Ghost Stories

Ghost in my Boyfriends house? Could be.

I had quite the experience last night with my boyfriend. This was not the first time either but whatever is still in his house,*definitely* wants to be known.

Let me start with about 3 weeks ago. Dale (my boyfriend) was falling asleep and I was out cold. All of a sudden he saw some woman standing over the couch we were resting on. He was half asleep so he thought it was me, but then realized I was right next to him with her looking at us. Quickley woke me up to tell me about it, and she was gone. I didn't see anything. I thought he was just delerious.

Following a few weeks after i was in the backyard of his place having a midnight cigarette. It was dead quiet in there and not a sound. All of a sudden it had sounded like somebody unlatched the fence an was walking through the wet grass behind me. I thought it was his friendley neighbors Josh and Matt. Turning around nobody there, still hearing something or someone then walking quickley away through the wet grass. I got nervous and ran inside and instantley told Dale. He got up...Proceeded to go in the back to assure me everything was okay. Held my hand and walked out back with me. We walked over to the back shed. And my stomache felt hollow really quickley. He started to show me nothing was wrong. Held me, and comforted me. All of a sudden my mind was taken off the thing before, and as we were singing an Elvis song, a flash of light, zoomed past my face and instantley we both jumped, I screamed and ran indoors. He and I both felt electric shock and tingles at the same time, and saw the same thing. Very creepy indeed. It was to fast for any speed of normal light, or static shock. And it was not raining or storming. I was out of breath for quite sometime after the static effect we experienced

Two days later I was by myself. In the kitchen washing dishes. Doing nothing cooking related. The Microwave beeped and turned on at 9:37 by itself and started running. My back at that point was facing the microwave, so there was no way I could have bumped it because it was on the opposite counter behind me. This weirded me out.

Now, I beleive last night, gave me proof someone really wants to get noticed. Kind of through me off. Actually I was in shock. Dale and I got home from a friends house pretty late. It was probably 1am. /we instantley came home, got some food from the kitchen, ate it, turned all the lights, and tv's off. And proceeded to lay down in the bedroom. All of a sudden we were goofing off as we were laying in bed...then it was pure silent.

The T.V. manually turned on by itself. After dale distinctivley shutting it off.

We got up to investigate because we thought it was his brother Sean. Come to find out his brother still in his bedroom with his door shut passed out still. So it wasnt him. So Dale and I left it on. whatever or whoever it was wanted to whatch T.V. so we left it on , Dale shut every possible door in the house, and we came back to bed.

Okay, so this is where it gets really weird. Keep in mind we shut every possible door in the house so it couldnt have been anyone living in the house because we would have heard the sliding door open/close becaus eit is right in the hallway.

I was about to fall asleep , and getting comfortable when all of a sudden I was startled by a slam. The slam sounded like somebody slamming a remote control on the coffee table. I heard it once and thought i was dreaming. but it continued every 5 seconds. I tapped Dale, he pulled me closer and put his finger to his lips letting me know to not make a sound. We then proceeded to hear somebody walking back and forth from the living room, to the kitchen. And in each room something would be slammed. It sounded like to me somebody was looking for something, or had lost something and was getting frustrated and couldnt find it. This continued for about 15 minutes. It stopped. So we whispered and shared what we think it could be. Ended up falling asleep. Waking up this morning and cabinets open that we closed, closet door open that we closed, and still in awe from last night.....

I believe somebody is here....what do you think?