Ghost Stories

Freaky experience (true story)

This happened many years ago, in 1983. Groups of us teens used to hang out in the Calaveras hills located in Milpitas, Ca. (overlooking Santa Clara valley). We have gone to this place for years. The best place was a road off of Calaveras called Marsh road. The road was rarely used, as it was a one-lane country road that dead-ended in a little valley. The tiny valley was basically a cow pasture where a fence completely surrounded the road. The road ended at the base of a hill. It was a blast to just hang out there and check out the "lights" at night. These were most likely nothing more than swamp gas rising up from the fields from patties left behind by the cattle, but they were cool to watch rising above the ground only to slowly disappear. There were three common colors. Red, light blue and light green. We used to get pretty scared, but it was fun for teens.

So one evening a buddy and I decided to make the trek alone. We went down to the dead end and hung out for a bit but it was pretty uneventful so we turned around and started to head up the hill and out. My friend pulled over into a little pullout and we just parked there and BS'd for awhile. As we were sitting there the truck slowly started moving. The look on my friend's face was hilarious, as I thought absolutely nothing of it. I mean this guy was FRIGHTENED. Eventually the truck started rolling so fast (as he only had it in neutral and no brake) that he turned the key put it in gear popped the clutch and it started. He drove like a bat outta hell for about two miles then stopped. I was still laughing at his expression. That's when he finally explained to me why he was so scared- The truck was facing UP hill on a little pullout that was pretty much level but the truck was actually rolling up the hill. Of course I didn't believe this and I wouldn't expect any of you to either... Obviously an optical illusion. But this guy was positive and down right scared.

The next day I insisted we go back during the day and check things out. He parked in the exact same manner (facing up the hill) but the truck would not move in either direction (up or down. Remember this was a somewhat "level" pullout). Anyhow I still believe it was an optical illusion that just appears to be going up. I will investigate this more thoroughly someday as I still go there every once in awhile...

Now that I set the stage, let's talk about the real story!

About 2 months after that my friend and I went back out there and parked in the exact same spot in the same direction (heading out). It was about 11:00 PM. When we saw head lights approaching us slowly (no big deal). As he got closer we noticed it was a ranger in an older pickup truck. (We have never seen a ranger there in all the years of hanging out). He pulled parallel to my buddy as police do when they chat with each other in their cars (driver side to driver side in opposite directions). Well, he starts talking with us (strange? It's late at night and two kids sitting in a very desolate area and he's just gabbing') I'm straining to see him, but the funny thing was both him and the truck were hazy. Just not crisp and clear if you know what I mean. After all this guy was no more than 8 feet from me and even less than my buddy was. Anyway this guys going on about how much he loves it back here, how peaceful it was etc.... When out of the blue he mentions the little bridge. (About a 200 yards blow us towards the dead end) And how several years ago a woman was found dead there. (I believe it was the 70's) He said that sometimes late at night you'll see her standing by the bridge, hitchhiking, but she'll disappear if you stop. Well, I'm thinking, "okay, this guys trying to scare us out of there".... Well, he goes on and on about the bridge when he said fact, do you know where you're parked now? That's where that high school girl's body was found. They found her body down the ravine over there. Well, My buddy was getting a little uncomfortable with these stories, but I knew exactly what he was trying to do. But I still could not make him out too clearly as well as his truck. The "ranger" went on a little bit more about the incident of the high school girl, which really did happen in 1981. Then he asked about the "lights"- If we had ever seen them. We answered "yes". He then asked if we ever went out to touch them. "NO" we answered. He said oh, you have to try it sometime it's really an experience. He then firmly said.... But. NEVER approach the red ones. My friend asked "why"? He answered "if you look into a red one you'll find your destiny, and that might not be good." He then said have a good night and drove off slowly. We both watched the lights from his truck proceed down the hill towards the dead-end. We both felt something strange about what just happened; even my friend brought up the fact that the guy and truck was pretty hazy. Even though it was crystal clear. Well, we watched a bit longer and all of a sudden this "ranger's" lights go out. We sat there for about 10 minutes wondering what the hell this guys doing now? Finally after about another 10 minutes I said, let's go down there and see what he's up to. My friend was very reluctant, but finally agreed. He turned his truck around and started heading down the hill towards the dead end. We REALLY freaked when we got to the dead end and NOBODY was there! Remember now. The road dead-ends and there are cattle fence completely surrounding the road and NO gates! We drove so slowly maybe 5 miles per-hour as not to miss anything, we even went back up and down again and NOTHING!

Now, I'm not saying that this guy and his truck was a ghost or anything, but it was something either one of us could explain, I mean this guy was gone and we've been there dozens of times throughout our youth and knew the area like the backs of our hands- We both and others have been there many times since then and still could not explain it-

A little side note:
The high school girl that was killed there in 1981 made huge headlines due to the fact that this 17 y.o. boy killed this 14 y.o. girl and then told his friends. Nobody believed him so he brought his friends out there to show everyone. They where poking sticks and such at the body for a few days and still nobody called the police. A movie was eventually made with Keanu Reeves and Dennis Hopper called A River's Edge. Now the movie does NOT depict the true to life setting. In fact, the "river" was nothing more than a dry creek-bed (ravine) with the exception of heavy rainfall.

No, none of my friends or myself witnessed the body. We went to another high school. And didn't even know the exact location until the "ranger" told us. Upon later research, found out Marsh Road was the location.

Calavera means skull in Spanish. Those hills are really spooky.

I also might add, that I went there last year and there is now a gate at the East side of the dead-end and what appears to be some structure just over the hill. Could not quite make out what the structure is from the road-

It is absolutely gorgeous there, but eerie. Well worth the visit if you're ever in the Bay Area, or want to do a paranormal investigation I'd be happy to give detailed directions to the place if interested.