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Ghost Girl

Hell my GhostPlace Family! I am need some help and advice to anyone willing to lend me some. First off is that I am having a little girl visit me almost daily and nightly. It all started back in April. I heard a little girl crying and crying for her "mommy". I thought it was one of my daughters and said I am in hear. Big mistake because then she knew I could hear her. Well then all of a sudden I could hear her plain as day as if she was standing right next to me as I layed in bed. She said her name was Elizabeth and she was 6 soon to be 7 and that she was from Arizona and that she was lost and scared and missed her mommy. I asked her if she was dead and at first she didn't answer me she just continued to cry. Then she said yesI think so. I asked her where she was and she said she didn't know that she was lost and missed her mommy. I told her it would all be okay and that I would help her find her mommy. I asked her if she saw a bright light and she said yes. I told her to go into it and thought she did. But then around the end of July she was back again.

At first I heard little feet running around my house. Then my kids toys would go off by themself. Then my daughter's Furby would make crying sounds and say Help me Please, or I see you and other weird things. My daughter hass had them for years and it never said these things. It scared her so bad I had to remove the batteries and put up the toy.

Then one night I was awakend to hearing a little girl saying Daddy and messing with my husbands wallet, keys and change on his end table next to our bed. I told her to stop it and go away as it was in the middle of the night and I was cranky. My husband heard his things being messed with but thought it was our cat who wasn't even in our room. Then a few days ago I was trying to take a nap. I had this feeling I wasn't alone. But I continued to lay there with my eyes closed. I heard running around my room and giggeling. Then someone touched the bottom of my feet and then poked me in my back as if they were playing with me. I still laid there with my eyes closed. I then peeked out of my left eye and saw for the first time this little girl. Although I could only see her silouette. She was small about 3'6 and was wearing either a long sleeve night gown or dress and she was barefooted. I said " I know your hear! I can hear you and I just saw you! What do you want? Let me help you! But nothing. I knew she was gone.

Then last night I tried sleeping but she came to me again. This time she talked to me and showed me things and told me things. She told me her name isn't Elizabeth that, that was her middle name. Her first name was either Anna or Ann. And that she lived in Arizona with her Mommy, Daddy, little brother and Grandmother. But she called her grandmother by someother name but I don't remember it. Then she started to show me a mobile home that had three bed rooms. She showed me the back one her Grandmother stayed in, the middle one was her little brothers and the other on the other side was her mom & dad's. She showed me their mobile home, where everyone slept and that she use to share the middle room with her little brother when he was a baby. Then she told me that Grandma knew about the abuse and stuff. I asked her what she meant and she showed me her little brother being given a bath by Grandma and her seeing the 3 lumps upon his head from being knocked around. She said "See look" & pointed and upon the front of his head were 3 pretty good sized lumps.

She said my mommy & daddy fight alot and took it out on me and now my brother gets it. I will not leave him. My mommy & daddy need help. My grandma knows everything but she doesn't talk. I love my bubba and mommy & daddy and I will stay until they get help and my bubba is not longer getting hurt.

At this time I am crying like a baby as I am a mom myself and would never hurt my kids or wouldn't want to see any child harmed. And for teh first time she really let me see her. I leaned in to give her a hug and tell her it would be okay and that I would help her the best I knew how. But she jumped back and wouldn't let me. I knelt down at her level and was crying like a baby myself. She wiped my tears and said "Please help me lady no one else has". I then felt this rush of going back into my body and jumped out of bed like I had been shot!/ I wrote everything down the best that I could.

Can anyone tell me how I would go abouts finding her, the family, checking out this information. I live in Texas and have never even been to Arizona.

I feel lost here. I want to help her so that she can rest in peace. No child should have to deal with any of this living or dead. I just want her to go onto to Heaven where she sould be. Instead of here worrying about her little brother.
Any help I woudl so appreciate.
Hello Anna,
Thanks for replying. Sorry I touched based on your aunt. I asked the little girl her last name but she just wouldn't answer me on it. I was surprised to get the name Anna or Ann as she always went by Elizabeth since April when she first appeared to me. I asked her what happened to her but all I got was this very uncomfortable but yet confused feeling from her. As she didn't want to talk about it but maybe didn't really know either. I am not sure. I also asked her that back in April when I heard her. At that time all she told me was that she knew what happened and didn't want to talk about it. I am confused on this whole ordeal. It feels like putting a giant puzzle together while being blind folded. I only have bits and pieces of all of this.

Why I am so confused is because I have a feeling like this is her past that she might recall. For them time is nothing. But to us it could of have been years ago. And the trailer she took me to was very old from like the 60's.
She only showed me the inside nothing outside. And the little boys room had old style type of baby bed in it the older metal kind. And the furniture in the home look all outdated and all as well. And the parents were in twin beds in the same room. They didn't share a bed. So I am really confused by all of this. That is why I am turning to my family here for help or clues or ideas. I would really like to put this to rest and stop having her visit me. Not only that but this poor baby needs to have closer and be put to rest herself.
As for her parents I had this scared feeling but loving feeling as well. Like she was afraid of them but yet loved them. I also know that she was abused but not really how. I had this feeling like it was her mother. But I don't want to feed on that idea without her showing or telling me.