Ghost Stories

Ghost Sex?

Back in my ministry days, I was often called upon to pray for people in our Church Community. We received a call to visit a woman in the community who was having sex with an unseen visitor. My pastor request that I attend with him, because you never know what will happen in this type of situation. As soon as we entered her home I could tell that something was not right and this evening was going to be a VERY INTERESTING EVENING! The woman that answered the door look like she'd been through HELL, she was exhausted she looked very drained of energy and very wearied, she walked like she'd been jogging a very long-distance. She escorted us into her bedroom, her bedroom was also part of a living room, she asked us to sit on the sofa while she sat on the edge of her bed, her husband was a guest for the evening, he sat on the opposite side of the bed as she related her story to us.

She began to tell a story that a ghost was making love to her nightly, while her husband watched in disbelief, her husband couldn't take it anymore so, after many years of marriage, left her! But that evening he was there and related a story that was totally unbelievable. Her husband stated that the nightly visitor wrestled with him when he tried to stop it's attack! Her husband tried everything he could; prayer, calling the clergy and finally fighting and cursing the unseen visitor to no avail, when he saw that he couldn't stop the intruder, he finally gave up and left her! She was devastated when he moved out!! She ask if we could do anything to help her, of course, we lecture the usual; pray and seek guidance with God when this intruder starts again, but she stated that she and husband did that and it got worse! Got worse, I replied, what could possibly be worse. She said that not only was the entity forcing her for sex in the house but also outside the house; like in the street and in shopping malls etc.!!!!!

She swears that the police station got a report that a crazy woman was making obscene gestures in public places and she was arrested, while in the patrole car it started again and the police could not stop it, however, according to her they changed their report once she they booked her!!!

While she talked with us, I began to notice that she was beginning to talk weird, almost comical, then she looked at me and told me and my pastor my past life and my present life situation, which was correct!! I didn't want my pastor to know (at that time) that I was a backslidder, the entity told him and further told of other things that I kept secret!!! It scared me totally!!! All I wanted to do was immediately LEAVE! But it wasn't over, the entity began forcing itself on her while both the Paster and I looked in disbelief!!! Her husband did nothing!! I never saw anything like it before, maybe at first I didn't believe her story, but now, I truly believed every word she said. We prayed for almost an half hour before it stopped and when it did stop she was crying and praying, personally, I couldn't wait to GET OUT OF THERE, because I didn't want that presence to follow us. The minister and I both immediately got up to leave and told her to come to Church Sunday morning where other saints could pray for her, she didn't. That's the last time I saw her. Thereafter, I left the Church for about 15 years before visiting there again, the pastor also left a few years after me and moved to Florida, where he remains till this day. However, I overheard friends from the Church area talking about a woman who lived on that block many years ago and was demon possessed, was committed into the insane asylum. I hope it wasn't her. Sad story, but true.

O.K. LostPerson I will try to answer from my personal experience.
Q) How do you know when you are being attacked by a demon.
A) I was once attacked by a demon and tzzap454 it wasn't from a Christian it was from a Voodoo woman from the Island of Haiti, in order for her demon to work I had to be an unwilling participant. I was tricked into looking into a bag (believe it or not), the bag contained bones, hair, rotten meat mixed with herbs, flowers etc. the demon that attached itself to me played games first, like moving objects around, shadow images on the wall that were part animal and part human. Then my dreams became nightly nightmares. There were times when I would awake from sleep and this demon would press me down on the bed and wouldn't release me until I started praying and asking for Christ to intervene. That demon didn't go away until I became born again through Christ.
Q)How do you know when it's just a ghost/spirit?
A) I've seen plenty of Ghosts and it has been my experience that ghosts usually don't get involved, the ghost I've seen like to made noise in the house or appeared before me (just looking). What's a Spirit? We have a Spirit within us, Angels are Spirits, God is Spirit, Holy Ghost etc., so are devils and demons. We all at some time relate with one another. However, demons are usually summoned either by a particular person or by some mishap of our own, like when I looked into that witchs bag, I had no idea what I was doing! Then there are those demons that like to play havoc with our lives by causing unforeseen trouble within our lives.
Q) Is there a way to physicaly document either one (camera, tape recorder, etc.).
A) The reason I like this site is because you can view snap-shoots of ghosts etc. A good tape recorder can record spirits talking. Some brave individuals have tested recording spirits by questioning them, usually, they will get a response. I would not try this however, because, I would be afraid of the spirit I brought forth, if it's a demonic spirit, it may not want to go away!
Q) When you feel like something is watching you, do you think it's a demon or a ghost and how can you tell.
A) We are all physic. Why? Because we all have a Spirit that communicate with the Spirit World. Note: I never force the Bible on anyone, however, should you need scripture verses for my answers I would give them to you, and Tzzap454 I don't argue with non-believers.
Q) What can a regular person try to do about demons/ghosts/spirits before calling on an expert.
A) If a demon has been summoned I would call an expert. If I saw shadows on the wall (and I did) my first reponse would be to pray. I truly believe that we are in the image and likeness of God and no spirit can harm us, unless, we ourselve allow them to, here again, scripture verses are needed, ask and I will send them to you.

Want to get in touch with the spirit within you? It's very physical and amazing (yes! you will feel something, it's beautiful). Ask, and I will tell you how it's done. But, you must believe!!!!

I'm out of time for now, hope I've answered some of your questions.