Ghost Stories

For all that dident read this...BUNNY MAN BRIDGE!!

Here we go...this is for all that people who did not get to read this, cause most people only look at the first page of stories...and if there is some debate about where this took place, tell me. This story has been showed on many TV shows like Scariest Places on Earth, Fear, and Scary But True.

A long time ago or so the one version of the legend goes, there was a man in Fairfax County who was not well liked in the area. He kept to himself and people thought he was just weird. One night the preacher came to visit the man and saw a light in his barn. The preacher went to the barn and as the door was cracked, pushed it open and went inside. There, the preacher saw the man standing on top of a pentagram that had been drawn on the barn floor. He was holding a cup that was dripping blood and chanting words that the preacher did not understand. To the man's left was a cow laying in a pool of blood from where its throat has been cut. The cow also had the brand of the neighbor at the next farm.

The preacher, witnessing all this, ran away. He went to the police and the police went out there and found the man. He was prosecuted for theft but the man spoke of how he only did what the demon told him to do. The courts found the man mentally unstable and placed him into a nearby insane asylum. As he was taken away from the courtroom he started screaming about his work not being done, that they would all pay for interrupting him and that the demon would have his revenge.

No one paid him any attention, thinking that the man had just lost it and was crazy. Almost a year later, the man escaped from the asylum. The police searched the area but did not find him. After a week, the children of the area were all talking about a Bunnyman that gave them candy and played with them. The parents didn't really pay any attention to them as they thought their children were making up an imaginary friend. This went on for awhile. The children all played in the woods together. The place they played at the most was at a bridge where the train came. The children were told not to play there because parents were scared that they would be hit by a train, but the kids geing kids, always went there anyway.

Bunnyman continued to play with the children. He had sworn revenge on the town and it was soon time to act. One afternoon, the children were playing and Bunnyman appeared. He gave them candy and started to tell them a story. As he told the story, the seven children he was with began to fall asleep. They had been drugged. Bunnyman dragged them to the woods by the bridge. There he tied nooses around each child's neck and hanged each of them from a tree. He then took a knife and slit each child's wrist and collected the blood in a bottle.

By evening, when the children had not come home, their parents started to search for them. They searched the county and finally ended up near the bridge. There, they found the seven children, hanging from the trees, pale white. The police searched the surrounding area and finally found Bunnyman. He was standing once again in a pentagram drawn on the ground and was drinking from the bottle holding the children's blood. He spotted the police and started to run back to the bridge. He saw that a train was coming and raced on to the bridge. He then simply stood on the tracks laughing as he looked down at the police. The police tried to get to him before the train but they were not quick enough. The train hit Bunnyman who continued laughing to the very end. Some of the policemen later said that they heard that laugh in their nightmares for weeks afterwards.

The body of Bunnyman was never recovered. Some say that he had sacrificed the children to the devil who in turn gave Bunnyman everlasting life. Some say Bunnyman still haunts the bridge, swearing revenge on anyone who goes there. Some say you can see the ropes hanging from trees late at night. Some say you can hear the screaming of the children and the laughter of Bunnyman.