Ghost Stories

Ghost In The Nursing Home....... Part 2

If any of you have read my other story you will know that as I said I have had many experiences that I either cant explain or have an idea that I have seen ghosts. Having said that here goes......

I always worked the night shift, and for some reason Ghosts and strange phenomina seems to be more active at that time. I was just finishing my report and walking rounds with the shift prior to mine, when I was told I would be training two new hires on third shift for next couple of days. No big deal I had done it a million times before. I ahd intrduced myself to them and they to me, I walked around the facility showing them where our supplies were located, bathrooms, and breakroom.

I grabbed the paperwork out of the filing cabinets and began to introduce them to all the paperwork they were responsible for at the end of their shift. During this time we had a guy we will call "Guy" ( for confidentiality purposes) who suffers from sundowners. Sundowners is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain that makes a person sleep during the day and stay up throught he night, so simply saying he has his days and nights mixed. Now he usually gets roweled up around the start of the shift. He was in his room hollering at the top od f his lungs like normal "Help me GOD D@%$#!" So I figured I would introduce them to "Guy".

We made our way down the hall to his room and there he sat on his bed, covers drwan around him, with this weird look on his face. I asked him "Guy whats wrong" he replied "there was a man in my room". I went through the nightly routine of getting him up and into his wheel chair to show him there was no one in his room, bathroom, or hall but us. He sat for a minute and said "I am sorry, but I could have sworn I saw a man standing in my room" I assured him that all was okay and turned on hs TV and got him something to drink and told him I would back later to hang out with him.

We left his room and I took my trainees from room to room explaining all they needed to know about the people living here. I had walked back up to the nurses station to grab my cart ( holds all the linens and ect for the shift) when he rolled himself out in the hall screaming once again that there was a man in his room. Guy also suffers from diabetes so I ahd the nurse to check his blood sugar, knowing that sometimes when he acts like this his sugar is low. The nurse checked him out and said no he is fine right now.

I decided that this would be a long shift of keeping Mr. Guy calmed down, and trying to train these 2 new folks at the same time. Which most likely would cause me to be clocking out way past my end of shift.

So as the night progresed Mr Guy kept up with the charade of seeing this man in his room and in the hall at one point taking his ahnd stretching it out pointing to the guy in the hall. Now knowing that my patient has a history of seeing things that are not there I still couldnt shake this eerie feeling in the pit of my stomache, but I stayed calm. I could tell his ranting were making my trainees a little uncomfortable. I tried to comfort Mr. Guy and ultimately talked him onto laying down for some much needed rest.

I was half way through my shift when standing at the nurses station I wa startled by a loud thumping noise. **thump **thump ***thump. It had startled the others as well. As I had made my way down the hall with some other workers I heard the noise this time louder than the first.

Mr. Guy by this time was up yelling at the top of his lungs "He's here He's right here, come and take him away!" I walked in his room and found nothing thinking he was the one causing this mysterious noise. As I walked out of the room and back up to the station I heard a female resident call out "Stay out of my room you arent aloud in here!" My coworkers and I walked back down the hallway about 3/4 of the way down and the picture that was hanging on the wall was thumpimg out ward from the wall as if someone was on the other side of the wall hammering it. I jumped and stepped back for a minute as the other 2 girls ran up the hall to get the supervisor.

I remembered a maintence closet in the same vicenity as the picture so I grabbed the keys to closet to have a peek. I opened the closet and nothing and as I was walking back out the door I saw the picture pound about 3 more times falling off it hook just hanging there by the chain that it was anchored on.

I was so freaked out that I stood there frozen thinking how could that happen, a picture can not just jump back and forth off the wall like that it's impossible. I decided to do the only thing I thought was right I removed the picture from the wall and left a note for maintence so it could be hung up the next day. My supervisor was surprised as we all were to wonder what could have done this and why?

I had later walked to the kitchen for a straw and cut it into four pieces and made a cross and carried it the rest of my shift. Now of course I didnt tell anyone and kept it in my pocket so no one could see it. I didnt want them to know how scared I was , as I am sure they were too.

The Real Meaning Of Life....
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