Ghost Stories

Ghostie in the housie

This is my little brothers story. I've had a few experiences with my mum and dads house ghosts, but put them down to an overactive imagination, but after talking to my brother I think their maybe more to it. My Mum and Dad live in Lancashire in a normal 3 bedroom house. The estate we live on used to be a coal pit until the houses where built in the 1920's. Now onto what my brother has seen.

He moved into my parents room with my younger brother. As a child I would not go in my parents room. I put this down to my dads collection of swords and axes, which always scarred me. Apparently my brother, lets call him Ant to stop repetition, used to see a black shadow in the shape of a man walk across the window from one side of the room to the wardrobe in the corner then disappear. This happened regularly, but the image never changed it did the same thing over and over again. But it doesn't seem to be confined to that bedroom. One morning I woke up in my own bedroom and saw the shadow of a man at the end of the bed. I was half asleep still and put this down to my state of mind at the time. On a second occasion I was trying to sleep in my bed and finally almost got to sleep when I felt the covers lift and someone get into the bed. I was only 11 so I ran down stairs screaming, but my dad convinced me it was a dream so I went back to sleep in my own bed.

One night ant lay in bed and had a clear view of the hall from his bed. He looked up to see a man all in grey with long grey hair pushing a pram as if to get the baby to sleep. His reaction was the usual, pull the covers over you head and hope it goes away. Various other ghostly things have happened such as strange noises and things moving when your backs turned, but my Dad will not admit to any of this goes on. I have spoken to him before about the paranormal, he has on numerous occasions seen ghosts and on one had a full blown conversation without realising what he was talking to, but he insists he has never seen anything in the house. I believe personally that he has, won't admit it because my mum is very nervous and suffers from emotional problems so he doesn't want to scare her.

I have recently spent the last week staying there and due to some family problems tensions where high and emotional energy rife. I was sleeping in ant's bed when that feeling comes over you. For anyone who's used to this it's the electric uneasy feeling. I could almost pinpoint where the thing was, but couldn't see it. It was at the bottom of the bed for over ten minutes and under the circumstances I could not sleep. Having had a drink a did not want to engage with it in any sort of channelling or contact and emotionally I was pretty upset so was no where in the right frame of mind to deal with it. I lost my temper and just said go away I want to sleep and within a couple of seconds my brothers TV fell of the box it was standing on. This surprised me as it had never done anything like this before. I personally felt that the emotions in the house has fed it and it was taking the opportunity to cause some trouble. I went downstairs because the dog was barking, I let him out and as I went to shut the door I heard a sinister laugh from the back garden. It was a woman's laugh and was unmistakeable. I called the dog back in and decided it was best to go to bed. I was just drifting of when My other brother laughed in his sleep, but it followed the same pattern as the one outside. This could have been my imagination though.

Nothing else happened after that at all, the house felt empty again. I've told Ant to tell me if anything else happens, but we have lived there over 18 years and these occurrence have been very few and far between. One last thing. When my dad was remodelling the house and wiring he found some badly burnt wiring and signs of a major fire in the hallway and my old bedroom. It's not causing any real trouble and it seems more mischivious to me and my brothers than anything else, if it picks up we will have to do something, but as it stands he's an extra bonus to the house.