Ghost Stories

Friend's Ghost

Alright, I'll try to describe what my friend is experiencing as best as I can.

I guess I'll start by telling you what kind of person he is. My friend is a non-religious non-ghost / non-paranormal believer. I personally half-heartily believe in it as well, and certainly am not going to be chasing after it. My buddy is married has kids and has mentioned to me numerous times his fear is one of his children being snatched in the night. The only reason I tell you this is because when he told us these stories the first time at work we told him it was because he was "being a good dad" though now things are different.

He claims this started about 6 months ago. He and I are on 12 hour shifts and work from 5-5 sometimes 5am-5pm and sometimes 5pm-5am. Lately we have been on the 5pm-5am shift. During this late night shift we play internet games together to pass the night away while the rest of the world sleeps. Now my friend is not at all comfortable talking about these things (hence why I am asking for him) and I think only told me because I am the only religious person he knows and probably knew I wouldn't make fun of him.

While we are playing some sort of internet game, he will on occasion "feel" a person on his left, about 5 feet from his computer. His computer is in his bedroom where his wife and dog are usually asleep. He claims this "ghost" or energy / feeling is only around at night, when he is the only one awake or when his wife and kids are gone. At first this "thing" was very stable, it was always found to be 5 feet from his left and only at night. He told me he thought his hearing was going out or something on his left side, just because of it. After about two months or so, the thing started to stand next to the bed while he slept, and due to the way he slept- It was on his left side. So again he thought his hearing was bad. Until one night he felt the "thing" near him yet this time it was on his right side. And out of his right ear he could hear some sort of western music playing. But, when he sat up to listen with both ears he would hear nothing. When he laid back down it would start up all again.

This was actually when he told me he thought there might be a ghost in his house. Now to me this is very interesting. When people at work told their ghost stories he would call them crazy and come up with some logical explanation that could make more sense than a ghost for them. And even now he brings that up a lot... How he used to make fun of people going through what he does...

He claims he can "feel" this ghost almost always to the left of him but every time he looks at it- there is nothing there. One time he got real brave and stood in the "feeling" to see if it was maybe some sort of breeze or fan or something that would make more sense than a ghost, which riled his dog up when he stood in the "feeling". He says the "feeling" or ghost comes and goes every now and then (meaning every like 10 min.) and just sits there. But lately the ghost has been getting closer to him. He says when he goes to bed sometimes it gets in his face. And while we are playing online games he will say its like a foot away from him.

Tonight (this has sparked me to ask others about the situation) something crazy happened. The ghost was doing its usual thing next to him while he was playing internet games with me... getting closer.. leaving.. coming back.. when I suggested he should try picking the dog up and putting it in "the feeling" so.. he did it and nothing happened. We were hoping the dog would freak or the "feeling" would freak but that was not the case. 20 min later he told me he was gonna smoke and came back in about 6 min. He told me of how when he was outside he felt it out there with him (which has never happened before) and he asked it what it wanted (he has done this before with no response) and yet again it didn't respond. The next part I don't much understand but he says the "feeling" or ghost went inside of him.. He could feel the presence within his own I guess.. and he says he felt kinda drunk for a second and then he felt super aware. He said he could hear far away and since he was tired, he said he felt very awake now. This was about an hour ago..

Then when he came back in to tell me the story as he was telling it he said he felt a new "feeling" or the same one just something was different. That's kind of where the story ends, but I told him I would help him out. Our collective thought is that this thing is going to become more and more social with him and he doesn't want it affecting his kids or wife. He actually told me if it gets much worse he is gonna move.

So I have a few questions for anyone who can answer them.

Do these things usually intensify over time?
Will it start to become dangerous?
Since he is not willing to do anything like take Electromagnetic readings or have psychics knock on his door and cleanse his carpet- is there another way he can prove its existence for his own sanity? He says it doesn't show up when anyone else is there.
Is it possible this thing can be attached to him? I mean it went outside with him what keeps it from going to work with him?

I can't really think of any other questions but any input is great, we have no idea what to do, I've google'd what I could but I cant find anything on ghost going inside of a person to invoke a response like his body gave. Plus I am kinda worried for him.