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Frank's True Story of Bone Chilling Terror

This is the story of the Blue Flame. I haven't changed anything except to cut out all the correspondences between The Blue flame & other members of Ghostplace ( of which i was one). So in some places it will read a little funny because he is responding to other members. In any case HEED THE WARNING THE STORY PRESENTS. IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE OR YOUR SANITY!!!

"I'm not sure if I should have started this in my first Hello post or not. Also not sure if it should be in the story section. Moderators? just feel free to do with it what you will. Thanks

Wow! My goodness, feel'n the love here no doubt. It's sending me chills. What an Inquisitive lot you all seem to be. I will be glad to share some things with you all and I thank you for allowing me to do so. How to go about this??? It might take me awhile as there is a death, three moves and a whole lot of sleepless nights. So, it may take me a few postings to get it all across to you. I'm no writer by a long shot or do words come easy for me. Actually, I am a man of few words but it is easier to type it out then to sit face to face and tell my story as I don't think I could. With that? I will try to get started......

In the summer of 97 my Son Titus was 14 years old. He was our last of five boys (and two girls) that I raised. He was kind of an accident I guess you would say as me and my wife were really both to old for another child at the time of his birth. Accident to us, but not to God. Anyway, there was plenty of love left for him. This all began at saying goodbye to an old friend that I had known all my life. He had finally lost his battle with Leukemia and gave it up. At his funeral I took several pictures of his coffin and the surroundings. This was one beautiful cemetery, old, small and tucked away in the woods where none could ever know of it but only by word of mouth. After the ceremony was over, my family all went home where a dinner was served for those who attended. I stayed behind by the request of my friend a few days before he died. He ask that I remain until it was all over, until the hole was filled in over him. So I stayed and talked with the Caretaker a bit when he was finished. I helped replace the sod (grass) over the bare earth when he was finished. I wondered around awhile looking at some stones. Thinking of some of the things we had done together when we were young, in School & foolish. I walked back over to my friends grave, knelled and said goodbye one last time. I got in my car and drove away.
My Son met me as I pulled up before I was even out of the car. I could tell something was wrong as his face was very pale. I asked him what was wrong and he said I had better come around to the back door. This was the closest entry to my Sons room. While we was walking he said he had something that I should see. We entered his room undetected by anyone in the house. He asked me to have a sit beside him at his computer and he started showing me the pictures that I had taken earlier that day.

I do thank you for the condolences on the loss of my friend and I do miss him. We were young together. The man was around all through grade School, high School, sick and well times and when I was married. He was my best man as I was his and he was still around to be my friend long after my marriage of 28 years had failed. But, this really is not about him or do I believe he had anything to do with what we suffered. He is simply what brought us to this cemetery and started our interest in ghost hunting. Understand that this is the first time I have told this in it's entirety, other than to our ministers/priest. You take it for what it's worth to you. You believe what you choose to believe. So, never mind the questions as I have heard them all. The few I did decide to try to answer always made me feel as if I were in the spotlight or in an interrogation room. As well as Those asked in genuine concern and those dripping in sarcasm. Before any questions of these images, everything was destroyed long ago as request of our exorcist. I will reveal the where abouts of the cemetery to those who wish to know, PM me. I am not here to gain points with you people, or am I writing to win a prize. I am to old, tired and too mature for such silly games. I am trying to tell you in order as this happened to us. This is all In hopes that it might bring light to a newbie ghost hunter that this stuff is serious and to be taken serious. Let me try to get back to where I left off....

Neither my Son or myself has ever had any interest in the paranormal. We have never been to a ghost site or knew of orbs, shadowy figures or the like. I have never had an interest in these things in anyway. I took 27 pictures that day and in broad daylight there was some crazy **** happening at that graveyard. Out of the 27 there were something on 22 of them. Starting with the mildest. Clear, white & purple orbs everywhere. All moving with lightening speed as all had a tail like a comet. Some "thing" sitting on a stone about 60 feet from where we stood. Now this is all running on memory so I have to try and explain the best memory serves. This thing was Grey in color and average human male size I guess, very muscular. It's head on the other hand was really small and with the brightest green eyes you could imagine and looking right at me with the most unearthly wicked smile. The eyes Almost like they were electric bulbs, quite luminescent with Either horns or really large pointy foot long ears. Most pictures were full of mist, most blocked out everything as to hide my shots completely. I cannot describe all of them only what has stayed in my memory. The one that will be with me forever is the action directly behind my friends coffin. This image will be with me even if I suffer from Alzheimer's and forget everything, and everyone I know or will ever know. This was all in mist but the forms were of three beings. One on the right was what I would guess to be very close to eight feet tall. Straight, firm and very serious on the left a smaller being but not by much, kind of ghoulish looking. The third was the hardest to make out and it sat or stood at a distance behind and between these other two. I believe it to be my dead friend as it appeared very poorly frail and bent over. This is Just as he looked before he died and he appeared to be wrapped in chains or ropes. The being on the right I believed had a sword in his hand and the one on the left had what looked like an medieval double bladed battle Axe. In a room alone I wrote down what I THOUGHT I saw while looking at this image. My Son then alone in the room wrote what he THOUGHT he saw, then my wife. I wanted it done alone so that we could not in anyway influence the others thinking. We then compared notes and we three agreed on seeing the same at around 80%. It was my conclusion and only MY opinion that we had some how, some way witnessed a battle over my friends soul.
Hello again, hope you folk understand that I an not trying to lead you along and be all dramatic & ****. Crops are up, or going in the ground. Busy time of the year & I do budget my time from now until the end of Harvest. My time available for ME just gets Less & less from here on. Also not much of a typer and it takes me quite a while to peck things out. Darkshade? you just feel free to feel anyway you wish, it's alright. Thanks to everyone for being able to appreciate my loss along with sharing my experience, I think thats great and I do feel better about talking about it then I thought I would.

Within a week we had every ghost and oddity site we could find logged into our favorites. Seemed very hard to feed the beast. I just could not understand that if all this stuff was going on in cemetery's, why was not more folk out there checking it out. Why was this not being investigated by the Government? I men Hell, how many Billions will go for something as foolish as looking into whether Mars has or had water on it. Damn! This was right here at home and this was very real! I guess I felt I had to get to the bottom of this, But we did keep our experiences and our new found hobby to ourselves. You know? folk who hang out in cemetery's at night are a tad bazaar to the run of the mill person. I couldn't even get a decent days work in thinking about that next piece of equipment I thought I had to have. My time off was userally driving sometimes a few hundred miles to a haunting I had heard about. If I could not get anyone to go with me or my boys were in School or busy, I went alone. Wife never did go, the first pics we ever got did her. I had it all man, and I was into it all. Digital, film all speeds, infrared, B&W,starlight scope and other forms of night vision. Strobe flash & cameras on three different tripods that would fire at random but never at the same time. We could set up in the daylight and stay in the motor home all night if we were so minded to. Video cameras, Ion counters, Emf detectors, Geiger counters, Thermal Scanners, Imaging Scopes and the best portable Marantz recorders on the market for EVP's and loads of movement sensing equipment. It had all but consumed me.

We always took whatever time we felt we needed to pray before we entered a hot zone. Always did our best to ask for protection as well as permission to be there in the first place if people were near. Always talked with local Police to let them know we would be there after dark. You know, to cover any calls "Hey! There is some nut in the grave yard taking pictures" We all first started out carrying a small Bible and crucifix in hand or on our person. I found this to severely hinder what I was there for. Whenever we carried these things it was like we had too much protection and our efforts became nearly in vain. Always! respectful and always mindful of where to walk so we did not walk directly on a grave. Never! any talking, anything that had to be said was said before we entered and once entered only communication was signals with our flashlights. Always said a prayer when leaving a cemetery, mausoleum of structure of any kind. There was always a fear that what if something decided to follow us home? Myself, Son and an acquaintance from a local business that went with us quite often all kept that thought dead & buried. We didn't even discuss the possibility, a very Taboo discussion.

For almost a year we had outstanding luck, even got these beings to answer us on our EVP recordings. No drawn out discussions but plenty of yes & no answers. Out of all the places that we visited during our campaign (nearly 100 cemetery's & over 60 structures) sometimes traveling over a thousand miles from home. We feel that we picked up something very local and at a cemetery with less then a dozen graves, trouble soon began
Ok there Lord decoy and Madwoman. I have found one photo that I had saved in Ivillage along with a bunch of car show photos that I had no idea it was even amoung them. I have been looking for hours to try and show you all that I am not totally full of ****. After no sleep last night and two pots of coffee, Bingo! I found it. Appreciate this please! As I looked hard for you people. Not to try and prove anything, just to give you folk something to look at as thats part of what this sites about, Right?

Let me explain it, This was taken 100% accidental. My son carried three cameras around his neck and he had handed two of them to our Accompaniment that evening as my Son replaced film in his third camara. As this friend held and fumbled with a flashlight he fired one of the cameras accidently. The exposure caught my Sons hand as he was loading his camera, and you tell me? This was taken at the small cemetary that I believe plays a role in what followed us home. It was taken upwards toward a totally dark sky. As you can see, this thing appears to be not a bit happy about us being there. I hope you all enjoy. I used to have hundreds of photos that shown many entities such as this. I do somewhat regret doing away with them. I will add more to my expierance later tonight. Enjoy the photo, Please.

NOTE: the photo is no longer available.

The last cemetery we ever visited for the purpose of hopefully collecting photos of the unexplained was in extreme eastern Oregon on the Idaho/Oregon border. I know it has another name but I don't want to take the time to look it up. I know it as Succor creek as that is the name of the road we took to get there. This place is a couple miles off the beaten path in the desert. We did stop at a couple farm houses to make sure we were on the right path. Not sure if folk were just being rude or if they generally did not know. But we really did get no help from the locals. After about six miles on a dirt road that was really to rough to have a motor home on we came up on a boy on his bicycle. He was quite helpful, he was about about 9 I guess . He first had a big laugh that we had missed the turn off by about four miles. Also thought it was pretty funny when he asked us where we thought we was going to find room to turn our motor home around at. I reached down and handed the boy a 5 dollar bill and thanked him for his help. His eyes got huge and with a hardy "follow me" he took us about a mile to a turn off that led to his family's ranch where there was plenty of room to turn around. We did not wait for his family to come out, just thanked him again and headed back to where he told us to turn.

We got there just a tad before dark. Just looked the place over a bit so we would know exactly where to come and where to park later that night. What we saw was a cemetery that contained about a dozen graves and the place was in great disrepair. There used to be a wrought iron fence that surrounded the cemetery. Just pieces of it now remain, Most of it had long since rusted away. Only one stone that I can remember standing all the rest have been broken by vandals and cattle. Free range I guess, allows the cattle to wonder around bust up the stones and **** all over everything. We then headed back to town to eat and wash some of the dust down from the road. (Homedale Idaho) We found a little bowling alley that served up a mean pepper steak and coffee strong enough you could float a horse shoe in it, it was great. After our meal we talked and planned our attack. We discussed how to go about this small area (about an acre I guess) and decided that we would just set up tripods the first night (we had a two night visit planned) Then we parked at the town park and had a little nap. We slept a couple hours and headed back to our intended site.

We arrived at about midnight, gathered our equipment and knelled down by what we thought used to be the gate. We said our prayer of protection and let the unseen know that we were there only to take a few pictures and not to bring any harm to this resting place... All speech was over at that time. As the only talking while in a cemetery we do was simple questions while seeking EVP recordings and we were not there for that. That would come later if the place proved to be really super active. I always kept notes of my mood, weather, how the place made me feel in general. Everything was fine that first night, wonderful peaceful setting. Being So far away from big civilization and contrast not being affected by city lights, it was a grand place. A very faint sliver of moon and the stars so bright you could actually catch yourself squinting when looking up at them. If I remember right The smell of sage brush almost overwhelming. Coyotes were carrying on all around us. I guess just to let us know we were there just as guest and to make sure we did not to forget it.

We sat up our tripods in a triangular formation, plugged in our link cables then aimed them to catch surface, chest height and about 15' off the ground. This was just something that worked for us. All three cams set this night were digital Canon Pro 70's, A nice high quality digital back in 99. All were equipped with external timers and flash units. We returned to the camper, hooked up the cameras power cable to a converter. We could power them from a stored battery in our camper (pretty slick A?) Cams were set to fire at random with about 15 minutes between flashes and a total of 4 hours of photos. We turned our lights out and watched a football game on TV until we fell asleep. Got up at 5:30am, gathered up our equipment, bowed our heads and gave Thanks for allowing us a safe stay. We went back to town for some breakfast and some more of that high powered coffee. My son stayed in the camper and downloaded our pictures while we went in and ordered. About the time our breakfast was served my Son came in with that useral big smile he had when he had something to tell me. I asked him howd we do Son and he said only nine images with questionables but they are very good. We had no way of printing them off but with the help of an old Honda generator suppling us power and a now very outdated millennium HP we was able to download them on the road. We gobbled up our hotcakes and beat it back to the camper to have a look. Wow!, Later

Thanks to all as you are too kind, I do thank you for the complements but I really am no writer. I just have a really good memory for detail as I wish to include plenty of it here and doing my best to keep from being drab and boring. I can write fine about things I have lived through. But how many people have moments in there life that anyone else would really care to read about. Enough moments to fill a book and make a living at it. I know that I could never write because I just don't have the imagination to make **** up. But I do thank you and I am glad you are enjoying the read and appreciative in the respect you are showing for me & my passed friend. Yes m' Dear, we do consider ourselves to be fairly good corn farmers and excellent Ethanol producers I might add. Thus the name "Blue Flame" Get it? OK,,,,,,,

Nine great pictures of mist, ectoplasm or whatever you care to call it. I as you have seen many pictures of mist. I would never call the stuff boring or would I ever call an orb boring. I have staked out areas for days on end that only gave me a couple orbs from all my time an effort. I was always glad to get what I got and always gave a thank you to the area before leaving. Of course it is somewhat disappointing as Orbs are not ecto and ecto is not full blown apparitions of which was always the ultimate prize. Just casting a net, sometimes fish for dinner and sometimes not.

I studied these pictures for quite sometime. I never jumped at the first thing I thought I saw and labeled that to be that. You all have looked at mist pictures before and it is easy to find many things in them. Seems the longer you stare into them the more crap you think you see. The first picture was a circle of mist all around this small cemetery. Very thick and dense. almost a perfect circle! Inside this circle with much, much debate we came to the conclusion that it appeared to look like an upside down cross (just an educated guess) What was the most awesome to us was found in the fifth picture we viewed. Caught from a camera set to fire at chest height was the biggest mass of mist (ecto) that we had ever seen to date. It was truly massive and thick and formed the unmistakable image of a small log cabin. We could, or at least thought we could see right down to the grain in the wood in places. A structure appearing in ecto mist, truly a phenomenal sight and like nothing we had ever photographed before. We could make out the windows, curtains and some tools and the like hanging from what appeared to be the roof of the porch and possibly a human figure standing in the doorway. The others really aren't worth mentioning as they were just sporadic and misshapen ecto.

Well, this was enough for us. I called my wife and told her that we had decided to stay another day here before moving on to our next investigation. We went to a nearby market and picked up some things for lunch and drove to the park. We lucked out as the local police was sitting there watching for speeders. Real friendly guy as he said hello when we passed by his car. I said Hey officer, come on over here and have a sandwich and soda with us. Unbelievably, he got out and walked to a park table with us. We spread our sandwich goods sat down and said help yourself. He asked us how long were we in town for? Why we were here? Whats up with the sign on the door of your motor home. Lots of questions, guess he couldn't help it, Force of habit maybe. We told him what we were all about and explained the insignia on our camper and that it meant that we were basically self appointed investigators of the strange and unusual. Yea he said, I saw you all come in early yesterday. He asked where we was investigating and we told him. He stopped chewing his ham sandwich quite abruptly and swallowed what appeared to require a tad more chewing. He told us that he had lived around in town there all his life and that was one place he was told to stay away from as a child.

The whole valley out there is supposed to be haunted. The conversation with this Police officer was actually becoming quite intriguing. We told him we were up there last night taking pictures and he just kind of grimaced. I ask him if he would like to see the pictures we took and got a prompt and gruff No!
We at least wanted to get any information he may have known about the area out of him. We asked him to tell us what he knew. He leaned forward, put his elbows on the table and popped open another soda. His personal experience was busting teens for drinking out there. About 13 years ago he said, there was some of them goofy cattle mutilations out around there. Nothing taken but the heart, eyes and the genitals. Yea he said, I got in a little on that deal. We even set up surveillance out there to catch these ass****s in the act? And it happened right under our noses and we heard or seen nothing! After about fifteen cattle were found the Feds came in and "relieved the local police" Never even knew what they found out because we never heard another thing about it. Never even saw the Feds leave and they had a lot of equipment and vehicles up there for about a week we figured.

After we got him off that we asked him if there had ever been a cabin up there in that area. He said his grandfather heard from his grandfather that there used to be many cabins up there. It was the start of what was supposing to become a huge co-op ranch with several families from the Oregon trail combining their cattle to make it work. He then explained that the way he understood it, some guy went nuts and went around and slit everyones throats while they slept so he would own the whole enchilada. He even killed his own family and then slashed his own throat. He slashed his own to make it look good but not deep enough that he would die so he thought, but he did die. If this is true! What a bummer huh?

Wow! what a story we got from this Policeman, some really great stuff. We told him we would be going back tonight for some more photos. We was planning to make some EVP recordings and spent the rest of that evening explaining that process to him. He was captivated. The best advise I ever got from a Policeman came from this man before we parted ways. We shook hands and he looked me in the eye and said "Go home. Take your Son and go home" I have always been fairly rebellious toward authority, but this is one time I wish I would have listened.

From here on is where things get really unbelievable and folk will begin to lift their eyebrow's in doubt. As I said when I started this story... Believe what you choose to believe. I have nothing to prove and deep down I could give a rats red rump what you choose to think of me. I'm not here looking for points or seeking respect, just to share a story with you. So Just please enjoy.

As before, There were several deep dips and high rises in the road and after about a mile we could begin to see our targeted spot. Our friend (I guess I should give up his name by now) Donald was driving, me and Son Titus was at the table loading cameras & checking equipment. Donald says, Hey! there's someone over there and they have a fire going. We went to a window and sure enough it looked like the orange glow of a campfire. I said Oh well, I hope there is not to many vehicles there. There was really no room for any others once we got parked. We took our Left turn onto a road and about 200 more yards led us to the site. Down into a dip in the road and when we came out, that orange glow was gone! We all saw it, reflection of some kind we told each other. No one there when we pulled up and shut the engine off. It was just drawing down dark, we could still see just a little without any lights. I felt ill, and I ask if anyone else did. No, they were fine. My stomach was upset and it came on quite sudden. I reached for my journal as Donald & Titus finished up readying our equipment. I remember I wrote that this didn't seem the same place we were at the night prior. Something was different, it just felt different. I wrote that I felt ill and that my thinking was kind of messed up. I couldn't seem to focus on one thought but for only a few seconds at a time. I got that feeling at the outer edges of the rear of my tongue, ya know? When you are about to puke? I didn't but I reached for the trash can just in case. We prepared as we talked about what we were going to do and as we had discussed earlier we were just going to wear the cameras tonight. I put a tape recorder around my neck as well as my camera and I ask if everyone was ready, yes everyone was ready.

Donald popped the door open and the most rancid smell of rotten meat hit us all in the face like a iron skillet. He quickly closed the door. Man! What the hell is that? We thought probably a dog or coyote had died. But we were just there the night before, how could something come to smell so putrid over night? I headed back to my trash can where I promptly gave up my last meal. We all agreed that there was no way we could put up with that for any length of time at all. Lets give it a while, maybe the wind will shift or something and I will get to feeling better. 10-15 minutes later we tried it again and it was still there but it was tolerable and I still didn't feel very well. We knelled as before and requested protection and started combing the area. We took a few shots in the graveyard then I walked over alone to where the cabin had stood in our prior shot. Cold it was, cold and damp. Actually wet! Like the dew was falling. Beads of water had formed on the hair of my arms. I signaled the others to come over. Don had the thermal scanner that had read 76 degrees when we stepped out of the camper. Titus was fiddling with a camera and had not began to walk towards me yet. Dons scanner dropped into the upper 50's when he stood beside me. Look at this I whispered while showing him my arm. By that time he had the same thing happening to his arm. My Son had not made it over yet. He was about 40 feet away from us and walking toward us when he just stopped and started snapping pictures like mad! He had a camera in both hands and he had them working as fast as they could. He had them pointed right at us, we could see nothing from the flash. We turned our backs to him so our eyes could recover from the flood of flash noise he just sent to us. We never spoke, as I knew he had seen something and we never questioned each other while taking pictures. After our eyes had adjusted a bit, with Titus still firing away behind us, after us turning around His flash now making it very easy for us to see what it was he was having such a fit over.

What I saw shook me like nothing I could describe. I have never been this scared before in my life. What I saw up close was very vivid and unmistakable. Three Skeletal figures that were clothed in flame, they stood about 20 feet in front of us. No mist, no ecto, no nothing. These things were real! We were no longer cold! The heat that radiated from these things actually singed my eyebrows and the hair on my arms and head. I couldn't move! Until I heard my Son Yell! DAD! DON! Run this way RUN! LETS GO!
Don grabbed my arm and we ran like when we were teenagers. Titus was already in the camper when we got to it. We ran in falling over each other and ended up in the floor. Titus quickly snapped the door closed behind us. All our eyes big as saucers and drawing breath like there would be none tomorrow. My Son just got down in the floor with us and we all ask each other if we were OK? All agreed we were. We just lay there awhile and listen until we were breathing normal again. Then all we could hear is each others heartbeats. I finally raised up slowly to my knees, clicked on my flashlight and put it to the window. I couldn't see anything! There was frost on the window, but it was better then 70 degrees outside. I then looked at the lens ring on my flashlight and it had frost on it. This frost was on the inside! Later

LD, once again. There is a link to a photo posted on the first page in one of my post. (third post from the bottom) that was taken at this site. It was taken the night prior to the night we saw the "demons" as you called them. I guess I would lack for a better word as well. This would be the only picture I have related to this story, sorry
Outstanding advise for current or future ghost hunters. Unfortunatly, other then just myself feeling ill and being the first time i felt this way at a site, I didnt think much about it. It would have been nice to be able to heed some suttle warnings to refer back to on this particular hunt, but there was no next hunt for us, and nothing about this visit was suttle. You slip, fall into a burning pit and you manage to dig yourself out? One tends to keep his distance from the heat. Nez Perce? I don't know Shamas. Are they not farther North? My story takes place in Southern Idaho in the Owyhee valley or the Snake River Valley, whatever you care to call it I guess. But yes! It would be interesting to speak with them as they do tend to pass their stories down.
We all eventually made it to our feet. I still had not mustered the nerve to scrape off the frost and stick my face up to the window for a peek yet. I slapped at my chest realizing that my Marantz recorder was no longer hanging around my neck. Ah, Man! I was seriously bummed! But not enough to go out there looking for it. That was for damn sure. Lets get out of here Man, lets get to town. I sat down behind the wheel and attempted to start our ride. Nothing but a click! No, this can't be! We had not used any power or left anything on. Whatever it was that was outside was not finished with us yet. There was scampering around on the roof of our motor home. Like a bunch cats on a frozen pond. I had Don to turn the lights off and I tried it again. I at least got the engine to give me a weak spin over. Bang! Something just ran into us hard enough to knock the dishes right out of the cabinet. Something was ramming the rear of our camper! We could actually hear and fell the vibration in the floor from this things feet hitting the ground as it turned and came thundering towards us again. Boom! That one knocked my son right off his feet into the floor. This thing was running on two feet! I know the diffrence between a two footed man and a four hoofed beast.

Whatever it was it was tearing the hell out of the back of my camper. I yelled at the top of my lungs. Look! If you want us out of here I got to be able to start this ****ing thing. It fired over immediately, I grabbed a music cassette tape and took a couple frantic wipes at the frost on the inside of the windshield and screamed Hang on!!! I floored our camper and that big 454 woke up! Don and Titus both lost there footing and everything that was not on the floor now was. I took us right across the center of that Graveyard. I hated to do it but that was the most direct route out of there without spending at least a minute jockeying around my position first, and that was not about to happen. As we sped out of there Don was at the rear window scraping frost and yelling at Titus to find him a camera. Don was all,, Slow down your stirring up to much dust and I can't see nothing. Yea, Like that was going to happen. I was doing like 60 on a 15 mile per hour dirt road. We were leaving earth every time I came to the top of a dip. Titus got him a camera but it was too late. We got to the main road and I cannot believe that I was not stopped by the Police between there and town. Do any of you know that a fully loaded 40' Motor home can do near a hundred miles an hour!? Mine did!

When we got to town we went directly to the park. I shut off the camper and steam rolled from under the hood. That was fine, what was on my mind was what Don saw out of the back window as we left that place. I myself saw nothing as all I still had to see through was just the area where I had the frost scraped away. I saw em Frank, he said. What Don, what did you see. I saw Those things. We were to far for me to make out any features but I saw em. Two pillars of fire, standing quite a ways apart from each other.Don, I said. We saw three of them, remember Don? Three! No he said, There was only two there. What happened to the third one Frank? I don't know Don, but it don't sound good does it.

We waited for morning and we got out and looked at our ride. We immediately all filed out and went to check out the rear of the camper. Now, how could this be! There wasn't a scratch on it. How could we wittiness the force of something slamming into our camper hard enough to cause people inside to lose their balance inside and fall? And not leave a mark. What could we say or do? We just stood there, looked at each other and shook our heads. Mass hallucination? I don't know. But, the damage in the engine compartment was real indeed. I had run over a piece of fence post and it had flipped up and tore the bottom out of the radiator. We got us a room that day while a local repair shop came after it and put it in their shop. The guys that worked on it were the first guys to wittness that something
Early that afternoon we walked from our room to a burger joint that was down just a little bit of ways and not far from where they had our camper. We could see it was inside and after sticking this terrible oil soaked burger down my neck we walked over to have a check up on it. It was parked in a bay that had a deep walkway underneath so a person could stand up under it and do what had to be done. Nothing had been done that I could see, There was also no one in the shop that I could see. Must be break time I figured so we went into the office. No one but I could hear people talking down a hall so I quite loudly announced my need for service. A big man with cover-alls came out chewing on a big fat stogie. There was not a square inch on this man that was not caked with grease. I realize a mans going to get dirty when working on vehicles but this was weeks of build up.

Help ye! he asked. (We had not met, only talked over the phone that morning to have him come get our rig) Yea I said, come to check on my motor home. Ah, thats yours is it? Where did you get that thing, yard sale at the house of Frankenstein? What? Yea he said, I got one man went home that started working on it. Came in here and said that ****ing thing was haunted. I laughed at him, told him to get his ass back to work. About ten minutes later he came to me green as moss, sick as a dog and I sent him home. He finished with a "your new radiator won't be here until morning . I will get your old radiator out and have the new one here and in by 10:30 in in the morning" We agreed that was fine (what else could we have said) and we walked back to our room. Bummer, I had to pay for another night in this dead little town. Already our budget for this trip had blown it's self away three times over. We Sat there till about 8:30, watching TV & having some interesting conversations about what we thought was going on with the camper. We walked to the bowling alley for some dinner. We ate, shot some pool and drank a few beers. Actually quite a few Beers.

We met up with our policeman friend there and filled him in on what happened to our camper. That was about it, we never went into any details about what we had seen and witnessed, what was the point? Get his interest up and have him go out there and see where we had dug holes with the tires of our motor home in the middle of this old graveyard. We didn't need any fines for vandalism or the destruction of an historic place or any such BS as that. I figured by the time I paid this mechanic tomorrow I will have given plenty of money to his town. It had been dark for some time when we decided to beat it back to our room. Thats when our Policeman friend offered us a ride back to the motel, we were fairly loaded so we accepted. We loaded up, me & Titus in the back and Don in the front. Immediately Don ask, can I play with the siren? Don! What kind of a request is that for a grown man to ask. No, you can't play with the siren. We drove back by the shop when our cop friend said, man thats odd. He said the shop owners name but I cant remember it. Whats odd, I asked. That someone would be in the shop this time of night. I got to have a look guys so just sit tight.

He pulled up into the parking lot, got out and walked over cupped his hands around the side of his face and looks into a window on one of the bay doors. He jerks away, then looks again. He walks back over to us and ask us to come have a look at this. We all walk over and he ask, what the hell kind of light was that you have inside your camper there. Well, I know we got nothing like that I said. It looked like someone was in our camper running back and forth with this light that changed colors every few seconds. Back and forth, back and forth. Really faster then I thought any person could move. We watched as we were all truly spellbound. I started to say something when Don hushed me and said, Listen! (this is tough for me to put in a word what we were hearing) One word over and over, just barley loud enough to make out. Well, not really a word but this....Nnnn-yaaaa!, nnnn-yaaaa!, nnnn-yaaaa! Every time this light changed directions this is what we thought we were hearing. What the ****ing Hell! our cop friend says. He gets on his radio and has his dispatcher call the owner of the shop and tells him to get down here and unlock this place so he didn't have to bust a window to get in, someone is in there!

Shop owner shows up in about 10 minutes. All the time waiting for him this thing had not stopped or slowed down a bit. Before he even gets around the corner to see what we are seeing he says, "It's that ****ing camper, Ain't it?" The very INSTANT he puts the key into the lock to his shop, it all stopped. The officer ask the owner if that camper was locked up, he said no. We stayed outside as the officer requested as he went in with his pistol in one hand and his flashlight in the other. We heard him announce himself and his demand for whoever was in there to come out. Nothing, we could not really see but I know he went for the door next. I heard a Dammit! Then we all saw the fog roll out as the door swung open. He announced himself again and made his demand once more, again nothing. He shown his flashlight inside, stuck his head in but he never stepped up into it. When he came back he asked if the inside of our camper was trashed before it came to be in the shop. I said, well it was not very squared away if thats what you mean. No, he said. I mean, was the carpet all ripped up? Your table broken in half? There is what appears to be what once was a guitar in there that is nothing but a pile of splinters. No, nothing like that I said. He asked if we had a cooling system of some sort in there that could be malfunctioning. I answered, No nothing like that. He said something is wrong because it is damn cold in there. He says, Look at this. His right hand looked to be burned. He said thats what happened when I touched the door knob, it was so cold it burned me.

Thats it, that is ****ing it! I want that thing out of my ****ing shop right ****ing now! The owner and the cop went in and opened a bay door. Together they got in and started it up and drove it outside. He said, This thing can stay out here! I will have it fixed tomorrow probably before I said. I will go to Boise in the morning and get your radiator myself so I can get it here a bit earlier. He looked at me with a scowl and said, You be here at 8:00am and your rig will be ready to leave. The sooner it is out of my sight the better. He locked it up with the set of keys I had given him, got in his car and left. We were no longer under the influence, that was for damn sure. Our officer friend says, you guys ready to tell me what happened to you out there last night? No, I said. If it's all the same to you I really don't feel like going into it right now, I'm tired. I said we will just walk from here, thanks for the lift. When we got to our room we never even spoke. Got semi undressed, fell on the beds and we were out

We were up and at the shop by 7:30 the next morning. What a sight! They must of had every trouble light, spotlight, work light that they had in the shop hanging and standing around the front bumper of our camper. This was really strange because it was plenty light outside already. One guy was under the front of it and one on a stand looking over the top trying to help and they were just finishing up. The big man (the owner of the shop) rolled out from underneath, got to his feet and headed towards me. I popped off and said, "Damn! can you guys having trouble seeing!" The owner said thats not funny Man. We have had a hell of a time with this job. Meaning? I asked. Well, other than that light display we watched last night. You can think whatever you want about us but this is how our experience with this thing has went. He spoke as he counted off and pointed at his chubby Hostess Twinkie sized fingers. First guy that started working on it said he heard voices when he walked under it while it was over the service pit. Later I lost one of my Mexican employees because he said "It was looking at him" It finally came down to just me and my help that has been with me since the day I opened this place, twenty years ago. I worked on it while he stood close just for support. All these lights we have hanging around it seems to make it better he said.

Listen here he said,,,We have put up with voices that we thought we could almost make out but not quite. Voices that seem to come from everywhere. From right out of the engine block it's self, from inside the fuel tank, from the battery! Moans and groans that rolled right out of the tail pipe. Something Pulling my shirt tail. Yanking on my pant legs, bolts taken out that I know I had just put in and tightened down! Our tools were not where we placed them when we reached for them. Even when me and my help was in agreement that they had been placed there. I still have some I never found. I have been turning wrenches for a living for better then two decades. I have lost maybe 1/2 dozen items in that time. I have well over a dozen tools that I can't account for since I have worked on your camper. I gave my guys a serious cussing for rocking the thing while I was under it, when no one was even around.

The man turned, walked into his office and I followed. He handed me my bill and I paid him. I then offered him a very nice tip for his trouble. The man would not take it. He said, I don't want your money man, Just whats owed me. Just get that ****ing son of a b*tch'n thing off my property. That is by far the creepiest thing I have ever worked on. I Worked on an old station wagon once that kinda freaked me out he said. But that was a Church social compared to this thing. He also added, I can't believe you three are going to get in there and head down the road in it. Y'all must have Balls the size of wagon wheels he said. What do you suggest I do! I asked him. Go trade it off man! Push it over a cliff and tell your insurance agent the parking break failed. Anything! But I'll be damned if I would ride in there anywhere. Something is in there, It's like movies I have seen where something had taken over an automobile or something mechanical. But this is real Man! This is real! If we had been wise (lots of ifs on this trip) We would have taken it to the nearest car dealer and traded it for whatever we could have got for it. I Shook his hand, said goodbye and he wished us luck. We had to get a jump start to even get out of the parking lot.

Our friend the officer pulled up about the time we were just about out of there, Dammit! I thought. I downed my window so we could talk. Hey boys, he said. Leaving are ya? Don't suppose you want to take the time to tell me who you think tore your camper all to hell inside would you? Or maybe what happened out at the graveyard? Officer, I sure would like to just be on my way. We been here way to long and have spent way too much money. We just want to go Home. You don't want to file any complaints on the damage to your vehicle? I ask him, how are we going to explain it officer. Are you as an officer of the Law willing to testify to what you saw going on in our camper last night? Go in there and Ask these boys in the shop there what they told me this morning. You will want to put all that in your report no doubt. What are YOU going to tell them tore up my camper. Be pretty easy for folks to think we are nuts if we go trying to describe that. Or, worse yet, having us discribe what we saw the other night at the graveyard? What do you think, I asked. With that, we said our goodbyes and I thanked him for his hospitality and we were on our way.

It just didn't stop, one thing after another. We blew a tire not fifty miles down the road. It was the inside dually on the right rear and we couldn't do a thing with it until we got somewhere. Had a bad fuel leak,red warning lights going on and off in the dash. Break lights stopped working, we were pulled over for that one. Turn on the signal to turn left and the camper would be signaling right. Our TV wouldn't work, the monitor for our computer pooped out. We stopped in this little town about three hundred miles into our journey actually looking for a Priest. We had no luck but we did find a Baptist Minister that was willing to bless our ride for us after we told him that we were just having a lot of problems with it. Didn't want to fill him in to well, didn't want to run him off. We told him just a blessing that we were going to get home and that we would be left alone to do so. He had no problem as he done his thing. I thanked him and gave him a few dollars as a donation to his Church. We loaded up and were on our way again.

Thanks good folk. Be patient with me. Peckn' it out on notepad as I have the time. I'll get some more in here soon as I can. Thanks again

Things went really well the rest of the trip. I could not believe that this is all it took. We did want to get home before dark but we just couldn't do it. None of us yet felt at ease enough to stay in the camper so we agreed to spring for another room. Also, driving this thing at night really wasn't very appealing to me anyway. I kept seeing in my mind this, whatever it was taking control of the steering while I one of us was driving. #1 reason I was doing all the driving anyway. Not that I felt that I was any mightier then my other two campanions. I just felt I was more prepared should something happen. Got up that morning had some coffee and a Continental breakfast and made our way towards our ride. Just a relief to see it sitting there I guess. It had not burst into flames during the night or been hauled away for disturbing the peace or something else. It started right up, went down the road straight and even the turn signals were working right. We made no more stops except for gas and we were home early that afternoon. Donald had given his wife a call so she would be at my house to take him home.

My wife was in the yard with a garden hose in her hand watering some flowers. I parked near the curb and she dropped her hose and came over. Gave us all a big hug and said she was very glad we were home. Said she had been having some very awful dreams and day visions about us, and none were good. Then she got a look inside. My God! What have you guys been doing? I had to try and calm her as she was almost in a panic over the inside condition of our camper. It's a fairly long story I said and I will tell you later. My Son gathered up what was his and headed for his room. I told him to get back out here in a bit and help me unload this thing.

We had a sit on the patio and I tried to explain what we had been through in the past few days. I'm glad Dons wife had not shown up yet. Made it easier to talk about with him there. At least one of the people I was explaining it to believed me, since he was there. After a very lengthly explanation of why we had returned with the interior of her camper in ruin. She looks at me and says, Now tell me what happened. Did you and Don get on a big drunk and rip the place up? Where was Titus when all this was going on. Well she says, how about I go up and see if Titus's story match your guys story at all. Please do I said, send him down here to help me when you are done interrogating him.

Dons wife pulls up and Don says, I'm outta here buddy. Talk to you tomorrow and good luck with the Mrs. I got back into the the camper, pulled it up a ways and backed it into the garage as to where the cargo door was facing the entry to the house. I was gathering equipment and took all I could carry inside. I returned for another load. I was folding blankets when I thought I caught a whiff of that familure rotten smell that we had suffered through out at that dreadful site. It was so faint that I shrugged it off. I headed back out the door and noticed the dogs food by the entry door and told myself that must have been what I had smelled. Titus and my Wife had came down and was sitting on the couch. Wow she said, are you ok? Yea, believe me know do you? Yea, Your stories are to much alike. Are you sure your ok? She asked again. Yea, just tired I guess. They both helped get the camper unloaded. My wife wouldn't go inside, she just stood at the door as I handed her things. Park it outside she said, I don't want that thing in here. It's just to close to the house for comfort. So we finished unloading and I parked it back out on the curb.

After dinner we sat at the table and talked. She ask me what we were going to do with That camper. Well we are going to keep it, what do you mean what are we going to do with it. (we had only had it a year and it was new when we bought it) Well I'm not about to go anywhere in it ever again. I said, but you are the one who picked it out and just had to have that one. Well, that was of course before you went out on one of your ghosting tangents and one of your photo subjects didn't like to be photographed and bit you in your ass! Well I can fix what is torn up. You don't get it do you? I'm cuttn' but your not bleedn' Do you seriously think that I could lay down in there at night and go to sleep after what you have told me went on in there? I tell you what, I will have it fixed and Titus & I will sleep in it a week to show you there is not anything in there. Titus pops off, Whats this Titus & I ****? I love you Dad but you are on your own here. I got to side with Mom on this one. Geezzz, I could not believe all this heavy conversation was going on the first evening home. Lets just get some rest and we will talk about it again when our heads are clear. Wife stands up and begins to clear the table and mudders while walking towards the kitchen. Very quietly, " My head is clear as crystal and will be just as clear tomorrow and I'm not having that thing around here" Or something to that effect. I just let it go and didn't say another word.
We were up early that morning. It was Sunday and we had been invited to my sister in laws place for breakfast. We also went to Church service with them. They are Pentecostal people and what a sermon it was. I never was much of a Church going person and seems a couple times sitting under this red faced screaming, brimstone thrown', fire breathing' death & hell dealing' preacher man would do anyone. But they all must of liked it for they amend' him till almost 1:00pm. Nice pot-luck waiting afterwords. Two free meals in one day, could never pass that up.

When we got home I checked my messages and my friend Don had left me a quite frantic one. "Call me Frank, call me as soon as you get home". So I gave him a call. Frank he says, where ya been? I told him. Did all you go? Yea, we all went. Titus too? Yea Don Titus too, what is it Don? He asked if every ting was ok when we got home? Anything out of place? No, I said everything seemed fine. Well, I came over to talk with you thin morning about 8:00 and all ya all were gone. So, what did you need Don. Did you leave on your TV or maybe a radio while you were gone? No, not that I'm aware of. Ask if anyone else left anything on. He was quite persistent, so I did. No Don, nothing left on. Ok, when I came over this morning I saw your truck was gone but I came to the door any way. I heard something Frank. What did you hear Don, a voice he said. What did it say? It told me to leave! Now Don was never one to make up anything or tell me things that were not true, so I believed him. I knocked on the door and when no one answered I went back to my car to get a sticky note to leave on your door. I came back and stood in front of your door and started writing my note. Like a loud whisper it was, but very plain. Go away, it said. I asked What? Titus, I figured it must be Titus playing a joke. I ask again what! Go away and never come back, Leave! It said. So I did Frank, I came back home.

What do you think he ask. I don't know Don, why did you come to see me in the first place. What did you want. Silence...........Don? It's that smell Frank, ya know? I think I get a smell of rotten meat now and again. The wife noticed it as well. I spent most of the morning down in the basement at her request looking for something that may have crawled in and died. I didn't find anything Frank. I'm calling an exterminator tomorrow and let him have a look around. Worse thing is he said, it's the same smell we suffered out at that dreadful cemetery. I think something followed us Frank. Don? You can stop that right now. Nothing followed us home and I'm sure the exterminator will find whats stinking up your house. What about what I heard while standing at your door. I don't know what to think about that Don. I'll ask Titus again to see if maybe he had left his stereo on upstairs. He was bad to do that when he went somewhere. I said, call me tomorrow Don and let me know if you found out anymore about your stink. If you need a place to stay for a day or so, you know we have an extra room here and you two are welcome to stay with us. Thanks Frank, but I'm not real sure I would want to stay there either. I'll talk with you tomorrow Don.

When I reached over to place the my phone back on it's base, I saw it. Titus had came in at the last point of me and my friends conversation and sat down in the middle of our couch with some kind of video game. We have a rather huge mirror that was behind this couch. This mirror was 8' long by 4' high. The entire left side of it was filled with what looked like old used oil, very black. It stayed in one position but rippled like water on a lake being disturbed by a slight wind. I watched while still in a half bent over position from hanging up the phone. I watched this thing flow over to the right side of the mirror just like water. I then realized that my Son was sitting right under it.
Titus, come here. He looks up through his eyebrows at me. What? Come here, right now. Just a sec he said while poking at that game. Right now! or I am going to throw something at you. Get up and walk over here, real slow like. Well, of course he was kind of freaked out now. He stood up and like a dufus turned and looked over his shoulder. He was then by my side very quickly. I ask, you see it too then? Oh yea he said, I got to go get a camera Dad. Don't you say nothing to your Mother. He slowly headed toward the stairs and ran as soon as he reached them. While he was away I watched this thing change sides, flatten out, fill the entire mirror and then try to form what looked like words, but not in English. About the time Titus hit the bottom of the stairs with camera in hand it drained away. Just like someone had pulled a plug in the corner of the mirror and the thing went right down a drain and behind my couch. Titus was snapping pictures but it was to late, it had gone. He came over and stood next to me and said. We have a problem,,,,, huh Dad
That night was not very restful for me anyway. My wife had no problem going to sleep but I just lie there. I heard sounds that night that I had never heard before. We had been in this home for nearly ten years without a creak of moan. Sounds from what I thought were footsteps on the roof to what I thought were lights coming from the living room. I got up slowly as not to wake my wife, got a flashlight and stepped outside my room. I stood to where I could look down the stairs and see most of the living room and some of the kitchen. I shone my light around a bit but I didn't go down. I could see what I thought were many shadows darting around in every direction. I pawned it off to the lights on the freeway shining through the window and went back and lay down.

I had just closed my eyes for few seconds and I felt the need to open them for a quick scan of the room. I made a once over and when I looked toward my door there was a figure standing it it. I knocked my flashlight off the night stand when I heard, It's me Dad. Well Dammit Titus, say something! Don't just stand here in the dark, freaking me all out an ****! By that time my wife was awake wanting to know what was going on. She turned on a small table lamp by her bed and ask Titus what he was doing there. Really bad dream Mom, don't suppose I could stay in here with you guys for the rest of the night do you? now, realize that this kid was nearly 15 at this time and a person who did not scare easy. My wife couldn't quite see how a kid that could sit in the dark alone and laugh while watching the exorcist would need to sleep in his parents room because he had a bad dream. Must have been a bad one she said. Want to talk about it? No Mom, not tonight. She got up and took a sleeping bag out of the closet and he lay it on my side on the floor between our bed and the closets. I handed him one of my pillows and the light was turned off. I never really went back to sleep that night either. If there were any unexplained noises I could never have heard them over Titus's snoring anyway.

My wife was awake before me and Titus. She woke us up with a yell from the kitchen, "breakfast ready in 10 minutes" While standing at the bathroom sinks I ask Titus. So, what did you see last night son. I didn't see anything Dad, it's what I heard! It was no dream he said, because I was wide awake. He continued, I thought what I was hearing was like when you have your radio hung between two stations? I got up and turned it off and heard nothing for a while. Then voices, Sounded like a room full of maybe dozens. I couldn't make anything out. No words, just murmuring, shuffling of feet and what sounded like glasses being touched together like when people propose a toast. We were called again for Breakfast and I told Titus that we would talk more about it later and also to use some discretion when your Mother ask about what happened.

Of course mom had to try to get to the bottom of things at the table. It was really nothing Mom. I just had a bad dream and felt sick to my stomach and didn't want to be alone, thats all there was to it. She let it go at that, I was surprised. Most of the time she dug until she was completely satisfied that she was at the bottom of the situation. She brought the camper up again and how long I intended to leave it parked out in the road. I told her I was going to find someone who did upholstery work, see if I could get them to come out here and give me some estimates on repairing it. Doesn't matter whether you have it fixed or not, I'm not riding in it. Well, you know I have to get it fixed even if we decide to sell it or trade it in. Well, I'm getting tired of it sitting there. I can't even see across the street because of it. I promised her I would get something done with it as soon as I could. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, Fighters! End of round one and back to your corners, Titus says. He did this often when he was around to hear us arguing anyway. At least we were all laughing now. His Mom pecked him in the head with a spatula and told him to get out of here.

Breakfast was finished and Titus ask to go with me that day to the plant, he did that often during his summer break from School. I said it might be best if you stay here with Mom today. She pops up and says, Go ahead. I have some shopping to do later anyway. Although I didn't really feel right leaving my wife there alone all day. I tried to reason that if there was something there it would only be after me and leave the rest of my family be. I felt guilty that I had not leveled with her about what me and Titus had seen that prior day in the mirror, also what I thought I seen that night. But I felt she would be ok. Besides, she would have been the same way towards the house as she was towards the camper. I knew I couldn't put here in a different home simply because she saw something in this one. So I guess I was just hoping for the best.

I tried to call Don before we left but no one answered and I found that quite strange as his wife rarely went anywhere. We went out of our way just a little to go by Dons and see if everything was ok. We got out and walked up to the door and rang the door bell. No one was home. His neighbor was mowing his lawn and he shut it down to talk with us for a minute. Looking for Don are you? Yea, well he ain't there. Him and his wife lit out of there a little after midnight last night. Tore out of there like their house was on fire. We thanked him and got into my truck. Whats going on Dad? Titus asked. Do you think Don is having trouble like we are. We are not "having trouble" Son. It's just a little glitch or something. Whatever it is that thinks that we somehow have pissed it off will get over it and leave, I hope. Where do you suppose Don went Titus asked. Well, he is too cheap to pay for a motel and his folks are to far away. I figure they are at her folks place. I will call your Mother when we get to the plant and have her call over there to see if they know anything.

Thank you annagain, again you are too kind. Do you have your basement experiance posted here somewhere? I would like to read about it.

Took us a little longer to get to where we were going as we did have a bit to talk about. What do we suppose we done to cause this thing to follow us Dad. You got to stop feeding it Son! Yea! Titus said, and you got to stop denying that we have a problem. Here was this kid laying down the law to me, but I let him finish. We both didn't imagine what we saw in the mirror the other night. I also know that I didn't imagine what I heard in my room last night. We got a problem Dad and you know it. Yea Son, I know it. I'm just trying to avoid it by refusing the problem exist. You are right, we do have a problem. We pulled into the plant and I immediately got on the phone with my wife. I told her to call Dons folks and find out if they were there. I had my wife do it because If Dons Dad answered I just couldn't get away from him. He is in a wheel chair and never gets any company except me and my wife and I just didn't have the time to talk with him this morning. There was a truck driver already parked at the storage tank to load with ethanol when we arrived, and I had to take care of that.

She called me back in about an hour and said that yes they were there. Don had went to work but his wife was there and I talked with her. Seems they have a problem in their house with some kind of bad oder. It was so bad that it drove them out. I told them if there was anything we could do to be sure and let us know. Well, I said I'll stop by and see them before we come home tonight, and I did. Don, and his Dad was sitting out on the patio when me and Titus pulled up. We walked over and had a seat. Me and the old man talked about a half hour before they came and took him in for dinner. So, whats up Don? It's that smell I told you about Frank, it's all over now and it's bad. I called an exterminator this morning and he was there by 10:00am. I had left him this number and told him this is where we would be. I guess as soon as he opened the door he left, Don said. He said he would be back in the morning with some respiratory gear because it was to bad to enter without it. So how are you Frank, how are things at your house? I told him everything was fine. Titus lips off and said, now tell him the truth Dad. I just thought Don and his wife was having a tough time and didn't need me stirring the coals so to speak. What! What is it Titus, you tell me. So, We both filled him in on the happenings at our house.

Well, thats it for me Don said. I have no doubt that thing rode all the way home with us. Well, there must be more then one Don said. I just can't see it jumping back and forth between our places. I just can't figure what we done to deserve this. I said that we didn't do anything Don, the son of a b*tchn' thing just chose us to pick on. Thats how I see it. I told him to let me know how things went with the bug man tomorrow. With that we headed home.

Wonderful dinner waiting for us, just had to wash up and sit down. We both stepped into the laundry room adjacent to the kitchen to wash our hands. I tossed Titus the towel and he says look Dad, at the mirror! A black rainbow or perhaps a frown was at the bottom. It faded away as quickly as we saw it. Damn, Double Damn! Don't you say nothing to your Mother yet, I will talk with her tonight. We agreed, got ourselves composed and set down for dinner.

As we ate and talked about our day and about Don and his wife. She then began to tell us about how her day went trying to get the laundry done. She said first I thought I had turned on the washer and I left to go to the market. I came back and the lid was open and it didn't even have any water in it. But the soap had the lid off and I never leave the lid off the soap. I knew that I had not added any soap or could I see that I had, so I did. About five minutes later I had suds everywhere! Like I had added twice, or more! I had to use your shop vac to vacuum the suds up. I guess I had added soap before but for the life of me I can't remember doing it. After a couple rinse cycles I was able to get them done. Then I had problems with the dryer! I turned it on for an hour, same as I always do. I heard the buzzer in just a few minutes that signals it is done. They were still damp of course. She continued, I set it for an hour again and it wasn't three minutes and it was buzzing at me again. I finally just took them out and hung them on the line. She said, I think something is wrong with the timer or something. Me & Titus just kind of peered at each other. Things were a fixn' to get very nasty for all of us

Madalyn, Understand the only reason I kept this from my wife was the hopes it might just go away on it's own and that I wouldn't have had to say a word. You got to know my wife to understand why I thought this was best.

About writing for a living? Ah, bless ya M' Dear but I really fear I would starve to death in a timely fashion. Actually I'm having a heck of a time with this. I don't do a lot of reading because I can't stay focused long enough. If it's not got me by the hair of the head and the edge of my seat during every single page, then it's not going to hold my attention. I have a problem with that, always have. There are not to many books out there (that I know of) that can do that, or would they be written right if they did. A book can't hang on the highlights constantly, I guess. I could peck out my experience in maybe a page or so, big deal. It would be written, read by you people and buried in the archives by now. I got to write this like I would want to read it, you know?

It's Really not to frighten anyone of what could happen, although I would like to think that by the time I am through here, I would have at least maybe heightened someones awareness of what can happen. You older folk know you can't get young people to listen to you Until it happens to them? It's just a story to them, nothing more. I am glad you folks are enjoying it and I should have some more time late this evening to add a bit more. As to Ghost hunters? as I said before. Try not to get cocky, keep your guard up. I truly believe that whatever is out there, in cemetery's or wherever. Would not be photographed if they did not want to be. But, I do know for a fact! That some of them are there just looking for a fight. Have a nice Hump day people, if that is possible.

We finished dinner & Titus helped his Mom clear the dishes. I went to my den to finish some paperwork that needed done. By the time I was done the two was sitting in the living room watching TV. I said that we needed to have a talk. The TV was shut off and I began. I told her to relax and try to remain calm, well what is it she said. Someone die? No, nothing like that. I think we might have brought something back with us from that last cemetery we visited. She says, yea! and it's in that damn camper isn't it? No Hun, I'm very sorry to say I think it's here in our home.

Good God all mighty she said. What makes you think that. Me and Titus have had a problem with seeing things in the mirrors. I explained how the first sighting went down. Titus leveled with her for the reason why he felt the need to stay in our room. No, maybe you guys just been on to many hunts and you are getting paranoid. Look, I have been all through that in my mind over and over again I said. Trying desperately to put the blame elsewhere and try to come up with a logical explanation for what we had seen, Here at our home and as well as what we had to deal with in that little jerk water town. Then we got into our trip and laid it all on the line for her....

I told you to get rid of that camper the day you brought it home. That thing has come out of there and moved in my home? I told her that I figured the mistake was made the day we came home. When I backed it into the garage. I think it just made it's self to home from the camper to here. Well she says, I won't accept that! We lived in a little 14' travel trailer in the back yard for almost year watching this home being built. We had decided to do this on our own without the financing of a bank. A lot of the time we were Sending contractors away because we had no money for them to continue until a later date. We both worked two jobs at the time and she was right, it was a b*tch at times and something that was definatly ours. She continued for quite some time actually and ended with I won't be driven out of my own home my some mist.

Titus had stepped out for a minute into the kitchen and brought her a cup of tea. She sat there almost in a shake. My laundry problem? I think it could very well be connected with what me and Titus has experienced. What about Don and his wife? Yes I said, I believe their problem may be linked to this as well. What are we going to do she asked. I don't know what else to do other then try to ride it out. It hasn't been real bad and perhaps it won't get that way. I don't know how these things work. I know there are people who deal with haunting's such as this. If it don't leave on it's own we will find someone that can help us. I sat down by her and hugged her & told her I was sorry.I sure never meant to ever bring anything extra home with us. We had a little family moment, she assured me that it was not my fault. We watched a movie and we all went to bed, What a night.

I was awaken with what I thought was my Son screaming for help. I sat up in bed and listened closer. Damn! I was sure I heard it that time. I bolted out of bed waking my wife as I did. Whats wrong? It's Titus! She was right behind me. I grabbed for the door knob and it was so cold that my skin stuck to it when I yanked it away. Give me something, a blanket, anything! She threw me a small rug by the bed. I wrapped it around the knob and tried to turn it and I couldn't! This door was frozen shut! Whats wrong? Is it hot? Is our house of fire? No, it's cold! I heard Titus call again for help and we both heard it that time. I was frantic! I took several steps back and ran at the door only to crash into it and fall to the floor. I got up and went back as far as I could and charged again. This time I knocked the door right off it's hinges. By that time my wife had some lights on. Ice was a good one inch thick on the outside of our door, all around it like it had been welded shut. I ran to Titus's room with Mom right behind turning lights on and we went. I got to his door and the same ****ing thing. This door was not has hard to open as ours was or perhaps my adrenaline has running so ramped it didn't seem like it. I tore it open and there was Titus in bed. My wife reached around the doorway and turned on the light. There he was, He was wrapped up so tight in a blanket that he could barely breath. Something had hold of the four corners of his blanket and was pulling it towards the floor. This force was so great his bed was creaking and moaning from the pressure. I ran over to rip this blanket off my Son, I grabbed at it up near his head that was covered as well. It was stretched so tight that I couldn't even begin to get my fingers underneath it. I started kicking around the floor where I thought I might come into contact with whatever it was that was that was holding him. I couldn't feel anything. By this time I could barely hear him mumbling and I thought this thing was going to suffocate him to death. I looked around and and grabbed for a pocket knife Titus had on his dresser. I was just about to start cutting away the blanket when his Mother screamed, and I mean screamed! "Leave my Son alone you mother ****er! I Love him and you can't have him." With that, this incident was over. We watched as whatever this was released it's grip on my Son. I threw the blanket off him and his face was blue. I sat on the edge of his bed, sat him up and told him to breath deep. His Mother was on her knees in the doorway with her hands over her face weeping. We got him to his feet, me and his Mother on either side of him and took him downstairs and outside for some air. We sat on the steps and After about five minutes he said. I thought I was dead Dad, I thought I was dead

We sat there awhile and I ask Titus if he thought he was going to be alright. Do you think you need to see a Doctor or anything? What am I going to tell them Dad? No, I'm ok. Baby? I ask my wife, you ok? No! I'm not ok! Something just tried to kill my Son and don't you dare ask me if I'm ok again! Alright, what would you like to do? Well, I would like to set fire to the house and burn it and possably that thing to the ground. But I am sure once my senses return I will see that is not the answer. It was almost dawn so we just sat there until we could see well. We could go into the camper but I can't because that thing seems to think it owns that also, my wife said. We were there on our steps until the sun was completely up. We went back inside and set down.

I called my friend Don to see how things were going with his problem. I called his home first but there was no answer there. I then called his Mother in law and sure enough they were still hanging out there. Don, hows things going? Well, the exterminator never could find a source of the stink but he did say that he thought we had something in our house that was un-natural. We had a discussion Don said and he said that he had seen it before and knew someone we could call. We are going to meet this person at our home this evening around 6:00. I told him we wanted to be there also if that was alright. Don said I could not imagine why it would not be. How is things going at your home Frank? Not good Don, not good at all. If this person works out for you, we will most Definitely require their services. I'll See you tonight then Frank.

We spent most of that day outside. I did go upstairs and clean up the mess I made of the doors that night. Titus and his Mom hung close together. I did get him to help me carry the old doors down the stairs where we threw them onto the trash pile. All the time inside the former incident still very vivid in my mind. About 5:30 we loaded up and went to Dons place. He was already there with this person that was supposed to help him. This Female person was over talking with his wife. My wife went over to join them, while Titus and I visited with Don. So who is this Don? This Woman is Wiccan or a Witch or something and she says she is pretty sure she can help us. Ok, I said. Whats she charging you Don? Ah, I don't even want to talk about that. Pretty high is she? Yea Frank, she is. I personally thought to myself that she ought to be doing it for free. But then again, everyone has to make a living I guess. She give any guarantees? I had to give him the once over because I was and still am very skeptical when it comes to the abilities of what I don't understand, I guess that would be the way to explain it. No Frank, she told me there are no guarantees but she never took on a job unless she was very sure she could help.

My family was not allowed inside but we could stand at the window. We were informed that we could watch for a while but we would have to leave later. Something about not being under her protection, or some such thing. The door had to be left open and clear so this entity could leave we were told. I had to seriously work at not laughing at this person. She was about 35 I would guess and wore a long heavy wool cloak that looked like she might have found it at the Salvation army. Long black un-kept hair and two of what looked like Doctor bags that Doc Adams on Gunsmoke might have carried. Tall Woman, every bit of 6' and actually quite attractive in the face and as barefoot as the day she was born. Crazy looking things hanging around her neck. I was thinking that I hoped the smell that came from her was from what she was wearing around her neck, she was quite strong.

(keep in mind this is only what I saw and what I can remember of what she did. I know nothing about these people and their beliefs or rituals)

I don't know how she did it but She went in first alone with what I know to be incense, three sticks of it sticking out from between her fingers. The place still reeked of dead rotting flesh but she walked in like there was no smell at all. She wondered all through Dons house chanting, muttering, shaking her fist at the air. She came back to the door in about five minutes holding two towels and ask Don and his wife to put them over their faces to breath thru and to come inside. She sat them down and talked with them for a couple minutes, we couldn't really hear what she was saying. All three got up and moved the center coffee table over next to the the wall. She had three chairs from the kitchen brought in and placed in the middle of the room. She then had them sit down and she opened one of her bags. She took out a small leather like satchel and poured something powder like out around the three of them forming about a 8' circle. She walked around the inside of this circle a few laps, chanting some such thing. She then opened the other one and pulled out what looked like a small bench. She placed it on the floor and got down in front of it. She put about a half dozen candles on it and lit them up and lit some more incense. That was it, we were instructed to step back away from the house. We went out and stood by my truck and just listened the best we could.

She was quite verbal and extremely loud! I have no idea what she was saying. She sounded like maybe she was speaking Latin? And it went on for better then an hour! But! It worked! By God it worked. I heard the word 'OUT!' several times as that was about the only thing I understood. Now! When Dons problem left, it came right out the front door just as she suggested it would. There was a wind that came from it and it passed right Through us, and it was Arctic cold! In an 80 degree evening, I could see my breath for an instant. I seen it as this thing exploded from my friends house that was at least 50' in front of us. Like dry ice being fired from a cannon, right at us. Me and my wife looked at each other and said simultaneously 'We got to talk to with her'

We waited for a few minutes until we thought it was over. I peeked over into the window and they were still in the circle. The woman was walking inside it and Don and his wife were just sitting there still inside the circle as well, kind of holding each other. I was standing by the steps as this strange woman came out. She had her bags, one in each hand. She seemed weak and tired. She stumbled as she came down the stairs, if I had not been there to catch her she surely would have fallen. I guided her over to one of the lawn chairs where she removed her cloak and she sat down. I though to myself that she was being Incredibly over dramatic until I saw her face. She did not look the same as when she went in. Big dark circles were now under her eyes and wrinkles on her forehead that I had not noticed before. I do remember being amazed at the length of her hair though. Even though it was not very tidy and appeared unkept, It still hit her about six inches below the back of the knee. Can I get you anything ma'am? Desa, call me Desa. Very well I said. Desa, can I get you anything. A glass of water would be nice she said. Don and his wife was on the steps at this point. Don, get this Lady a glass of water please. Don quickly came out with it and handed the glass to her. She sat it on the arm of the chair and drew a small vial of a light pink liquid from one of her bags and poured it into her water. She moved the hair out of her face and drank it. I had questions, but I kept quiet.

By this time my wife and son had walked over and took a seat next to me. Desa I said, we have a problem as well. She said she was somewhat aware of it from a conversation with my friend Don. Would you please consider coming to our house tonight. She said, I cannot go there tonight as I have nothing left. I then ask her if she would join us for dinner tomorrow night. She said she would come and make an assessment of our problem. I gave her directions and our phone number and asked her if 7:00pm would be alright for her? She agreed. I asked her if there was anything special she would like prepared for dinner. She answered, serve nothing that once had a face please. I thought a minute and said We can do that. I offered her my hand and she shook it. Her grip was very surprisingly strong! If she was in a weakened state from what she had just preformed? I would like to see what kind of grip she had when she was rested. And rough! Incredibly rough hands. I offered to walk her to her car and she accepted. I reached for her bags at the same time saying 'let me get those for you' NO! Thank you she said. I will carry those, but thanks all the same. I walked her over to her car that she had parked around the corner. . I had not seen it when we drove up as it was on the other side from our approach.

When we rounded the corner I litterally gasped! This is yours I asked? Yes she said. Before me was a jet black 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner with small chrome letters at the bottom of the front fender that said 'six pack'. 440 six pack I asked? Yes she said. Damn Desa, I love your car! Most men do she said. She unlocked it I opened the door for her and could not help but to look inside. It was perfect and all original, right down to that classic pistol grip shift handle. She got in and I said that I would see her tomorrow night. I closed her door for her with just a click as that was all it took for this door to shut. I stepped back and she fired it up. (Now, some of you will understand this and some may not... There is just the right amount of muffler behind a set of big tubed tuned headers that will allow this to happen properly. Too much muffler and you loose it, not enough and it just sounds trashy. This! Ah this my friends was absolutely perfect) The ground vibrated the instant fire met with fuel. She laid off a patch for me when she left with both rear tires that was somewhere around 38 feet. I know, because I paced it off after she was out of sight.

I walked back around to Dons where I had to explain all the tire squealing to everyone. We all went inside my friends house and it smelled sweet, like honeysuckles. I told them that we had her invited for dinner tomorrow night and we were all excited about that. We stayed a while at Dons request, had a light snack and drank a few beers. Well, we got to go Don. Seems that Desa put the smack down on whatever was lodged up in here I said. My wife says, go where Frank. Back home I guess. No! I'm not spending the night there, are you out of your mind she asked. You can stay there, but as for me and my son we are going to town and get a room. Don pipes up, No one is going anywhere tonight. You all will stay here as our guest and have breakfast with us in the morning, we agreed and thanked our friends. It was a very pleasant night with no problems. The smell of honeysuckles were still present the next morning.

Annagain, yes her car was truly awesome. It was also Nitrious equipped. She was indeed a speed freak. Angel901? Yes, the blanket Incident was quite frightening. But stay tuned, cause it ain't over by a long shot. Madwoman? I have sent you a PM. LD, my friend I seem to have a rough time understanding you. kachisa, it does sound like you missed out as a paint job can always be redone or sand blasted away.

People, as for questions? Hold off a bit as a lot of things will be answered towards the end of my story and a Possible summary.

Oh Man! Women folk, You ever make Biscuits out of Bisquick batter? Good stuff! makes a fine biscuit. Don and his wife were both at the kitchen stove when I came in to check what was smelling so very awesome. Biscuits, sausage gravy and rib eye steaks! Unreal, what a breakfast. She also had one of those machines that make that fancy coffee. Cappuccino, latai mocha, espresso and the like. I am a very simple person, the biscuits & gravy was right up my alley. But anything in my coffee except maybe a little Jim Beam and I'm not real happy with it. I'm just not smart enough to enjoy a special coffee I guess, know what I Mean? Don had to go to work as did I want to stop off at the plant to see how things were going. My wife stayed at Dons while me and Titus did what we had to do.

After we finished at the plant I told Titus I wanted to stop by the house and just make sure things were squared away for tonight. Can I sit in the truck Dad? Yea I guess. We pulled up and the place was already freaking me out. Titus said, I changed my mind Dad. I don't want you to have to go in there alone. It's ok Son, I don't mind. No he said, it's my home too. I'll go in with you. I unlocked the door and we went in. That being watched feeling was right there, right up in my face. We stayed together and went upstairs to have a look. We checked every room, even the basement. The basement door was always hard to open and close. I was a 210 pound man at the time and it was all I could do to push this door to a click. Moisture from the basement I always thought, kept the door swollen just a bit. Never paid it much mind because we never had much of an occasion to go down there. It was the last place we checked and Titus helped me push the door closed. We stood in the living room with kind of a sigh of relief that we did not see or hear anything.

Wow I said, do you suppose it is gone? I don't know Dad, I sure don't feel like anything is here. Then I messed up, I guess. I said, quite loud and proud! 'Well, if there is any son of a b*tchn' thing here. Desa is going to kick it's ****n' ass!' The Basement door blasted open and then closed. We stood there frozen, both of us scared to death!!! This door that I could barely move by myself slammed it's self back and forth right before our eyes. After about the forth slam it just fell right out of it's frame. We walked very calmly to the door to leave only to stand in horror as it slammed shut before us. I grabbed the knob and with great difficulty I managed to get it opened far enough that Titus could get his hands on the edge of it and help. I stuck my foot in front of it and told Titus to go get a chair from the kitchen and stick it in the doorway to keep it opened. I let go of it and it crashed into the chair. We climbed up over it and ran to my truck leaving the door to the house wide open. We jumped in and we were out of there.

We stopped a block or so before we got back to Dons house to try and get some of the color back into our cheeks that had been scared out. Dammit Dad! It's obviously still there. Yea, I was doing my best to make lite of it and said. Wouldn't that be awesome since we left the front door open if someone went in there to rip us off and that **** started happening to them! Ha ha ha ha ha. Yea, thats real funny Dad. We got a funkn' Demon living in our house and you are being funny. Well I said! I guess it's either laugh or cry. Yea, he agreed that would be pretty funny. But, didn't that thing go ape crap when you mentioned Desa, Titus said. Yea, do you suppose it knows her? I don't know, but it sure wasn't happy hearing that she was coming. Well, don't you say nothing to your Mother about that door thing or we will never get her back in there.

We went on and pulled back up into Dons drive and went in. My wife ask me how everything at the plant was and I said fine. I then ask if she had any ideas on what we were going to have for dinner tonight for our guest. She said, I have it all covered. I have two vegetarian pizzas that will be delivered to our house at 8:00pm. I figured that would give us enough time to sit and talk before dinner arrived. Sounds like a plan I said.

We were at our house at around 7:30 that evening. Desa was already there and out walking around the house. Immediately my wife noticed the door propped open with one of her 'good kitchen chairs' Why is that chair in the door. Oh, I said me and Titus stopped earlier and thought it was a little stuffy and left the door propped open. You couldn't have opened a window? I don't know baby, lets just go greet our guest. As we walked up to her I could see that she had been there a while. The grass was beaten down quite nicely by her many circles around the house. Hello I said, are we disturbing you? No, I have done all I can do from the outside. I have made it safe for us to at least enter she said. She said, When I arrived I could not even stand in front of the doorway as there is a great negative energy that has claimed this place for it's own. With My energy being Positive I was thrown to the ground many times, like two magnets meeting at opposite ends of the poles she said. You were thrown to the ground I asked? Yes, many times. Are you ok I asked. Yes, I am fine thank you and please don't make a fuss as I am used to being abused by those I oppose. But this is our home my wife spouted. No, not right now it is not our guest said. We need to go inside now but I need to get my bags from my car If you don't mind she said, Please wait until I return as I wish to be the first to enter. Of course I replied. She came back with those dreaded looking black bags and shoved the chair that was in the doorway out of the way with a foot, a barefoot and said 'this thing is quite hard on doors I see' I said nothing.

She entered with us three right behind her. I noticed that her scent had not changed since last night when I met her, still a bit wild. She sat her bags down in the middle of the floor and asked us to take a seat on the sofa. She began rubbing some kind of symbol she wore around her neck when our pizza guy shown up. I was thinking that I was glad he shown up when he did. Otherwise he may have called the cops if he seen any part of what was to follow. Titus went to the door, paid the guy and put our pizzas on the table. She asked him to come back and have a seat. She did some more talking and we moved to the table to enjoy our meal. I asked our guest if she minded if we said grace first. She asked if we minded if she could have that honor, of course I said please do.
None of us had any idea what she said but the language was wonderful. We did understand the Amen at the end. My wife handed out plates and forks while Titus stood ready with the spatula. He opened one box up and then grabbed for the other. Ah Man! He said, Those bone heads sent us vegetarian pizzas. Both of them. Titus! sit down his mother said. We ordered them that way as Desa prefers not to eat meat. But both of them! You didn't figure on her eating both of them did you? Titus! Sit down and be quite. He apologized to us and Miss Desa. I'm sorry he said and I meant no disrespect. Desa leaned over and whispered to my wife. Very nice boy, respectful she said. That is something rarely found in todays youth. She also added, he does have a point. We laughed a little and enjoyed our meal.

When we had finished she ask permission to go into the basement. I said yes and ask if she wanted me to join her. No, she said I have to do this alone. But I must have your permission to go there. Say after me she said. I Frank give Desa permission to go downstairs, I thought it strange but I repeated what she had told me to. Please just remain up here and leave all forms of entertainment off. So my family just stayed at the table as she grabbed one of her bags and went down stairs. She was gone only a few minutes when she came out and asked permission to go upstairs. After I gave the same permission as before she disappeared up our stairs. She was up there nearly a half an hour. We heard her speaking in that strange language she used at my friends the former night. We heard several crashes and smashes. Damn Frank my wife said. Do you suppose you should go up there and check on her. If she is not down in the next few minutes I will go. All the time I was thinking what it was I might see if I went up there and deep down hoping that I didn't have to go. I am only brave when I absolutely have to be, no exceptions!

Another five minutes had passed I got up to head up stairs. I stepped out into the living room where I saw Desa coming down the stairs. My mouth dropped at what I was looking at. What is it Frank, What? My wife and Son could only see me from where they sat so I signaled them with my hand to come over. As she came down into the light we could see her more clearly. She was covered in frost! When she sat foot on the floor level with us she turned and headed for the sofa. When she turned we could see her hair was just matted with ice crystals. She just calmly walked over and sat down, like nothing had happened. She had the bag with her that she took up there and just sat down with it in her lap starring blankly at the floor.

We walked over and kind of gathered around her and she was cold! I touched her arm and ask if she was ok? Damn she was cold. I asked her if she would like a cup of hot tea, she nodded yes. My wife hurried to the kitchen and microwaved a cup of water and added a tea bag. She put it on a tea towel and brought it to our guest. I in the mean time had taken the Afghan off the back of the sofa and draped it around her shoulders and body the best I could. She took a couple sips and thanked us. Are you sure you are ok, I asked again. Yes, I'm ok. My wife in her shaky nervous voice asked,Can you help us? I for some reason felt sorry for Desa when she answered. Tears welled up in her eyes and she said, I don't know. For the first time in my life I don't know if I can help you or not, but I will try. I remember feeling most uneasy at that point because this lady was scared and trying hard not to show it, and that had me scared.
As we sat there on the couch I ask Desa, can you tell me what you saw? Her eyes widened. I never really saw anything she said. It was like being locked inside a dark slaughter house freezer with frozen body parts hanging from the ceiling, all in motion and striking against me. Thats the only way I can think to describe it she said. By the time she felt ready to continue it was near midnight.

With that she put my wife, myself and Titus in chairs in the middle of the living room. She arranged the chairs so that our backs were against each others. She handed my wife a couple blankets, saying you might need these. She then walked over and opened the front door completely. She returned to us and took two small bags from one of her larger ones and began to pour her circle around us all. While she poured her circle she told us not to stand for any reason and most defiantly do not leave this circle for any reason, we agreed. The instant she began to pour the wind came from what seemed like everywhere. It blew so hard that Desa had to get on her knees to finish her circle as the wind was blowing her powder away before it could reach the floor. the instant her circle met the wind stopped. Titus and his mother had already covered themselves with a blanket as it was quite cold in there.

Her circle was as she had poured it at our friends, around 8' across I would guess. She walked around the inside of it and made three laps while doing so. She faced the four directions, bowing and repeating something I did not understand. Desa then went to her knees and pulled out her little bench. She sat it up in front of her and very carefully placed several large candles onto it. She spoke and carried on as she lit each one of them. I remember that at least one of them must have had sulfur in it or something, as it was quite rank. She pulled a small very old looking book from her bag, stood up and began to read from it quite loudly and I never understood a word. As this woman read. pictures flew off the wall, silverware was dumped on the floor, doors slammed, lights went on and off and some exploded in there sockets. The water had been turned on in the kitchen sink and it was running over onto the floor. They are trying to get you to leave this circle Desa shouted. Do not get up for any reason she demanded. I watched in disbelief as well as in complete amazement as the logs I had in the fireplace burst into flames. Terrible screams that caused me to sink farther into my chair. So shrieking and high pitched I found myself covering my ears quite often. Shadows that made no since would appear and move across the floor and ceiling, then disappear as quick as they had come. At one point there was a whirlwind that encircled all of us. it was of every color you could imagine. As she preached and screamed at it it turned to a very pale weak Grey and spun it's self right out the door. Not one of her candels ever lost it's flame

Everything went quite, nothing but a few papers settling to the ground. Calm, complete calm. Desa had a seat on the floor and we all of course was concerned about her well being. Can we get up now my wife asked. No, please remain in your chair for a while longer. Is it gone, I asked? I'm not sure Desa said. I have seen these things just pretend to leave she said. We sat there until dawn when Desa came to here feet and started walking around the inside of her circle. She had some more to say and began to open up her circle with a little broom. She had about half of it swept away when she told us it was safe to stand and move about the room. My wife had Titus to go get a trash bag and they started to pick after this thing. It was a mess as there was papers, cloths, broken dished and picture frames everywhere. There was pillows and cushions from the furniture that was thrown completely outside. While they tried to kind of square things away I talked with Desa about what I owed her.

Nothing, as of now. What do you mean 'as of now' We no longer have anything bad in our house, do we? I don't know she said. I told her that she had no problem assuring my friend Don and his wife that their house was clean. This isn't the same she said, not the same at all. As I walked her to her car she wrote down a phone number where she could be reached if we had a problem. If we have a problem! I said. Well this don't sound very assuring at all. What am I supposed to tell my family? That it might have worked? Yes, thats exactly what you tell them. If you have no more problems say in a months time you can figure that your problem has moved on and I will be here to collect my fee. That was it, our conversation was over. She got in her car and was gone. I didn't even get a burnout from her that time.

I went back inside and those two already had most of the mess picked up. I found them in such great spirits that I didn't have the heart to tell them not to start celebrating yet. Did you invite her to stay for breakfast my wife asked? No I didn't, she seemed in such a hurry to go home I really didn't have time. Did you pay her? she asked. No, I said she would be back later after she had my our bill figured out. I just couldn't believe that we were taking it all as well as we were. We had seen a lot that night and we weren't even talking about it.

My wife went to the kitchen and was soon humming while standing over a stove cracking eggs while Titus still was carrying out bags of trash. I located the remote control, sat down on the sofa and clicked the TV on. I never will forget what was on, 'Nightmare on elm street' I of course found something else quickly. 'Nice to have our home back isn't it dear?' I heard my wife say from the kitchen. Yes! it is. She then stuck her head around the corner and ask me what did you say? I said, you said it was nice to have our home back and I answered you, yes it was. No, she said I didn't say anything Frank. She then said breakfast would be ready in a few minutes. What I thought I had herd her say before was just my imagination, I guessed. We had breakfast and I said I need a little nap. Well, yea my wife agreed. We have been up all night she said. Titus said that he wasn't tired and went to one of his friends, no doubt anxious to tell his friends about last night. I yelled out the door as he was leaving on his bike. Careful Son what you tell people. I will Dad, he said. I took the recliner and my wife lay down on the sofa. We woke in about an hour and did some more cleaning in the house. By the time night time came my wife was feeling comfortable enough that she thought she would be able to stay the night. That was good enough for me

No Ma'am, I would like to say that things were over at this point. No, they are not. Bear with me a bit longer please.
Thank you
The night was very pleasant, I heard nothing but a couple dogs barking in a distance. I didn't sleep well just because. Titus stayed in our room as I guess he just wasn't ready to take that big of a leap yet...... A couple weeks had gone by and everything in our lives had seemingly returned to normal. Titus had a couple friends over and they stayed the night. A bunch of kids from his School was working on the float for the 4th of July parade and this was being done in our cul-de-sac. We have always been sort of a block house where the youth gathered for such projects. My wife had gone to get some snacks and the like for our guest. Girls were coming in and out of the house getting water and sodas. I was sitting in my chair reading when I called Titus over as I caught him in a mad rush. Titus! come here. Are these girls from your School? Yea Dad. Are they in your grade? Yea Dad, why? Oh, I said. I just could not remember girls looking like that when I was in School. What about that one I pointed. Yea Dad, she is in my class. Hmmm, ok I said. Just make sure you tell everyone to be careful about making a mess in your Moms kitchen, understand? You got it Dad.

I had been thinking about Desa and that night quite a lot that day. I was thinking it was probably about time to give her a call and get her paid. But I remembered that she gave me a month so I thought i would take it. Me and Titus went to Home Depot the next day and bought three new doors and spent the next three days replacing doors to our bedrooms and the basement. We worked the basement door over quite a bit, it fit really good and it was plastic so we wouldn't have any problems with it swelling anymore. Everything was becoming right in the world again. Me and my wife was getting along better then we had in years. Funny how something like this can bring a couple closer together. We had the Motor home fixed and sold it at a very little loss. Although I would not have minded keeping it, the wife did not care for that idea. As well as things were going I wasn't about to keep it and cause an argument with her. We helped Titus get himself an old Truck to work on. It was a 55 ford 1/2 ton that someone had put a 302 and an automatic in. It was really a sweet little truck, just needed some bodywork and some paint & upholstery.

The fourth of July came and and the kids float was a big hit. We sat in our back yard that night, ate popcorn and watched the fireworks. The way we had done it for the last ten years. Titus pulled his pickup into the back yard and sit in the pickup bed with his girl friend. First year he did not sit by me on the ground and sneak a sip of my beer whenever he thought I wasn't looking, I kind of missed that. Me and my wife lay in bed that night and it was the first night that we really talked about the exorcism. She talked about if I had not been holding her hand that night she thought she would have lost it and stood up and ran for the door. She asked me that night if it was to much to ask of me to promise her that I wouldn't go ghost hunting anymore. I told her Baby, I gave that up the first night I thought I had brought something home with me. I had to yell for Titus to turn down his stereo, the way I have had to do a thousand nights before. We turned out the lights and we were out.

The next morning I had planned to spend most of that day at the plant. I had me a hot shower and by the time I was finished my wife had already gotten up and went downstairs. I opened the door to the medicine chest and got out my shave cream. I squirted out a bunch in my hand and lathed up my face real good. I reached out to wipe the steam from the mirror. A pair of bright orange glowing eyes met me. I fell back into the tub ripping the rings out of the shower curtain. Oh ****! Ya got to be ****ting me! My wife heard me fall and came running up. I told her I had slipped, thats all I just slipped and I am ok. She helped me out of the tub and went on back down stairs. Right then I was mad more then I was scared. I stood it the mirror and said. You ****! You rotten ****! What the Hell do you want? Why are you doing this? Why won't you just leave me and my family alone? I went on and on. I said I was sorry that we disturbed your cemetery. What do you want form me you miserable **** ball! I carried on something awful that morning. There I was, cursing into the mirror when I noticed Titus had came into the room. Dammit Titus! I have told you to make yourself known when you enter a room. Especially after what we have all been through. I said how would you like for me to come into your room while you have your headphones on and stand over you until you open your eyes. I wouldn't like that at all Dad. Well, what the hell do you want anyway. Mom sent me up to tell you Breakfast was ready. Oh, well I'll be right there. Who were you talking to Dad, Titus asked. Nobody, I was just thinking out loud I said. Well, you were sure cussing someone out. Just go Titus, I'll be down in a minute.
M' Dear Annagain,

I did want to save this for part of my Summary but I feel this is a good enough place for it. We survived this the same way anyone survives a burnt out home, a death in the family, a divorce and so on. But, don't you ever let anyone ever tell you the crap 'what don't kill you will only make you stronger' It's bull****! All of it. I can't even go to a cemetery on memorial day without several curcifixes on my person. I'm out there like a nut spinning around in circles before I get into my car, or enter my home after a visit at the graveyard. (it is supposed to confuse the spirit as it cannot connect it's self to me) It has been almost a decade since we went throught this and I still jerk around at noises in the night. I never sleep through the night completly and I even have a problem driving at night or looking into a mirror. I am careful to what I watch on TV. What I listen to on the radio and what I allow my mind to feed on. I have also become somewhat more of religious person.

Thank you for enjoying my story. Understand that I am just trying to stay within a circle. Although I do vary now and again just to break it up a bit. There is quite a lot happening behind the scene so to speak. If I took all the space I needed Acidus would probably send me a bill :-/ I will try to get on it again later this evening. I can't be having you putting the King on hold for little ole Insignificant me.

Madalyn, I Understand.

I managed to get dressed and went down for Breakfast. I was moving a little slower as I did bruise my hip up pretty bad. I sat at the table and was asked if I was ok. I told my wife that I was a little bunged up but I would be fine. I was almost sure that I must have imagined what I had seen in the mirror this morning so I told no one. Don called that evening and talked with my wife and invited us to his Church the next upcoming Sunday. She asked me and I agreed. That night we all sat around the table and played a couple games of monopoly and had a really nice time.

That night about 3:30 am my wife woke me up and told me to listen. Listen to what she said, Shhh! just listen. We sat up there in the dark for about ten minutes and neither one of us heard anything. What is it that you thought you herd I whispered. I guess nothing she said. She lay back down and I sat up for a couple minutes more. Soon as my head met the pillow I heard a very faint, He he he he he. There! My wife sat back up. Did you hear that? Yes, I did. What is it Frank, What is it! It got louder. He he he he he, and again! It's back Frank! It's back isn't it! We lay there petrified and watched as a dark storm cloud like shadow gathered on our ceiling . Along with that was that horrible stink that I was all to familure with. It was no longer a he, he. Now it was a HAW, HAW, HAW, HAW, HAW. Some sort of a beast came into form and stood very transparent at the end of our bed. Like a man it stood and had the head of a bull and it was huge and wide in stature. I said lets run for the door, are you ready I ask her. I took her by the hand and About that time It made a motion with one hand and our bed was upside down! My wife was screaming and I was out from under the bed as quick as I could get out and i was trying to feel for her. I got hold of an arm and pulled her out from under the bed. This 'thing' stood there growling and laughing at us. I got this message in my mind that was quite clear even in the mist of the chaos that was taking place. What we had done was nothing but a joke to it and that it would not stop until we all were dead. I stood up and pulled at my wife trying to get us both out of the room. I was now close enough to the door that I grabbed the frame rail and was pulling quite hard. Baby! I screamed get up! she got to her feet and said, Something has a hold of my leg! Kick! I said, Kick with your other leg. We couldn't see anything but she was kicking for all she was worth. I guess it worked as when it let go we both fell out into the hall.

Titus came running up the hall towards our room as his mother told him to run. Run Titus! Get outside! This cloud or really thick shadow, whatever you want to call it followed us down the hall. It physically pushed us both down the stairs as I felt like a hot poker shoved right into my back. After our tumble ended found myself ok but my wife had obviously broken her leg. I took her in my arms and and yelled at Titus who was out on the patio to go across the street and call an ambulance, your mother has broken her leg I said. She tried to get a look at it but I wouldn't let her see it. There was no way I could have moved her any farther. The break was very compound and the femur bone was out of the skin a good six inches. I watched this thing hover at the top of the stairs with no way we could go anywhere. We were truly at this things mercy. As I was looking down into my wife's face as she lay there in pain that I could only imagine. Again I felt great anger towards this thing. I turned her Head so she could not look up the stairs towards it. I just stare at it and grind my teeth in anger. I cursed at it mentally and flipped it off over and over again, like that would do any good. Just felt like the thing to do at the time, ya know?

When the Ambulance drove up into our drive I watched the thing disappear. It vanished very slowly, in spots. As It disappeared I said. Yea! there you go you ****ing coward. Why don't you stay so these people coming in can have a look at you. You are nothing but a ****ing coward! Go on! I screamed! Go back to Hell where you belong. The Paramedics caught me looking up the stairs at nothing, screaming my head off at nothing and ask if I was all right. Just take care of my wife, I am fine. They gave her something for pain and she was out almost instantly, God her leg looked awful. They got her on a gurney and took her into the Ambulance. I was not able to get to my feet because my legs were asleep. Anything we can do for you Sir? Yea, you guys can help me get to my feet because they are asleep. They helped me to a chair in the living room and ask if they could give me a quick examination. If you feel it necessary I said. They checked my pupils and reflexes and decided I was fine. We did see you talking to someone at the top of the stairs when we came in. Is there anyone else here in the house he asked? Not that you could see I replied. Excuse me? Nothing, no there is no one else here.

They took my wife and Titus rode along to the Hospital. I wanted to go along but there was a friendly state trooper there wanting a story as to why my wife was at the bottom of the stairs with a broken leg. As I told him, I was there as well! Geeez, What was I going to tell this guy! Actually she tripped and I reached out to save her and we both ended up at the bottom of the stairs. You know, he said. I will have to get your wife's statement as soon as she is able to give it. I understand. May I go now I asked. I would like to join my wife at the Hospital. Would you like for me to drive you Sir he asked. No thanks, I am perfectly capable of driving myself. He then explained to me that I was not to talk with her until he was able to get his statement from her and asked me if I understood that. Yes, I answered. So why don't you let me drive you down so we can check on her status together, I agreed.

We got at the Hospital and Titus was waiting for me outside the emergency doors where he promptly informed me that his Mom was in surgery. Why are you with a cop Dad. I told him. You mean they think you pushed Mom down the stairs? yea, I think thats what they figure. The officer then asked Titus over to a corner and questioned him about what he might have seen. Which was nothing as he was outside. I started to walk away and was met with a quick, where are you going? from the officer. The rest room, ok? I went on. When I got in there I pulled up my shirt and inspected an area that was really giving me a good bit of pain. I twisted around and looked in the mirror at my back. There plain as day was what looked like a hoof print right in the middle of my back where that thing had pushed me. God! the only thing I could think of is what if my wife had the same? How was I going to explain that! I was almost sure that she would have. What if her mind was not right I thought. I wondered if she might think it was me that pushed her. Things were not looking real good and I began to worry.

My wife was in surgery for nearly six hours. All the time I shared the waiting room with this cop. After about another three hours the nurse said I could see her now. The officer jumped up and ask me to remain here a moment please. He followed the nurse and explained what he had to do. I heard him ask if she thought she would be up to answering a couple questions. The nurse directed him to my wife's Doctor and they disappeared around the corner together me and Titus sat there. I wondered what was going to happen when he returned. Was I going to be able to go in and be with my wife? Or was I going to jail.


No need to sympathize m' Dear Lady. But I do appreciate it. I do have fears I will never recover from. I am no stronger, but neither am I dead. As I read your message it came to me that you are much stronger then you think you are. Our creator built within us a failsafe. As he said, he will not put more upon us than we can bear. As for those who are in insanity wards? Most there were born with genetic defects that put them there for whatever reason. Those who are later in life placed there are the ones who have simply given up (only my opinion)

I do agree that You are no stronger because of your loss. But someone you know or for that matter do not know is watching and they marvel at your strength and what you were able to live through. It's a strange journey young one but remember. In great tragedy? You may never be the one to learn anything . Or be the one who comes out smiling. Nothing! happends by chance and I truly believe this. This life is incredibly unfair, when night falls and a dear child lays her head down in the finest bedding known. There is another dear child on the other side of the planet that sleeps in filth that would make a bill goat puke. Perhaps you are the one chosen to throw themselves on a live grenade so that several generations down the road the child will be born that will produce world peace.
Titus and I sat there looking at each other when my friend Don and his wife came in. They said that they got word from our neighbor that something had happened and someone was taken in an ambulance last night. I filled them in on all of it, everything. You mean Desa's thing didn't work? Thats right Don, it didn't work. Wow he said, we have not had any problems at all. Well, good for you Don I said. So you might be headed for the poky for a spell? Don't be a **** head Don I said. About that time my wife's Doctor came around the corner and told me I could go in. I asked Don if he and his wife would mind going and getting my truck for me. I explained that I had rode here with the officer and they did this for me. When I entered the room I was surprised that the officer was gone. Hi Honey she said. Hey Baby, how you feeln' Oh I'm alright, just a little dopey. Then she started to giggle. You know? there was a police officer in here just a few minutes ago asking me questions. Yea I know, he gave me a ride here from the house. She laughed, you know he was asking me questions if we fought a lot and if we got along or not. He finally leveled with me and asked if you pushed me down the stairs! I told him that was silly and that I had tripped and you were trying to save me from a fall and we both ended up at the bottom. I'm so glad, I said. He was ready to haul my hind end off to jail. I could tell in his voice that he didn't believe me. Yea, I was getting a lot of silly questions from him when I asked him if he would please go away, and he did.

Doctor came back in and talked to us a while about her injury. She was looking at a few weeks of rehabilitation. I won't be taking it here she said. My sister doesn't know it yet but I am coming for a visit. I will be receiving my rehabilitation from whatever hospital is there. What are you talking about I asked. I'm not going back home, never, ever! She said. The only reason I would go back there would be to burn it to the ground. The Doc kind of just gathered his clipboard up and excused himself. I tried to argue that I was going to call Desa back. I don't care what you do, I'm not going home. Soon as I am released to go I am getting on a plane and flying back East to stay with my Sister. Well, for Christ sake! For how long I asked. Until I finish my therapy and you find us another home. And whats this 'us' business. I'm taking Titus with me, I can't manage alone with my leg all messed up. You go send Titus in here because I want to talk to him. We really have nothing else to talk about she said, This is the way it's going to be and thats that!

I went back to the waiting room and sent Titus in. Don and his wife came through the door a few minutes later with my truck keys and a couple of Wendys hamburgers of whitch I was truly thankful. Dons wife asked if she could go in. I guess, don't matter none to me but the Doctor might send you out if he sees you. I pulled my wallet from my pants and fished around for Desa's phone number. I gave her a call and had to leave a message. I told her that we were having awful problems and I needed to see her. I gave her my cell number and went back to talk with Don and finish my burger. Pretty wild night last night A Frank. Oh, Geeez Don. It was terrible! I filled him in with a little more detail and he could do nothing but just shake his head. Titus came around the corner with a piece of paper in his hand. What ya got there Son? This is a list I made of what mom wants from the house as he handed it to me. There were three suit cases here that we were going to have to fill I said. Titus says 'we nothing!' I'm not going back there. Your not going to go and help me pack this stuff. Hell no! I love you dearly Dad but I'm done there just like Mom. But you have things there, what about your stuff I asked. There is nothing there I want bad enough to go into that house again. Don? You going to go with me. Ah gee Frank, Love to help you out but I have had my fill of creepy **** for this lifetime. I went out and got into my truck, alone.

I was had just put the key in when my cell rang, it was Desa. I sat there and explained it all. I told her I was headed back to get some personal things for my wife. Don't go in there alone she says. I will meet you there in about thirty minutes. I was very relieved that she was going to be there with me. I got there and sit in the drive and waited on her. I sat there and watched the curtains swaying back and forth for no reason what so ever. Another ten minutes or so I heard the rumble of that mighty Road runner. I got out and met her half way across the lawn. Look at that I said, look at the curtains. Do you have a fan on in there she asked? No, nothing. She sat her bags on the hood of my truck and got out a fairly large crucifix and something in a bag and asked me to follow her. Unlocked she asked? Yea, it should be. I stood right behind her when she opened the door. Something hit her right in the face and knocked us both a good fifteen feet back into the lawn. I ended with a summer salt and she was just sitting there in the lawn. I got up and walked around in front of her where I saw her nose was bleeding like a stuck hog! Here! Take this. I gave her a hankie I had in my hip pocket.

She was pissed! She even looked spooky to me. Desa started to chant with a series of words and clicks as she carried on something awful! She got to her feet and made it to the steps again. She turned towards me and said, now! Lets try this again. When we entered she was still chanting away. This thing in my house carried a vortex with it. Hmm, a vacuum I guess would be a good way to describe it. When it went up the stairs to get away, it took most of the oxygen in the room with it. I remember it being difficult to draw a breath for a few seconds. Desa made a statement to me right then and there. I can't help you she said. I am completely useless against this thing. It is even stronger then before and it now has company. Damn, I said. You mean there is more of what was here the last time you were in my house? Yes, many more. You can't help? No, not with this. But, she said. I can give you protection while you gather your personal belongings. I spent about fifteen minutes throwing things out the windows that we would need. I threw everything my wife asked for into suit cases, I threw most of my knife collection out the window along with some things I thought Titus may want. All the time this Dear strange Lady followed me around throwing powder and some kind of liquid concoction on us both and speaking in a strange tongue. The wind would whip and cause us to loose our balance once in awhile but we were never really bothered and was allowed to finish.

We went out the front door and Desa reached down and locked it behind us. I gathered up all I had thrown out the windows and put it into the back of my truck. Desa was poking around in her bags when she turned and told me she was very sorry. She explained that she may have been the one who made things worse. But I don't understand this! Things were going so well for us. It was just regrouping for another attack I guess. What do we do now I asked. Get a Priest she said and listen to your heart when you find one. You don't need one here that is unable to leave his alter boys alone. I offered to pay her but she would not take any money. She looked very sad and told me that she had failed. I said that I didn't think so. I explained to her that I had thought we had at the very least become friends, right? She agreed. Then this is no failure I said. I will find a Priest like you said and everything will be fine. I gave her a hug and slipped a couple bills into her big ole fuzzy cloak pocket during our embrace. I ask if I would ever see her again and she replied, 'you have my number' Let me know when you find your Priest. I will probably be staying in an apartment in town while my wife and Son are away. Maybe you can come and have a cup of tea with me some morning? We will see she said. I will make you Biscuits and gravy without the sausage I said. We will see....

She got in her car and I said, Hey! I don't suppose this little weak black car of yours would have what it takes to lay a patch off for me this morning do ya? People! She set them on fire! She burned them both down for a good fifty yards. When she stopped at the stop sign at the entrance to my project there were flames on them tires. She took off much more gentle from there. No doubt went right to the tire shop because there was no meat left on those puppies when she was done.

My wife recovered to the point where she was still very dependant on a walker but she did keep her promise. I drove her and Titus to the airport and they were gone. She never wanted to drive by the house and I was very surprised at this. Ya see, we worked on this house ourselves along with the contractors. 'Sweat Equity' I believe it's called. I rented me a place down close to the plant. Just a little two room dump that I shared with several mice and some roaches. I just left my house alone for a couple months. I spent a lot of time at the plant and missing my wife and Son. We talked on the phone a couple times a week but, you know. I felt a little bitter because of the way she left. Good and bad, richer/poorer, sick/health. I am very old fashioned and the first to admit it. Kind of cornball about it. Like I always told my Son, 'If she is good enough to sleep with, she is good enough to marry' Most young men don't see it this way and I'm pretty sure my Son didn't either. He had many a girlfriends before he settled down.

I spent a lot of time in that little mouse smelln' hole in the wall. I really never had anyone I could call over or really call a friend, except for Don. He came over now and again and sometimes brought a pizza or invited me for dinner at his house. Don and his wife came to pick me up Sunday morning to go to Church with them. As I have stated, I do not care much for the Pentecostal, Holy rolling way of doing things but I was desperate for company I guess. I was not disappointed. After Sunday School that ole boy ripped loose with a rip snortn' fire breathn' brimstone thrown' y'all better get right with God or you are on a rocket rail bound straight to the fiery pits of everlasting Hell! Where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched and where there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth! Forever and ever. Exact same thing I grew up hearing. Trying to rule his congregation through fear, the same way ours tried to rule over me when I was a child. Anyway! After service I was called into a back room where the Pastor and Don was seated waiting for me. I took a seat.

Frank! Don said, Our Pastor believes that he can help you with whatever it is that has took up residence in your Home. But first, You! must get right with God. Uhhhhh, ok I said. The Reverend told me that I understand that you was one a child of the King. Yea, I guess you could say that I was. ( I didn't have the heart to tell him, 'Yea, I was until I actually grew a mind of my own and got out from under that chaotic, ritualistic, cult like Horse ****!) So I let him talk me into kneeling at this make shift alter and he began beating on my back and talking in "Tongues" After about ten minutes of this I raised my hands in the air just to get him to shut the **** up! Did you accept Christ into your heart he asked? Oh yea, by God there he is I said. Have you given him complete control over your life, health & finances he asked. Well I said, that might take me a while but I'll sure work on it. Well, you go home and pray about what you think you are going to have a problem giving over to him. Friday evening me and you are going to send that demon that has lodged up in your home a pack'n! Oh yea I said? So we are going to tell it to pack up it's Pineapples because this luau is over Huh. He didn't really see the humor in that, but Don thought it was funny. The Preacher told me, you got to get serious about this Frank. I said, look preacher! This thing done run us out of our home. Broke my wife's leg and Drove her and my Son over 1500 miles away. I'm living in a dump not fit for a Dog and I have been at the end of my rope with a pistol stuck to my temple more then once over this, and you tell me I have to get serious! I made my way to the pot luck and ate better then I had in awhile.

Tuesday I left the plant about 3:00pm and stopped at the drug store to fill a prescription. I kept glancing over at the liquor rack. Yea, I said. Give me a quart of Old Crow there will ya? I took my pills and booze and went to my apartment. I sat there and watched this little ****ty black & white TV that had to be at least 30 years old and drank my whiskey. I remember getting madder and madder while I fiddled with the channel changer knob. I had to stick a book of matches behind it and hang it up between two channels so it would work. Some of you know what I'm talking about. I got a $1500.00 TV at home and here I am dickn' around with this thing. Thinkn' & drinkn' thinkn' & drinkn' until that bottle was almost gone. I pulled that book of matches out and put them in my pocket. I was truly messed up people. I got this plan in my pickled mind that I was not going to take this anymore. If I can't have my house I said, no one can. Not even that son of a b*tchn' thing thats living there for nothing. Rent free Mother****n' free loadn' bum of a thing I said. Or something to that effect. Like I said, I was pretty messed up but not bad enough to try to drive as it was all I could do to walk at this point.

I fumbled through the phone book until I found myself a cab to call. When he arrived I was on my hands and knees, killing the lawn with undigested alcohol. He gets out and ask me if I was ok and if I was the one who needed a cab. Yea, thats me. You alright Man! he asked. Well, a couple more good pukes like that one and I will be. You ain't going to puke in my cab are you. I don't think so I said. He helped me over and in his cab , shuts the door and he got behind the wheel. He hands me a plastic bag and ask if I would at least try to hit it if I lost it again. Oh, good thing you had this bag in here. I got a whole box of em up here buddy, for people just like you. I used it, twice. I told him the address to my home and he was off. He didn't want me in there any longer then I had to be I'm sure. We got there at the end of the culd e sac and he ask, are you sure you want out here buddy? This place looks kinda creepy. Friend I said, you got NO idea. I paid the man and got out.

I took the keys out of my pocket and somehow made it to the door. I was not scared at all! I was too drunk to be scared. I fumbled and cussed at the lock for what seemed like an hour or better and finally got in. I tried to turn on a light and nothing. I knew we had not had the power shut off so I said, So! you ass****! I gotta do this in the dark huh. I tried a couple more times and it came on. Thanks, you son of a b*tch! I stumbled over to the mirror and stared into it and asked 'you still here Ass hole!? A little dark puddle formed right in the middle of the mirror. Yep! By God there ya are, you damn Hell Spawn! I reached up to try and slap it and it moved to the top corner, Ah, scared are ya? Well, you better be! Cause I'm here to fix your wagon good I said. I went right into my Den and grabbed an oil lamp my wife kept in there for decoration that was always full and I headed for the basement. I turned the light on at the top of the stairs and, nothing. How about this light I asked. I never could get it to work. Ok I said, no light for Frank. Thats ok I said. Be lots of light here in a few minutes. Gonna be Light up the Ass here in just a bit I added. I backed out of the basement doorway and went into the kitchen and got a chair. I put it in the doorway to hold the door open so I could see what I was doing by the living room light that was on.

I started down the stairs to the basement and about half way down I heard a 'pop' and I was in complete darkness! Still powered by plenty of Old Crow though. I yelled '**** You!' I had been down there enough times that I didn't need to see to get down there. I have no idea how but I got down without falling but I made it. I felt around and found myself a folding steel chair to sit in. I unscrewed the base of the lamp from it's top and threw the globe with a crash. I then dashed the oil from the lamp all up where I knew the bare floor joist to be. In that very instant I didn't smell the fragrance of the oil, it was that rotten stink of Death! I took the matches from my pocket and began trying to strike a flame. The wind was right there and put it out quickly. I struck another and another and another. No matter what position I got in my match was out before it even got started. I got crouched on the floor and cupped myself around my book of matches in like a fetal position and still I couldn't get anything. I went through every match I had and just lay there and listen to this thing laugh and stomp around upstairs. At that point I was sick again and I just lay there. I muttered something to the effect 'just kill me, I don't give a **** anymore' I guess I must have passed out because I don't remember anything else until I felt something trying to shake me awake.

There was just enough morning light beginning to come through the basement window that I could tell it was my old friend Don. After all, I was very reluctant to open my eyes anyway as most of my fear had returned and I was not real anxious to see what was shaking me. When Don woke me up I looked up and asked him why he was all wet. Then I asked him why I was all wet. I was sitting/leaning against the wall with water right up under my chin!! I looked over to see the spewing of our fresh water pipe as it came into the house. Stand up Frank before you drown he said. He helped me to my feet and when we walked by the ruptured pipe we both looked at each other with wide eyes. That thing looks like it was chewed into, don't it Don. He agreed. We went all the way outside and had a seat on my patio. Don called the city to get out there and shut the water off.

I came to see you late last night frank. Something just told me that I needed to come pay you a visit and you were not there. I went to the bar you frequent from time to time and no one had seen you so I went back home. Don continued, I went on back home and fell asleep in my chair for a couple hours and I had a dream that you were drowning! It scared me Frank! I couldn't think of any other place you might be but here. But then again I could never see you coming here alone, at night. What the Hell got into you anyway frank! I was going to burn it down Don, I was going to burn this ****ing place down and try to at least maybe collect some insurance on it. Well dammit Frank! You were drunk weren't you! You don't do stupid things like this, thats my department he said. thanks Don, I would have drowned if you hadn't came here. That damn thing tried to drown me didn't it I said. It sure looked that way to me Don said. Thanks Don. I owe you big time my friend.


Of course I don't mind if you or anyone else keeps my story for their own personal amusment. I would have never posted here to share with you people if I had an issue with it. Just remember! it is my story and one that I have lived. I suffered greatly through this ordeal in many ways and I would be very unhappy to say the very least if somehow, someone profited from it financially. Should someone have the resources or wanted to place my story in such a way that profit would be gained, I must be informed and at least ask my permission to do so. I feel I have enough friends here that would be quick to side with me in my defence should it be used without my permission and for someone else's personal gain. The proof it is mine doth rest in the people and in the pages of Ghostplace, Thank you

A city employee drove up to help with the water problem. He just went out to the road, flipped up a manhole cover and turned the water off. I went home with Don and he put me in his guest room where I slept until the next morning. I woke with one doozie of a headache and didn't go anywhere that day. Don went to work and I spent most of the day on his back porch alone & thinking, with no drinking this time. I gave my wife a call and had to talk to my sister in law first. Any of you watch that cartoon the Simpson's? There is a character on there called 'side show Bob' You know the sound he makes when he steps on a garden rake and it hits him in the face? Right there, thats how I sound every time I have to talk to this nosy, nagging Woman. She had been married five times prior to the poor sum b*tchn' sum b*tch that she is married to now. It was all THEIR fault that things went bad, Always someone else's fault when anything in this Woman's life went bad. She started out with had I gotten a place yet for my family to live in yet. (sarcastically) Yea, I said. I have bought a half a dozen new homes and I'm calling to tell them just come back and take their pick which one they would like to live in. What? you think I have money falling out my who-who hole! Good grief Woman, would you let me talk to my wife please. She put her on and I ask her how she was feeling and how her leg was coming along. She still had to wear a brace but she was moving around without her crutches a little.

I filled her in on most of what had happened and what I had planned with the Pastor Friday evening. She thought that it was a good idea to try to maybe go this way. Then she continued, I have been talking with a Realtor out there about selling it. Well, there ya go I said. Been listening to that Sister of yours, right? She said nothing but I knew it to be so. I already have the home listed. Well Damn! Thanks for discussing this with me first. I'm here bustn' my hump trying to get this thing fit to live in again and you have it listed for Sale. I told you I'm not about to live in that House again, ever. We accomplished nothing in that conversation except saying things that we were sorry for later. She was able to tell me that Titus had himself a new girlfriend that he had met there and I thought to myself that I wouldn't be seeing him for a while no doubt. I explained to her in a little more depth what I had been through the other night. How I was going to have to hire someone to pump the basement out and fix the pipe. Also I tried to get her to explain to me how she thought we were going to sell our home along with whatever it was living in there. Did you have the Realtor put in the listing 'Free Demon included with purchase' positively guaranteed to scare the living **** out of you!' I informed her that I had to keep trying to get this thing out of there. She didn't express much if any sympathy with what I was still trying to deal with. Just as well, I'm sure you will do what you feel best whether I'm there to consult or not' What is that supposed to mean I asked. I'm doing what has to be done and I am telling you about it. Beats the hell out of how you are trying to sell our home without talking with me about it first. You just keep listening to that lazy fat ass sister of yours and I'm sure she will lead you in the right direction. I finished with 'You call your Realtor and get this thing off the market until I can finish what I have started' she agreed.

Came Friday Don and his Pastor came to my apartment. We had a little prayer and loaded up in Dons truck. When we got there some cute little arrogant young lady that had a "look at me! my poop don"t stink!' kind of attitude. She could hardly condescend to turn her head toward us lowly mortals. I watched in disbelief as she was trying to pound a Remax sign into my lawn. I got out, walked over and told her that this place has been taken off the market. She had not heard anything about it she said, quite snippy like. Well, it has been I said. You take your sign and get on out of here. No Sir! she said, the sign needs to stay until I am informed from my office. Well, I am informing you now. Pull your sign up and get it out of here or I am going to throw it in the street. She finally seen things my way and stomped off with her sign in hand. Oh, this girl was quite a piece of work. No doubt her parents were very proud of her.

The Pastor was ready to do his thing, just wait about five minutes more Preacher, Please. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and dialed 911. I told them there was a domestic disturbance at my address and to please send someone out. In Just a couple minutes a Black & White pulled up. I ask him to look us all over and see that we were well and all in one piece. He said we all looked fine. Don and I explained what was going on and we wanted him here just as a wittiness. He stayed! I thought that was cool. He thought we were full of ****, right at that moment. Wasn't long before he changed his mind. We said another prayer and the pastor informed us that he would be going inside alone. He needed no help with this thing he said. Are you sure I asked? He assured me that he was sure he could handle this situation alone. Ok, have at it Preacher I said. Good luck I shouted as he disappeared into the front entry. Don the Law man and I stayed out at the curb leaning on his truck. He entered pounding Bible, shouting scripture and demanding that the Arch Angle Michael appear and do battle for him. After about thirty minutes of this he was screaming for our help. Very reluctantly, Don and I ran in behind the officer to help get the old man out of there. The place was in shambles, again. Stuff was flying around and I remember glancing into a mirror and I could see nothing. We could see nothing in any mirror in the house. They were all as black as if they had been spray painted, yet moving in ripples. I pointed that out to the officer and told him that last time an outsider came into my House, this thing would not show its self. I guess its getting less self conscious I said. We didn't see the old man right away and yelled for him again. He was down on the kitchen floor on his knees crying and sobbing like a baby with a puddle of blood in front of him. Get me out, Get me out! Don and I got on either side of him and brought him to his feet. Look at this Don I said. Preacher had a piece of broken drinking glass broke off in the side of his head and it appeared to be in pretty deep. The officer was looking at the old mans wound when the cold air came. We best get out of here don't you think he asked? All four of us were shoved to the floor several times before we got out the door. Officer pulled his pistol at the first shove and I told him he might as well put that away.

There we all lay in the yard watching my front door go slam, slam, slam, slam. Don said we are going to have to get this preacher some help. We can take him and save him the price of an ambulance anyway. By that time the old man was grabbing at his chest, So then again, I agreed with Don. Kind of a dejavu for me, here I was with a guy in another suspicious circumstance with a piece of glass stuck in the guys head and in need of an ambulance. I was so glad the officer was there. He went and got on his radio and had an ambulance there in a little while. I reassured myself that that officer fully understood that we had nothing to do with that Preachers injury's, he agreed.

They came loaded the old man up and the way I understand it, he suffered three heart attacks on the way to the hospital and arrived there D.O.A.

We gave the officer our information about where we could be reached if needed. I asked the officer what he had planned for his report. He guessed he would just go with the man was old and fell with a glass in his hands and cut himself and he was just here as your guest. Sounded fine to me. I don't know what else to say as this is the craziest thing I have ever experienced. I have never been a believer in this sort of thing and I'm not sure how this is going to effect me! What do you plan to do with this place. I told the officer
that I was pretty much decided that I was going to sell it to salvage contractor and have it torn down. Don took me home and I sat in his truck for a while and talked. I guess the old preacher man was in his mid 80's and had no one. He had been the pastor of the Church Don and his wife attended for over fifty years. We were pretty sure he had built the place. His wife had been gone for over twenty years. Don thought he may have had a Daughter that was in Missionary work over seas somewhere and was going to look into that. I told my friend goodnight and went into my little rat hole.

I sat there feeling rotten for what become of that old Preacher. I really broke that night and cried for over two hours. About 11:30pm I called Desa, a couple rings and she answered ' Hello' I haven't called to late have I? No, she assured me that I had not. She was very excited as she asked me if I had found a Priest. I said that a friend of mine and his Preacher went over tonight and, she interrupted me. What do you mean a preacher? You didn't find a Priest as I told you? No, this man said he was pretty sure he could help. She then kind of shook me. Is he dead she asked? Yea, he suffered a heart attack on the way to the hospital. Then she ripped into me mercilessly. This man was Christian? Yea I said. Do you realize that you have done nothing but make it worse! Why did you not go to a Catholic Priest like I instructed you to do. I don't know Desa, I don't ****ing know, ok? I messed up. Yes, you have messed up and it has cost the life of someone. She had me sobbing like a little Boy being scolded by his Momie.

She then asked me what I planned to do and I told her that I was planning to have it torn down. Another grand mistake she said. I will give you a 90% guarantee that this thing will follow you if you do. She teen ask if I had any problems where I was staying now. And I had, only with shadows and misplaced objects I said. Well thats enough isn't it! Wait until you tear it down, you may never sleep again she said. Tell you what 'Mr. Do whatever I want' I will find you a Priest that will work with me and we will rid you and your House of this thing. Just don;t you go over there again trying to help. Just leave it all the hell alone and I will let you now when I am ready. It may be awhile but I will be in contact when I am ready. She then thanked me for the money I sneaked into her pocket at our last goodbye.

It was a couple months later when I heard from her again. Fall was coming on and it was beginning to lay down a heavy frost. She had called me early on a Monday morning and told me she was sorry that it had taken so long to get back with me. She explained that it had taken quite a while and a lot of research to gather these people together. I told her that I didn't understand and that I thought she had been looking for a priest. She said that she was unable to find one pure enough. Something about being able to tell at the shake of their hand. She explained that when I see these people not to laugh, snicker, or even much of a smile might prove inappropriate. She continued that some of these people have come hundreds of miles to help you and she expected me to be on the best behavior and to do as I was told. She said that Saturday Midnight (Sunday) we were to begin so be rested and prepared for whatever may come.

I was there about 11:00 that Saturday night. I got out and walked around a bit. I noticed for sale signs on three of the house across the road from my house. I also noticed some more to the left and right of my home. I walked down a little bit of ways to an acquaintance there in the project and they happened to be sitting out. Frank! he yells, come over here and sit a spell. His family immediately got up and went inside. Gee there, I hope I didn't run your family in the house. Ah, pay them no mind Frank. They kind of got a problem. Sit down, Man I haven't seen you in a coons age. What do you mean 'a problem' I asked. Well Frank, you are kind of becoming a legend around here, ya know? No, I dont know. Tell me about it. Well he said, there are some folks around here that say you are haunted and just prefer to stay away from you. Kinda like a leaper am I. Do you feel this way, I asked him? You see me out here talking with you dont you. I asked him, what happened to the Wilson's, the Scott's and the Norris family's. It's been pretty wild around here Frank since you been gone. There are nights when those family's you spoke of would call the Police out here. Some of the God Awfullest screams and carrying on from that house of yours that anyone of us have ever herd. When the Police would come, they would find or hear nothing. When the Police would leave. it would start all over again. This went on two maybe three nights a week. People that lived down around your place got tired of looking like an ass every time they would call. Also got tired of not getting any sleep. The Wilson's said they were leaving just in fear of whatever was going on in your home, might come across the road and start that **** in theirs! So what, they just left? Yep! in about a weeks time I saw moving vans come and go out of here until a half dozen homes were empty.

I stayed and talked to that man until I saw my people coming. Desa was leading what looked like an old 60's hippy bus. I told him that those people right there are going to rid my place of it's problem. Good luck he said but not sure I would put much faith in that group. I got no choice I said. Not to many lined up for the job you know. I walked back down and met with Desa. I was introduced to twelve of her friends and they all had names like 'moonwater' 'blue thistle' Six men and six women. I remember the ring leaders name because I thought it quite strange and it has stayed with me for years. He called himself Mathematicus, that I thought was humorous but I didn't dare let it show. He was a big man about 6'5" I guess. He Wore an old rawhide cape that looked like he might have made. I shook hands with all of them and he was the last. When he offered his hand and clasp it around mine it just engulfed my hand and wrist. He had fingers the size of hostess twinkies, and that ain't no ****!

They all gathered around in a circle in my yard and sat down on the ground. They all had various items with them on their person and began to take these things out of their pockets and around their necks and place them in front of them. Desa got me by the arm and led me out to the other side of the street. I then asked Desa where she fit in with all of this. Nowhere she stated, these people are so beyond me that I am not worthy to sit in the same circle with any of them. I ask her, well who are they. What are they. I never got an answer other then I would not understand even if she told me. Damn Desa, what am I going to owe all these people when this is over? They will let you know. Yea, thats what I am afraid of because I am damn near busted. Oh, it won't be money I am almost positive. Just what do you mean by that I asked. These people have strange taste in payment. But, whatever it is? You had best be smiling when you pay them and don't even think of not doing exactly what is asked of you. They aren't going to be asking for my soul or anything like that are they. Desa looked at me and said 'Frank, don't be a dumb ass' So, I asked. You mean you are not going to have anything to do with what they do tonight at all? Nope, not a thing. Although you might she said. That kind of shook me up a bit. Lets just sit here on the curb and watch the show she said.


The very little info we got from the locals came only from the Cop we somewhat befriended while we were there. As I stated, and the way I understood it. There were several familys that decieded to break away from this particular wagon train. There were so many familys that were in these trains that research on them proves fairly difficult. I have done a bit of reserch on the last names that were on the stones in this particular cemetery. The ones I could make out anyway. It's been awhile but I do remember the last names 'Rose' and 'McNew' I ran them through a few years ago and the expence I was out was not worth the little info I was able to find. It,s just a feeling I have always had, but I do feel that he may be a member of the Rose family. The stones there were dated as deaths in the mid 1850's. Thats a long time ago and stories do get twisted up and added to over time. And there again, it's just a story told to us about this man who killed everyone in hopes of his own personal gain. Who knows if there is any merit in the story at all.

Thanks again, you people are too kind. I deeply appreciate all who are staying with me while I have told my story. I am almost finished, bear just a Tad longer.

After just a few minutes two male members of the party came over to us and ask if I had any pictures, film, slides,computer discs and recordings of any kind to do with the unknown. I said, probably thousands. We need them, all of them. Everything I asked? Even the stuff that has nothing to do with this? It all is related, one of them stated. Everything you ask for is in two suit cases, do I need to go in and get these things for you I asked? No, just tell us where they are. One on the left side of my desk in the Den and one upstairs in my closet, top shelf. Both are dark green cases I said. Your computer? What about it I asked. Are there images saved anywhere? Many I said, along with a few dozen EVP's. We will need it as well. My Computer! Desa patted me on the shoulder and shook her head. With a heavy sigh, I told them you will need the one in the den as well as the one in my Sons room. They returned to the bus and took out what looked like half of a 55 gallon steel barrel and took it over and sat it in the middle of their circle.

A few of these strange people got up and filed into my house. When they came out they had everything! My jaw dropped to my chest and I came to my feet as they threw it all into this barrel. Sit down! Desa said and don't you say a word! One person poured something from a jug over my stuff as he muttered something. Everyone took a turn pouring and muttering until the jug was empty. They lit my stuff up! Sat back down in a circle around this barrel, held hands and watched my stuff burn. I just sat there on the curb with my face in my hands. One of the neighbors from down the way drove up in his car and ask if Everything was ok here. I was very relieved it wasn't the cops. Yea! Just a Bar-B-Que got a little out of control on us. That seemed to satisfy him and he went away. It was close to dawn and the fire had been long since out. Someone spread a canvas tarp out onto the ground. They smashed the remainder of the contents in the barrel with what I thought to be shovel handles. Then it was all dumped onto this tarp and wrapped up and tied up into a neat little bundle.

The tarp was brought to me and I was instructed to take it to the River and from the center of the bridge I was to throw it in. I was told to watch it until I could see it no longer. These people then all went into my house and resumed their circle. Desa told me to go do as I was told. I then ask her if she had any idea how long these people would be here. Just as long as it takes she said. Go do as you were instructed and go home and get some rest and come back this afternoon sometime. You will still be here? Yes she said. I ask Desa, do you think I should maybe bring back maybe some sandwich stuff for these people? No, they will not eat until this is over or will they come back out of your home until it is over. Damn I said, really? Yea, I'm quite sure she said. Would you like me to bring you anything? No, I am in fasting as well. Man, I'm sure glad I was not asked to do that. I'm not too good at that fasting thing. She smiled and I left.

I forgot to ask if I could wait until the cover of night to throw this bundle of crap off the bridge. I thought about it a minute and decided that they did say go do it now. So I went to the nearest bridge I knew of. It was fairly busy but I stopped on it and turned on my flashers like I was broken down. I was there a good thirty minutes before I caught a moment with no traffic. I quickly grabbed the thing and was rid of it and watched as it sank out of sight. I didn't get back until after 9:00pm and it was about dark and there Desa was sitting in the grass with a blanket around her. Still at it are they? Oh yea she said. Have you been anywhere today I ask. No, been right here. Can we go up and have a peek through the window I asked? Yea, we can do that. There they were! All in a circle with another circle of burning candles inside them. All holding hands and chanting the same thing over and over.

Three days had went by and then out of no where the Flys came. Good Grief! It was like a hog farm! Flys were so thick in the air that you had to keep your mouth shut or they would have filled it. They Filled my windows! I mean between the storm windows! Sealed windows were full of these big brown flys. I had never seen anything that looked like them before. No smell that we could detect that might have brought them, they were just there. Next morning (day four) they were gone as sudden as they arrived. But my windows were still full of dead flys. Day five! Five days and that coming night these people had been sitting in my living room floor. I felt terrible for them and more so for Desa. I felt very guilty about leaving for breakfast so I didn't go. I decided not to leave anymore and not to eat again until this was over. I thought it only fair.

The big Man (Mathematics) came out and told me he would be needing a blood sample from me. Geez! What for I asked? Again Desa placed her hand on my shoulder and shook her head. He said that he could take it or for me to find a clinic to take it. I told him I would just as soon go to a clinic. Very well he said. We will be needing one small vial. I lucked out while searching for a clinic and saw a sign for a blood drive for the Red Cross. I donated and ask the person who drew my blood if she would mind drawing a small vial for me to take with me. She was nice about it and ask me, Do I want to know why you need this? Probably not I said, as it's a really long and weird story. She wrapped it up in some gauze and put it in a Styrofoam cup with some ice and I thanked her. I took it back and Desa took it from me and went into the house and returned without it. I guess that was adequate I asked. Yes, that was quite good she said. When night came I slept in my truck and Desa crawled into the back seat of her road runner. The next morning (day six) I was asked to come inside.

I was put inside their circle and told to stand still. All were standing and going around in a circle. I was told that there was a magnetic bond between this entity and myself and that they were about to break it. Two hours I stood inside this circle while my twelve guest danced around and threw liquids and powders and chanted at me. I watched as my blood was poured onto a small flame and the little woman who was doing this was speaking in English. This was the first I had understood from any of these people. Then they finished with me. As the sequence went to let me inside the circle, so it went to let me out. I joined my friend Desa again and said that was very strange. We talked way into that evening while the twelve continued to be seated in my home.

I woke the next morning a little before dawn (day 7) and the black birds were ever where. Not really making any noise, just had all the trees full. Perched on my house and several neighboring houses. There must have been Thousands of them! I got out of my truck and very slowly crept over to Desa's car and pecked on her window. She woke right away and rolled down her window to see what I wanted. Look at this I said, Look! She wiped the sleep out of her eyes and gave the surroundings the once over and said, "Ah! this is the day my friend Frank" It's almost over I asked! I would be willing to bet on it she said.

Good God there Mr.Hook, you are really something special as you have called it all! Everything! Strange to me that you would be chosen to pick up on this, can you explain to me maybe how this came to happen to you? I have just been blaming the things that have been happening around here to mostly just my dumb luck. I have been trying to finish this as there is only a page or two to go. I have gotten physically sick every single time I come to the computer to do this and this is from the get-go. I have finished it twice on my windows note pad only to click on something other then 'save as' and loose it all. I have had electrical problems in my home that caused my computer to have to be re-booted. But only here while trying to write my story. I would become disconnected from the Internet for no reason while trying to post on Ghostplace. I also had to replaced my Monitor, Twice! Problems with a ball of light that I catch now and again moving at lightening speeds across my wall as if trying to distract my attention while I wrote.

Oh yea, the shadows? They are quick as well, but I do catch them sometimes. Always one to my left as I am on my computer, Always! I can feel it. It is unbelievable how fast they can disappear in relation to how fast you turn your head or move your eyes. Can someone explain that to me? My eyesight has failed as I have had to go to a stronger prescription on my contacts since I have started my story. I can't finish a days work because my body hurts so bad. I sit around in the evening with a sweat shirt on because I constantly catch chills. It has not been fun, and I think you are right Hook. It's this ****ing story!

I will take your advise and let it go because everything you said made loads of sense. But I got to at least summarize, perhaps with not much depth but for those who have been good to me here, I just don't have the heart to leave em hangn'. You know? It's perfectly ok that you don't 'Buy it 100%' as I said when I started. I did not care if I was believed or not and for everyone to take it for what it was worth to them. Bless ya Hook & Thanks


As Mr.Hook stated, the good guys did win. This thing did leave my home. Very loud like a siren on a fire truck and took out every window in the place with it when it left. I have no idea why this thing latched onto me with such a vengeance. I don't understand why my friend Dons haunting was to such a lesser degree. I don't understand why after the day my home was free of whatever it was that I was no longer able to get hold of Desa. Her phone# just was not any good any longer and I never seen her or her car again, Ever! I used to see her driving it around town three maybe four times a week. Always smiling and waving at me.

I paid these people who helped me but I won't get into that as it was quite personal. I moved twice more as I still had what in my ignorance, I would call residual haunting. Another long story, but I lost my Wife to another man and my youngest Son blames me for the break up. I should have been with her other then obsessing about this stupid house I guess. That was only one thing among many. The house was repaired and sold and to the best of my knowledge the occupants have never had a problem.

I know I am leaving a lot of holes unfilled and questions unanswered here people and I am sorry. I feel I must take Mr.Hooks advise and leave it alone. I am better, I can go into Cemetery's now when I have to. Although I do leave the ghost hunting to others. A little very simple advise... I did feel negative in this simple Cemetery when I really think about it, but I ignored it! My mistake was I pushed on and returned the next night anyway. All this might have been avoided if I would have heeded the warning I felt in my gut. Just follow your instincts people while hunting and you should be fine, I have no doubt

Payment due for Sins of my past, maybe? Why did I have to suffer and loose so much over this. Is it maybe that God requires a little payback while we are still on this planet? 'Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord' I have not been a really 'Good' person in my life. Perhaps like some of you, I have done many things that I am ashamed of. If my closet was opened to the public, Skeletons would fall out for HOURS! In the late sixties I served as a Rifleman with the U.S.Army's First Infantry Division. I was in company c, 1st btln of the 28th infantry with the U.S. Army's mighty Big Red 1. I was a young man and I did what I had to do at the time and also things that I should not have done. I was not good to many of the young girls that I have met in my life. I paid for a girl to have an abortion when I was 17 and she was 15. I have done things over the years that perhaps I should be in Prison for. Such as but not limited to,,,

In the early 80's me and a friend went to a Cemetery to collect some Graveyard dirt for the purpose of my friend ridding himself of this rotten Neighbor and his wife. I knew these people and Oh, they were Hateful Hunam beings. We did this by the advise of a local nut that wondered the streets of our town day & night. It took us three attempts to get it right. We would gather up a bit and throw in on this persons porch at night. Nothing ever happend. You can't use top soil he said. Thats why it was not working. You got to find an old grave that the cement box was not used to place the coffin in. This way you can dig way down deep an get what you need. So, we took a pair of post hole diggers and found us an old grave. That night we pounded out a hole about 4' deep long about this poor dead mans chest. We pulled up chunks of bone on this trip. We had about three gallons of this dirt and we threw it on everything. Both front & back porches, on top of his house, in his car, all over the side walks and so on. That man and his cow of a wife was gone in three days! It works if you do it right. But what is the price you pay? What I have been through?I also had a tendency to be a cruel and hateful kid when I was growing up. I didn't want to be, just seemed to come natural. I had a smart mouth and hurt my Parents/Grandparents. I was bitter and hateful at their Deaths because I thought I deserved more than I was left by them. I hated my Brother & Sisters for years because they got so much more then I. I also hated myself for years because of the way I treated people in my life. I didn't like it while I was doing it either, I just did it and I am still sorry everyday of my life and still suffer over it greatly at times. I Don't have any idea why I have written all the above. A little confession is good for the soul I am told. Well, I did a little here and thanks for listening.

Acidus! Sir, I thank you for the space on your board to tell my story and express myself. Moderators! Thanks for putting up with me. Trolls! Thanks for leaving me be to tell my story. Thanks again and I will be back soon with some trivial things that don't cut so deep into my personal being. later"