Ghost Stories

Ghost at the nursing home

Okay for those who know me know that even though I havent worked in over a year, my previous occupation was in nursing. In nursing you seem to see alot of things ( ghost wise or just plain out unexplainable things), because of so many elderly that pass away in nursing homesl. I feel like some of them dont just go away peacefully.

I was working my normal shift one night, (I normally worked third shift)we were short a few nursing assistants so my supervisor asked me to work in the independent living building for the night. For those of you that dont know what that is, its for the patients who do not require much assistance and normally you just do room checks to make sure evrything is okay and that they are BREATHING.

I was sitting at the nurses station about half way through my shift, I was reading a book trying to make the time go faster. About ten minutes into the book, I heard a woman yell out "Help Me"! Thinking one of my people had fallen I grabbed the apartment keys and made my way down the hall to check the rooms. All the rooms were cleared, I made my way through the tv room, sitting area, study, dinning hall, and shower rooms. With no such luck everyone was sound asleep. I turned off the tv in the tv room thinking maybe it was some program that was on that I overheard, being that some of my patients are harrd of hearing they tend to crank up the volume to enjoty the rpograms on the tube.

I went back to the nurses station (that shows the camera views for all three wings in the building). I sat down and thought I would call my sister in law to just shoot the breeze to speed up the time. I dint think anything of the yelling woman for a time. During my conversation of gossip with my sister, I heard the same womans voice, a louder scream this time, "Help Me Please!" It was loud I thought that the wman was right outside the room where my station was, my sister asked me what the hell happened. I asked her to stay on the line while i went to check. I once againg made my rounds, and the samr e thing as the first time..... nothing everyone was asleep. I came back to the station and hung up with my sis and called my supervisor to have a look as well.

My supervisor came to the floor (which is sepaerated from the other building) and I told her what had happened, we walked the halls together checking every foot of the building and found nothing. Seeing that I was shaken up a bit by this, she stated she would go ahead and do her med pass in my building ( I thibk so I would freak out being by myself).

I decided to go back to the station to do some paper work so when the shift was over nothing would hold me up and I could go home. My supervisor had gotten her med cart and started down the halls to pass meds. As I was doing my paper work I looked over at the camera and noticed something strange that caught my eye, a white light in the shape of a necklace was floating through the air down the hallway where my supervisor was going. The only way to describe this necklace was, there was no distinctive color to it only that it was bright very bright like a light. Like some kind of costume jewelery with the big stone right in the front, that was illuminated brighter than the rest of shape. Looked like something worn in the movie "Gone With The Wind".

I got up from the desk and walked down the hall, which I had noticed was extermely cold at this time and asked my supervisor to come back to station and look at the cameras. She did and what she saw I think amazed her as much as me. There was this thing ( I call it a necklace because of its distinctive shape) just floating through the air up and down the hall as if to search for someone or something. We called over to the other floor and asked a couple of coworkers to come to the floor. We each took turns walking the hall while the other would stay at the station watching the cameras. I had been sitting there at the station and noticed that when everyone walked the halls this thing floated down there with them but when my supervisor walked down the hall this thing moved faster as if it was chasing her. Always mananging to place itself around her neck.

As we sat for about an hour scaring and amusing ourselves, one of the other girls said "Guys come here and tell me if you see what I see!" We all went back to the station and looked at the cameras and was stunned to see a man in a three piece suite with a neck tie standing next to the bookshelf holding what looked like a book in his right hand. We traveled down the hall to have a peak at the book shelf ( scared out my mind I may add) to see if the shape was actually there or if it was just on the camera as the necklace had done. There was nothing there we checked angles to see if any way it could have been a reflectoin of a picture hanging n the wall or something. We didnt have an explanation.

At thened of my shift standing at the timeclock a couple of us were talking about what had happened , the ladies who were employees there for like 13 years acted as if it was no big deal. Turning to me and stating, " Honey we have seen these things for years working here."

A little history on the building as known to me, it was built back in 1900's and was the first part of the original building with minimal renovation. There are pictures of founders and previous owners with their family hanging on th walls all over the building. Some very spooky black and whites.