Ghost Stories

Ghost or No, You be the judge

I was sitting her at my desk, looking over some old paper work. I ran across some Insurance papers where a kid (24) had passed away a few month ago. This reminded me of some events that happened at that time. I haven't posted any ghost stories lately, So I thought I would post this. I am not saying that this Is paranormal. I will just post the facts and let each viewer make up their own mind.

A few months this kid never came to work. He was always there and on time. The few days he had missed over the year he had always told me In advance. I had my secretary try and call him and get in touch to find out what was the matter. No one would answer at his house. I told the secretary to get me his address and I would go over after lunch to check on him. I was getting worries. I just had this feeling In my gut that something was wrong.

While I was In my office eating lunch, This lady walked In and said she was his sister and had received the message that the secretary left. She explained to me that her brother had OD the night before and was in the IC unit of the hospital. She said he wasn't doing so well. So I stopped eating and had my brother get the paper work ready for the Insurance. I took It over to the hospital as soon as It was ready and handed It In, Then I went up to the IC unit to check on him. As soon as I seen him I knew he was a dead man. Death has a smell about It. If someone has ever been around death they know what I mean. When I was In the Marines I seen a lot of death and It all has the same smell about It. You can tell when someone is going to die by that smell.

I walked out of the room and shook his father hand and hugged his Mom. They said the DR told them that he should be OK. I told them that I took care of the Insurance and all that paper work. I started to walk off and the lady that was at me shop (his sister) hugged me and ask If I could do her a big favor. Being the nice guy I am, I said sure name It. She gave me some keys and ask could I go by his house and pick up his dog and watch It until he was out. I said OK will do, and walked off.

After work I was kind of thirsty and stooped by the bar. I was sitting there knocking back a few and remembered the dog. I looked at the clock and it was past midnight. So I left the bar and rode home to get my old pickup truck. I was thinking the dog might be a big mean dog and it would be hard to get It on my bike. So I picked up my truck and headed to the address and parked out front. I revved the engine for some unknown reason. and got out and stumbled up to his door.

Here is where things start getting confusing. I unlocked the door and not knowing the place fumbled around for a light switch. When I turned the light on there stood a woman right In front of me. Well, my first Instinct Is when I get startled Is to swing, So I did. I manage to miss her at the last spilt second and my blow sailed right by her ear. Then I let my hand fall on her shoulder. She never flinched or screamed, I don't think she even blinked. I never saw her blink once the whole time. I would think that a little 5'4" woman would do something when a Big 6' 5" man took a swing at her, but she never moved or said a word.

I just kind of stared at her for a little, Since she was warring a see though gown and was kind of a fox. Then I told her I was sorry for busting In on her and explained the reason I was there. Then I stumbled though the house calling the dog, cutting on lights and falling over things. I looked though the house and never seen any dog. As I was leaving the bed room I heard a whining from under the bed so I got down and looked. This little poodle ran out and jumped up on me and started licking my face. He was all happy. I picked up the dog and made my way back though the house cutting off lights. I stooped in the kitchen and checked out the fridge and took a cold beer. Then I went back In the living room and the lady was standing at the same place I first saw her. Never made a move or said a word, Just standing there starring. So I said bye and cut off light and locked the door back and started walking to my truck drinking my beer and carrying the dog.

When I was about 10' away from my truck this police car came roaring up with light flashing. The officer jumped out of the car with his gun drawn and said Hold It right there buddy. So I stopped. He walked up to me and I explained what I was doing. He then said you know Jeff {the guy that OD} died a few hours ago. I said no, But maybe you need to go In and tell his girlfriend that he Is dead. The officer said what girlfriend. I said the one that Is In the house. Then he said we were like brothers and If he had a girlfriend he would have told me. Then I had to tell him about the lady in the house. and handed him the keys so he wouldn't busting down any doors and all that. He went to the house with his gun still drawn and told me to wait here. I figured he would come back out and lock me up for being drunk. So I finished my beer and sit down with the dog. He came out of the house and walked right past me without saying anything. Got In his car and left. I said damn I better get out of here before he comes back. So I put the dog In my truck and went home.

This part I am not sure about because I never seen the officer again. But other officers told me that he told them he seen Jeff and the woman both In the house and they told him to leave. I cannot say If this Is true or not, but he looked kind of shocked when he left. I do know I seen the woman but I never seen Jeff. Hell I can't say If she was a ghost or not. She looked real and felt real. I did notice a tingling feeling in my arm when It was on her shoulder. I figured It was because I stooped the punch and jerked my arm. As for feeling anything else I don't remember. As I stated I was drunk, But I wasn't afraid or anything like that. The little dog was scared and happy to see me. He was suck a happy little dog In the truck and at my house and wasn't afraid of anyone or anything. About a week later I gave the dog to his sister and that Is the last I seen of the dog or his family. I never been back to the house. You the reader can make up your own mind, Was she a ghost, A Demons, or the Imagination of a drunk man. As for myself I really don't know. But I can still see those cold expressionless starring eyes.