe flick around some holy water or something. So a few days later he came with some holy water, went to my room and chanted some stuff about Jesus and flicked around holy water. He then asked if there were other places in the house that he should do, and so we asked him if he could do the whole house. He obliged, but when we got to the very bottom basement, he stopped in his tracks. He got so white, and frozen and scared. He sort of screamed, and ran out of our house to the porch like I did back then. We asked him what was wrong, but he just said he was never going back in our house, and told us he would pray for us every night.

I got a little scared by that, and so did the rest of my family, but we went on with life.

So it was now September, and I wasn't in the house all that much. It was the first week of September, and we were in front of the TV. The fire place was going, and we turned on the TV. We usually get about 30 minutes of TV a day, because the electricity was wonky as it had been. So, we started talking about our old grandmother that had passed away because of cancer, and then we started talking about the spiritual things that had been happening. Our fire place was really acting up, but we weren't too worried. So we kept talking, and we saw a spark fly from the fire and onto the curtain. The curtain caught on fire, and we all panicked. My mom got out the fire blower thing (I honestly forget what it is called, but my mother had it in the house because she was overly cautious about things.) So she started putting out the fire, and my little brother was screaming. Soon enough, we heard crashes in the kitchen, so my dad and I ran in there. Plates were falling out of the cabinets, and glasses were also crashing to the floor. Glass was everywhere, and it kept coming. WE ran out of the kitchen because it wouldn't stop. My mom was in the living room, and then another crash came. A very large, loud crash. WE ran to the living room, and my mom was standing before the remains of our flat screen TV that had been hanging from the wall. My mom was crying, my little brother screaming, the dog barking at the basement, again. We heard another crash fro downstairs, and the scream of our cat, but we were so terrified that we ran out of the house and drove away. We just drove away, to my grandparent's house. We told them all about it. We didn't go to the police, or the fire department. We went to the church though, and we convinced the priest's wife to come with us to our home. We walked inside, and found glass, everywhere. All the electricity was out, and we had to walk carefully. When we came downstairs, we found the TV tipped over. Blood was on the carpet, so my dad asked us all to go upstairs. Our cat had been crushed under out TV, and was killed. We realized, that whatever was in that house wanted to harm us, so we gathered our clothing and left. We got a cleaning crew to get all of our belongings out, and to clean out our house. We put the house up for sale, and it sold in October to another family. We moved into an apartment, and we are now looking at other houses. I never plan to go back to that house, and whatever was there, hopefully will stay there and won't harm the people who live there now. The priest's wife offered us an interview with a "Spiritual ghost hunting team". I was interviewed, and I just now have been able to release this info to the internet.

What I experienced, was very real, and very frightening. I hope none of you ever have to go through this, ever. Thank you all for reading.