Ghost Stories

Frightening memories of my old house.

This will be a long, but interesting read.

I have always lived with my grandparents. I have been in three different houses with them and I am 17 years old now. When I was a little kid we lived next door to this old lady named Dorothy. She was the typical old woman that kept to herself, had multiple cats, didn't like people in her yard, etc. Something was really odd about her though. It was just the way that she would look at me. When I made eye contact with her it would send chills down my spine.

Sometimes I would hear weird noises in the middle of the night and if I looked out the window I would see shadows dancing around behind her window curtains. The light looked like it was coming from a fire or something. The creepy part was I saw multiple shadows and she was the only one that lived there. No one ever went to her house. I never saw her leave her property either.

She had the house built in the 40's and lived there for 50 some years before she died. I was 7 years old when she died. I remember being outside when an ambulance showed up and took her away. Not too long after her death some people moved in. They were friendly people and they told us they loved the house and were lucky to have bought it before someone else did. Not even a month passed and they moved out. Why would someone move out of a house that they loved so much after only being there a few weeks? Because something scared them.

A couple of weeks pass and to my horror my grandparents tell me that we are moving into that house because it was so much better than ours. It had 2 floors and a basement, a big detached garage, nice landscaping, etc. Our old house just had 1 floor, no basement, and a tiny attached garage. Of course they are going to want the house if they have the money.

We moved in and lived there for 9 years. I don't think 2 days ever went by where I didn't get scared. I lived in terror for 9 years. My grandpa never saw anything but my grandma did. She got weird feelings like she was being watched and saw weird things moving around corners really fast but nothing compared to the things I saw. My friend, Chris, had a really bad experience there too.

I am not going to say everything that happened but I will mention the things that frightened me the most.

The first few months only a few weird things happened. I would here strange noises like the one's I used to hear when I lived next door to the house. Only it was much more frightening now since I was actually in the house. I can only explain the noises as weird gibberish, footsteps, loud bangs, and just weird creaking noises. When I lived next door all I heard was occasional bangs, and well, the only way I can describe it is otherworldly screams. I only heard the scream one time when I lived there. More on that later.

The first horrible experience I had was about 4 months after we moved in. This was right after I got use to all the night time noises. It was in the early evening hours and I was taking the garbage out and I was going to get the mail. When I walked out on the porch I looked over towards the two vehicles in the driveway and standing between them was something.

It looked solid and was at least 8 feet tall. It's eye's were pure silver, it's skin was grey, and it was bald. From the neck down it was just skeletally thin and charred looking. It looked directly at me and I screamed and dropped the garbage and ran into the house. I think I cried for 5 hours straight. My grandma couldn't calm me down. I told her to look out the window at the cars but of course there was nothing there. I still have nightmares of it looking at me. It is a recurring nightmare and I have it very often. I wish it would go away. I haven't taken the garbage out one time since that happened and I probably never will.

The second horrible experience was a few years later when my friend Chris was sleeping over. I had two couches in my living room and we slept on them whenever he slept over. I woke up to him screaming. I looked over at him and he was flailing his pillow around and then he rolled off of the couch and started having a seizure. I had no idea what to do. I was only 10. I ran towards my grandparents room and when I got to the hallway there was something black, yet transparent and it sort of broke in half and one half went to the kitchen and the other half went straight through the door to my grandparents room. The worst part was when it broke I saw drips and splashes of what seemed to be black, transparent, blood and it went straight through the floor.

Right when this happened my grandma came running out of her bedroom and I told her Chris was shaking all over the place and freaking out (I didn't know what a seizure was at the time) She called 911 while my grandpa was trying to calm Chris down. The paramedics got there and Chris completely passed out and they brought him to the hospital. He was fine. We talked to his dad and he said that Chris never had a seizure before (Chris hasn't had a seizure since then either) When I got to talk to Chris again I asked what he saw and he said there was something extremely tall with silver eyes standing over him and it had it's hand outstretched like it wanted him to grab on. When he slung his pillow towards it he started having the seizure. Chris cried when he told me this and said he was not going to my house again. I started going to his house. I was the only one that believed that he actually saw it.

A few weeks later I decided to sleep on the couch with a video camera pointed at me. The next morning my grandpa woke me up and started yelling at me and saying I broke the camera and cut the couch with a knife. I had no idea what he was talking about.

He showed me the camera and it looked as if someone took a shotgun to it. I then looked at the couch I was sleeping on and there were 2 slashes across it with stuffing coming out. Everyone thought I did those things to get them to believe what Chris and I saw was real. I was in trouble for quite a while over it and no matter what they didn't believe me. This upset me so much. Now my family was mad at me, my best friend wouldn't come over anymore, and I lived in fear of a ghost that seemed like it wanted to kill.

Six years passed and I was now 16. Over those six years nothing too frightening happened. Just the typical footsteps and bangs in the night. Over summer vacation between 10th and 11th grade I had become quite the night owl. I would go to bed at noon and wake up at 7 p.m.

One night (or morning I should say) around 1 a.m. I was just chillin in a recliner in the living room watching whatever garbage was on television and I laid back to look at the ceiling for no reason. The recliner was facing the entrance to the hallway and the T.V. was a little to the left. I sat back upright and I saw that same horrible, familiar, face peek around the corner of the hallway at me. I was so scared and I couldn't move and then it screamed. It screamed with that horrible otherworldly scream I spoke of earlier. The one I heard when I was next door when I was just a little kid (typing this out scares me so much that I am shaking and it's bringing tears to my eyes). After the scream it just sort of went back around the corner. I ran upstairs (my grandparents had moved their room upstairs by the time I was 16) as fast as I could and jumped in bed with my grandma. My grandpa wasn't home because he works nights as a truck driver. I told her what happened and slept in her room that night. That was the last horribly frightening thing that ever happened to me in that house.

Six months later I got the best news of my life. They told me we were moving. I was so happy. I had all my things packed a month before we moved. We have been living in this new house since February of this year and not one weird thing has happened. Nothing. I am happier than I have ever been in my life.

Now, whenever I hear someone say ghosts, demons, etc. aren't real I argue with them like my life depends on it. I still have all the bad memories and I still have nightmares but as long as those nightmares don't come true I am content with them. I am so glad I found this website so I can talk to people that don't think I'm nuts.

I know that thing wasn't Dorothy's ghost but I was wondering if any of you think she could have been involved in some rituals or something that released something terrible in the house? Like I said I use to see multiple shadows dancing by firelight even though she was the only one there. I know it was a really long read. Thank you if you read the whole thing. It feels so good to be able to tell people.
Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

I am pretty sure there were between 4 and 6 shadows whenever I would see them. The only way I can really describe them is human-like but they varied greatly in size. Almost like having a bunch of little people dancing alongside people with gigantism. This could have been the shadows playing tricks on my eyes but I don't think it was considering how big the thing that me and my friend saw.

You guys wanted to hear about some of my other experiences. None of them are as extreme as the ones previously listed. Just little things like I would go to sleep with my closet door shut and wake up with it open. Or I would go down to the basement and get a really strong feeling that something was really close and watching me. I would also feel like this in my living room, kitchen, and hallway. I was constantly looking over my shoulder or running out of my basement really fast. I would also try to avoid windows at night because I heard tapping.

One night I was getting a drink and I saw a hand outside of the window. It was moving like it wanted me to come closer. At first I thought it might be a tree branch so I went a little closer and that is when I realized that it was a hand. I ran away really fast. Later I went back to the kitchen to put my glass in the sink and a raccoon jumped against the window. It scared the hell out of me but it doesn't make me feel any better about that hand. There was no way that it was a raccoon's paw.

I have two dogs and they were always freaking out and growling and barking at nothing. Dogs have a really acute sense of hearing so maybe they just heard other dogs barking that I didn't hear. That's what I want to believe anyway.

That's pretty much it but considering stuff like that happened almost everyday for 9 years it really is a lot.