Ghost Stories

Ghost Story From A Man That Once Did Not Believe!

This is a true story of a ghost that I have had to deal with for a long time! I wanted to share with people my ghost story from a man that once did not believe in what goes bump in the night. It all started in October 2009 when I first moved in to a big city apartment with my girl friend. Before that we were living with my mom at the time and needed our own place. We started to look at places together and I needed a place with a garage where I could do my motorcycle repair work for extra money. Finding an apartment with a large shop available is very hard but I heard of a townhouse in an older area of town out west. The area was surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers, and amazing forests. The area was perfect and when we saw the townhouse my girlfriend fell in love with the place. I was skeptic at first about the place, for one it had white carpets which I hate, and two I did not like the landlord to much. The guy just felt like a big shady creep to me, but after he showed me the HUGE shop downstairs I knew I wouldn't find a place better than this that had all this shop space. Also the house was huge and the rent was cheap.

I sold my Harley and used the money to rent out this place. The first few months were great and we started to enjoy the parks and recreation the area had to offer. My girl friend though started to complain about a feeling of being watched all the time and she hated being alone in the apartment. I had to start a new job and that's when things started to happen. I had to leave her alone so I could go to work and she would call me from time to time scared that she was hearing weird noises. She once called me hysterically yelling on the phone how she was in the upstairs bedroom and heard the door open near the stairway and when she went to the stairway something pushed her down the stairs! That scared me but she has always been a cluts and trips over her own feet sometimes. So I just blew it off as just a weird thing she did. She continued to be scared by herself so we got a cat to keep her company when I was gone.

Well things seemed to be going okay for awhile but than all of a sudden all hell broke loose! I came home from my job one day late at night and walked in the door to see my girlfriend sitting on the couch with her cat next to her with this slightly panicked look. I asked her what was wrong and she said when your truck came to the drive way the balcony blinds swayed very hard as if someone flung them. The was odd because the balcony was right over my truck where I park and the balcony door was CLOSED! I looked around the area around the balcony door and thought maybe it was the air conditioner turning on that did it or wind. Further inspection saw that it could have been NONE of those things. Everything was shut and the air conditioner was off. I didn't see it so I just blew it off and I was really tired after my shift so I went upstairs and went to bed early. My girlfriend stayed downstairs to watch TV.

The next thing that happened scared me to the bone and I will never forget! I was asleep and than heard the LOUDEST BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM I have ever heard come from down stairs. I grabbed my .45 pistol and the Marine most kill time set in my brain! I thought to myself someone is in the house, my girlfriend is in trouble, and I have to eliminate them. I am trained by the Marine Corp to do close quarters combat and house sweeping. I started to go down the stairs pistol drawn forward and got to the bottom of the stairs and slowly went around the corner of the staircase. I saw my girlfriend on the couch panicked and hyperventilating and I knew something was around the corner further! Gun pointed I slowly swept around EXPECTING to see someone in pistol sights! I was scared I really thought HERE WE GO I AM GOING TO HAVE TO KILL SOMEONE! To my disbelief there was NOTHING! I kept sweeping the house through everything and nothing! So I came to my girlfriend and asked her what happened??? Where did the guy go?????

She said that she was watching TV with the cat and the cat looked in to the kitchen where that balcony was. She said the cat heard something and started to growl. She than got a bad feeling and she did not want to look into the kitchen to see what it was, but gained the courage to look. She slowly turned her head to look and saw what the cat was looking at. She said my book bag that I take to work and set down on the kitchen table near the balcony was in the up right position and than slowly started to move down. Than the book bags zippers started to spin violently around and around! She knew in her brain that was not possible and she started to scream! I was like really??? I thought I was going to have to blow some guys freakin head off!! A book bag really???? I comforted her and than went back to bed just blowing off the incident. This really scared my girlfriend bad but I haven't seen anything and I wasn't scared of ghost or believed in them. Things continued though...

The thing is nothing ever happened to me BUT that was soon to change. Our beloved cat started to pace back and forth from the kitchen to the staircase all day for days meowing VERY LOUD! The cat would do this for days all day long! The cat acted as though it saw something and it was tormenting him and scaring him. The cats health started to rapidly decline afterwards! We almost lost him several times and the vet didn't know what to do! I think it was the pure love the cat had for me that kept him alive because the vet told us he should have died and it was the WORST case he had EVER seen! My girlfriend continued to complain about something watching her and I started to listen to her and give her comfort when she needed it, but I continued business as usual. One day my neighbor came to me WHICH WAS WEIRD because my neighbor has NEVER EVER CAME TO ME BEFORE an I have NEVER MET HIM BEFORE. He just came up to me out of the blue and ask, "hey how is that ghost doing?" I was thinking to myself what??? What is this weirdo talking about???? So i tell him, "ummm hey My names Randy nice to meet you and ummm what are you talking about?" He said "what you don't know?" I said,"what know what???" He said this place is haunted and me and my sister see the ghost all the time! He was laughing about it too like it was a normal thing. I was like okay nice to meet you weirdo neighbor guy and than he stopped me and asked, "are you serious?? the landlord didn't tell you??" Tell em what?? What did he not tell me? He told me that the previous tenant in MY apartment killed himself in my garage by shooting himself!! I was scared than and I didn't want to show him I was scared so I told him okay nice meeting you bye bye. I went to my landlord and asked him, "hey man I heard this crazy thing that someone killed themselves in my apartment is that true?" I was laughing expecting him to say yea that's crazy where did you get that. WRONG and yea he said it was true! I was like are you serious you piece of garbage?? You didn't tell us??? I guess the law states that they don't have to tell you about those types of things but I was right the guy was a creep! He probably even cleaned up the blood and guts in the garage himself because he is the type that would.

Well I decided NOT to tell my girlfriend about the incident of the suicide because of obvious reasons and tried to continue business like usual. My girlfriend started talking to her mom about it asking her for any help. Her mom lives FAR AWAY in a couple states away and told her that she senses something in the house and that her friend a psychic sensed and evil presence in the area around the house. The psychic said there was something really bad that happened there in or around the house. Now remind you when my girlfriend told me this I did not tell her about the suicide and the psychic was hundreds of miles away! I started to slowly become a believer after that and was about to be a full blown believer!

I was working on a guys bike in my shop downstairs and it was now 2011 a year or so after the first incident and the last thing on my mind was ghosts. The neighborhood I lived at has now gone really down hill. Lots of drug activity and prostitution so I usually kept my shop door closed but it was summer and it was really hot! I opened the shop door to let in some air and continued to work. I heard something coming up from behind and I got scared and turned around about to knock some guys teeth in but it was a woman! She was in a miniskirt with no shoes on for some reason and she was looking for some action. Well I really disliked this prostitute in MY shop but I was courteous to her and said NO THANKS AND PLEASE BE ON YOUR WAY! Well a couple of nights later I was in my shop again on another really hot summer night. I was working hard and needed some air! I didn't want to open the garage because of what happened last time but I really needed some freakin fresh air! I opened the shop door and continued working on motorcycles. I heard something walking up behind me FAST! I got scared again and thought OH HERE WE GO AGAIN ITS THE STUPID PROSTITUTE OR WORSE! I turned around ready to defend myself and saw NO PERSON AND WHAT I SAW HORRIFIED ME! There was this black thing rushing at me! It was like a black blob of smoke with a very evil look to it and it looked like it wanted to kill me and than it dissipated. I stood there the first time in my life scared of the what goes bump in the night crap. I stopped my work for the night and walked up the stairs trying to just forget about what happened and I DID NOT TELL MY GIRLFRIEND for obvious reasons. My girlfriend still felt as though there was an evil presence and her mom told her to do this ritual. She is Hispanic and her mom is one of those that believes in a lot of the old Latin supernatural stuff and voodoo stuff. Her mom told her she needs to IMMEDIATELY to do this weird latin cleansing ritual to rid the house of bad spirits. I let her do her thing and afterwards BAM the things that go dump in the night stopped! Wow what do you know it worked!

It is now October 2013 and we still live at the same apartment. The ghost stuff has ended for the past couple of years and the cat has become healthy again. The swat team and police came down my neighborhood for a whole week and cleaned up the place of all the scum bags too! Everything has been better now! This is why I am writing this now because one day not too long ago when I was alone at night I was watching TV. I heard my shop air compressor come on and so I went downstairs to turn it off because its loud. I turned off the air compressor and I had this bad feeling something was behind me! I got the courage to look behind me and when I did for some reason I had to look at this motorcycle carburetor sitting on my work bench. Than I noticed the motorcycle carburetor rolling across the work bench and it kept on rolling! Ummmm yeaaaa if any of you guys know what one of them square looking motorcycle carburetors look like you will know that THEY DONT FREAKIN ROLL! Happy holloween guys! I know I have my fill of it already!