Ghost Stories

Family Curse --Update

This is something that has been passed down in my family--both ways--by mouth and events.

I believe it started with my Great Grandma on my my mom's side (her mom's mom). They lived outside of Saltillo---Monterrey, Mexico near another Spanish onlies town.

My great grandparents had been married for a while and had their ups and downs. My great grandfather was a very handsome man and many women envied his wife for it. He made matter worse by being flirt. One lady was so envious she decided to try to take him away from my great grandmother. She used witchcraft.

At first, my great grandmother would find black (cemetary) dirt in the shape of a cross on her doorstep. She would find pictures and drawings with what appeared to be oil rubbed on them and it had a strong sweet scent. She would ignore it first, and sweep the dirt onto the street, but the next morning it would be back. She would get letters addressed to her husband from a woman, saying she was going to take him. Slowly all the bad energy began to consume her. At first her the kids would come home from school and she would be mumbling to herself. Her hair would be messed up and she would look lost, like in a spell. Then she would snap out of it and be normal again. Then the seizures started, and they steadily progressed into short catatonic trances. Until finally she never broke out of the catatonic state. She passed away and left 6 young children. My great grandfather left all of them and disappeared for a long while.

He left the kids with his parents. His parents moved the kids to a border town just south of the Rio Bravo (Grande River) in Mexico. Shortly after moving there, my grandmother's oldest sister began with similar problems. She started with seizures too and she also died. During one of her attacks she fell into a shallow well, hit her head and drowned.

Small things happened to the remaining kids but nothing to bad and they all survived. Eventually my great grandfather returned married to another woman. My grandmother grew up and got married.

She was told by a "Curandera" or witchdoctor, that her mother had died because of the curse and negative energy that some lady had placed on her. The curse had been so strong that it affected her oldest daughter- my grandmother sister that had died. The Curandera told her not to be surprised if it made it to her children.

My grandma tried to forget this, and just as she had accomplished it, her oldest son started with the same seizures. She took him to Drs. and they couldn't find what was wrong with him. The ran test on him and found nothing. My grandmother felt that her son would meet the same fate as her mother and sister.

She decided to go to another Curandera, and she told her to have my uncle move as far away from the area as possible. She told my grandmother and my uncle was being affected because he had the weakest mind. As luck would have it, my parents had just moved into the United States, twe lived about 30 miles away but across the river. I am just 10 years younger than my uncle. I do remember him still having seizure even when he moved with us. I remember one time, my dad was work and my unlce was up on our roof fixing the antenna when he went into a seizure. He was saved from falling off by his shirt getting caught on the gutter. At the time he was around 14. His seizures continued, and my grandmother visited the Curandera again. This time she was told that my uncle had not moved far enough away.

He was in luck again, because my dad had just found a job in Memphis, TN. He got a permit for my uncle to travel that far into the US, and we took him with us. Thankfully the seizures stopped, and have never returned. He is now back in Mexico after traveling the US for several years. He's a very healthy 33 year old.

The Curandera did warn my grandmother to keep an eye and her youngest daughter--my best friend (27), and her oldest grand daugher (me23). She was actually approached by several different people when we were younger. One lady put her hand on our heads and told my mom and her that they needed to be careful with us. As we got older my grandma has prayed over us, and gone to more curanderas to make sure that curse is still not around.

We've been okay. funny thing is we both have one eye that's sometimes goes lazy on us. Who knows, both of us have strong minds and will not allow negative energy or a curse bring us down.

sorry for the length.