Ghost Stories

For me its normal

It wasn't until late in my life that I knew I seen things differently then most people. I was always aware of the presence of what some call shadow people, I would see these things walk threw doorways and turn its head towards me or others before it just vanish, by tree's outside, dashing across the road, many more places including the woods, and the old mill that I use to work at. A few times I have seen them head on, but most of the time I have just seen them from the corner of my eyes. I have come to a conclusion that I am not crazy for the fact that sometimes I notice people peering towards an area that I just seen a shadow person with a look of confusion as if they have just seen it to, but I do not ask them what they saw. Though I do not know what they are, or why they are here. I have had little reason to fear these things. I have seen them for as long as I could remember, they have never bothered me really accept for the occasional items that seem to fall for no reason at all, for example a glass fruit bowl that was set on the center of the dishwasher counter top and slid about 1.5 feet from the center of the counter top, into the floor and broke without the dishwasher running or anybody in the kitchen.

In fact I could almost say that I sleep with one almost every night. Though I could not say that I have ever seen this one, I do feel its presence, and the bed moving as if a small child has climbed over the head board and is crawling up my legs with its hands on both sides of my legs and the rest of its body on my legs. It is not very heavy at all, just heavy enough to make your legs sink into the bed a little and enough to feel the hands sink into the covers and mattress then come back up as it moves on up. Once it gets to the point up my body that you could say a child could lay its head on your chest, it stops and I fall asleep quite comfortably eventually no longer noticing the weight but still feeling its presence. To be quite frank, I have always consider these things to be normal for everybody and have never felt threatened by them until the day I entered my old girlfriends grandmothers house. When we arrived at this house I knew nothing about the house and only knew that her grandmother now lived in a retirement home and that I have only met her once.

When we arrived at the house it looked and felt like any other brick house built probably around the 60's. I could not sense anything until we got to the front door, then I began to feel a presence as if we had just caught some things attention but I said nothing to my girlfriend about it. We walked about 20 feet threw the living room and took a left in the hallway to were there was 2 rooms on the left, and another bedroom on the right. As we got past the first bedroom on the left I stopped. The feeling of just knowing the presence is there had risen to a feeling of something trying to pull energy from my body and my body fighting it by what I can only describe as my body clenching shut every pore and leaving my entire body in goose bumps. My girlfriend then noticed the goose bumps on my arms and asked me what is wrong. I responded simply with "something does not feel right". She then looked slightly frightened but did not say nothing. We then continued on down the hall to the last bedroom on the left.

As we got to the doorway of this room I knew this was the area that the entity resides in, and that it didn't mind to much of my girlfriend but was not pleased with my presence there. My girlfriend had already entered the room to get some items out of a drawer, so I walked in regardless of the threatening feeling I was getting but didn't go in more then a couple of feet. I could not bare the feeling of going in any further and didn't think twice of saying to my girlfriend that this room didn't feel rite. She looked at my face and could tell that I was hiding more then I was telling her. She quickly got the items we came for and we hurried on out of the room. As we were walking through the hallway she looked at me and told me that in that room people hear voices, and that she has even heard her named called out when there was no one there to say her name. I was not surprised when she told me this but I had a new feeling now as we were walking through the hallway. The feeling was now that of being followed with the feeling of something not wanting me there.

We quickly walked back through the living room and out the front door were my girlfriend locked the door and I waited next to her. We then walked back to my truck and as I turned to the side to open my door, I noticed a large figure standing on the porch at the front door from the corner of my eye. I turned to look at it and it was gone. It was strangely shaped and looked much different from any other shadow person that I have ever seen. For me, a normal shadow person is very dark silhouette with a very clean edge as if cut from construction paper. The eyes and outline of the mouth and nose are a light gray, like you are looking at a negative. They have never appeared to have hair or to ware any type of clothing, and they range in different sizes with no features to make them look like any specific person. But the thing I saw that day did not look nothing like this. It was a dark silhouette which seemed to have a light grayish glow around the edges. I could not see any features to the face. It had no eyes, nose, are even a mouth. About were a persons nose would be on there head, there seemed to be a object that curved down to almost the end of the shoulders on both sides, as if a large disk shaped object was wrapped around the things neck. And instead of seeing the outline of the legs as if some one wearing pants, it appeared to be wearing a dress that went all the way down the legs and flared out, only to have the feet showing underneath.
It was not like anything, or anyone that I have ever seen before in North Carolina. My girlfriend who was on the other side of the truck about to get in noticed me pause and look at the doorway of the house. She had the feeling that I had seen something and asked me what I had seen. I just simply said that there was something standing at the door way and now its gone. She just stood there at the truck door and I then turned to get into the vehicle stopping as soon as I glanced up at the window in the garage door. There about 10 feet from the truck, inside the garage, and behind the window was the grayish glow outline of the things faceless head as if it was staring at us.

My girlfriend who was still standing at the truck door and staring at me noticed me stopped and said "you still see it don't you.". And I replied "Its now in the garage at the window". We both then just got into the truck and I started it up. I put the truck in reverse and glanced up at the window. It was still there behind the window, and I got the feeling that it was now pleased as I backed out and drove away. As we were on the highway on the way back to my girlfriends home, I tried to keep quite so not to reveal to much of my little secret to avoid ridicule, but it was to late. She was already amazed that I had pointed out the room that many people have heard voices in including herself without ever being told about it, and to my amazement even believed me when I said I had seen something when she could not. About a half hour later we arrive at her house were I try to keep quite but she, feeling that this is important to share, tells a few members of her family. Her family being very religious, was nice enough not to make fun of me. They stated that things like that are stated to exist in the bible, and called what ever I had seen a demon. I never told them of the rest of the things that I have seen.

About a day later, my girlfriend and I was visiting my grandmother on my side of the family. I like normal tried to keep quite, but my girlfriend had to tell the story to her. There was no stopping her. She told what she knew of the story to my grandmother and to my surprise, grandma stated that she had known for a long time that I had gift to see things of another nature. She then began to tell us a story of something that happened to me long ago and that I cannot remember to save my life. According to grandma, before I was 5 years old she was watching me at her house one evening and got a call from family members that there was an emergency and we should come to there house. When we arrived at there house, the fire department was already there and the house was completely destroyed.

According to grandma I looked at the remains of the house and became completely terrified, more scared then any child she has seen in her life. She then said I ran straight back to her car, got in, locked all the doors, hid in the floor board, and refuse to get out for anybody. Shortly after this she was told by family that one of there children had died in that fire. Grandma said that she doesn't know what I seen and I wouldn't say but has believed from that day that I have had a gift to see into another realm and that maybe I had seen the tormented spirit of the child that had died in the fire since there was nothing left of the house but charred remains to be afraid of. I cannot say because I do not remember anything that happened. It could be that I forgot it from being so young or that it scared me so much that I made myself forget. I do not know, and I do not ask. I have never looked for records of the fire and have never tried to return to the spot that it had happened on. Though I can not prove that what Grandma told me is true, I do believe what she has told me for it is not like her to make up a story. She said it had happened therefore I am sure that there are records of it in the city hall and newspaper, but I have no intention on looking. Before this had happened, I had dated my now ex girlfriend for about a year, and we stayed together for over two more years after that happened before we went are own separate ways.

I still see and feel strange things from time to time but tend to ignore it. As far as I am concerned. If you do not bother it, it does not bother you. And though I can continue this story I will end it here. I will only give my initials for I do not like any publicity and wish to be left alone. For those of you who think that I am another nut case without a mind I will tell you that I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs. I am of very sound mind and as a matter of fact, I worked as a foremen in a mill when this happened, when the mill shut down I worked as an commercial electrician, and left that to become a state certified security officer. I passed my evaluation's with no problems and have nothing to gain from this story.