Ghost Stories

Ghost house

Okay this is a story that my cousin John told me happined to him. I'm not sure if i belive him 'cause he has a history of makeing up storys and such but the way he told it to me i'm kinda inclined to belive him, does that make sense? Eh anyways heres how it went:

John was about 9 years old at the time and he was living in a small aprtment in Texas with his mom, stepdad, and two sisters and one brother. His step dad came home one day and said that he got a raise and found a new house for them to live in that was big enough for all of them to fit in comfortably. So they moved into this house and John picked out his own room up stairs that he thought was really cool. the only weird thing about it was that the lock was on the OUTSIDE of the room instead of the inside like most other bedrooms. He didn't think nothin' of it except that it was weird and took it down and got the room all nice and set up with his stuff. The first night he spent in that room was really restless for him because he'd never had his own room before, he was used to sharing with his brother and sisters. So he's laying there just staring at the celling when he heard a thunk. So he looks up and see's that his clock (one of those lil battery operated desk top kind) had fallen to the floor off of it's shelf. so he got up and put it back up on the shelf and whent back to bed. then thunk came again. so he put it back on the shelf up pressed against the wall in the middle so it couldn't fall off again and got back to bed. then he heard a thunk again and it was back on the floor so he's like "screw it the shelf's probably crooked" so he just layed there & then his desk dwror(sp?) slid open and he heard things moving on top of the desk so he ran out to his mom & stepdad's room and told them what happined and they said it was probably just his imagination and the excitement from being in his own room for the first time but they let him stay the night in their room. the next morning his brother&sisters were teesing him BAD about it and of course he was the youngest outta the 4 so it was really bad. so he put up with it during the day and went to bed again that night and the same thing happined so he didn't want to be teesed again so he took his blankets and went to the bathroom and slept in the tub. he did this for a while and everything was fine and good 'cause the thing didn't follow him & his parents, brother, sisters didn't know. untill one night late at night he was laying in the tub half asleep & then the water turned on so he's like "whoa!" and tried to get up but couldn't. he said it felt like something was holding him down so he started screaming bloody murder. and his brother, sisters, &stepdad came running to see what was wrong (his mom was out of town at the time) and they tried to get the door open but it felt like something was holding the door shut so they eventually just broke it down and then whatever was holding John down let him up and he jumped out of the tub into his stepdad's arms. So his stepdad's like "okay somethings up so we're getting out of here" and they went to a hotel that night. the next day his stepdad talked to a priest or something and the priest guy whent to their house and did a clensing thingy and they all when back. for a couple of months nothing happend so they figured the priest's thing worked. john's mom stepdad sisters & brother all whent to a wedding of an aunt john didn't really like so he was supost to walk down to his friend's house to spend the night. before his family left he fell asleep on the coutch and it was like noon so they figured he'd wake up while it was still light enough to go to his friends house and left him asleep and left. he woke up 'round 9:00 and it was winter so it was dark like midnight out so he couldn't walk to his friend's house so he figured he'd just watch some t.v. so he's sitting on his coutch watching t.v. when he heard these really HEAVY footsteps upstairs walking down the hall and start down the stairs. he knew that this wasn't anyone he knew 'cause 1: his family was at the wedding and 2: noone he know's has such heavy footsteps. then the footsteps start comin' down the stairs and he's like "Heck no i'm outta here" so he got up but to reach the door he had to go past the stairs (he would have used the back door but it was one of those with the tricky lock on the inside that he never really could unlock so he figured it take to long) so as he pasted the stairs he looked up and saw what he described to be a and i quote "a tall glowish guy" and he ran out of the front door and down the street screaming. a group of teenagers who always worked on their car's (he called them motor heads) stoped him and asked him what was wrong and why he was screaming. he told them 'bout the footsteps and the guy and they being really motcho guys (yeah right) decided to go check it out for John and chase whoever it was outta the house or "whoop their ass" as they said. so the motor heards whent into his house and serched every where and decided that whoever (or whatever) it was left. but john wouldn't go back into the house so he sat on the curb infront of his house waiting for his family to get home. then he got a weird feeling like the kind you get when you can feel someone watching you and he turned around to look and the glowing guy was standing at the window looking down at him. so he got up and ran and as he was running his parents were driving home and saw him and stopped him and asked him what the h*** he was doing outside when it was so dark (remeber he was about 9 yrs old at the time) and he told them what happened. His parents deceided that they didn't want to endanger their children or themselves so they whent to a motel and moved to a diffrent house.
He says that when he got older he reserched some stuff but only got back to the preveouse owners and that it turns out that the son of the family selped in the same room that he had but the same thing happened to him and his parents got tired of him sneaking out of the room to slep somewhere else so they locked him in there! But that's just what John says and i'm leaning tword beliving him 'cause this kinda thing is possible, right? Well i just thought you guys might find that interseting so i posted it.

see ya later