Ghost Stories

Ghostly Work Place

This happened when I lived in Cheyenne Wy. I had a room mate named Ernie. He was a jack of all trades type guy. One day he landed a job doing some remodeling in an empty house that the realtors wanted him to fix up a little. He came to the appartment and asked if I was interested in helping him out. At the time was shell we say between jobs so of course I agreed to lend a hand. The next day we pulled up in front of this old victorian style house. The first thing out of my mouth was "Damn if ever there was a haunted house this would be it!" Ernie wasn't amused he grew up here in Cheyenne and apparently knew something about this house I did not. As we walked up to the front door of the house, Ernie told me not to make fun of this house being haunted. When I asked why he said " Because it is. Thats what the talk around town has been ever since I was growing up in this town. Interesting that is all I could think of. Well we opened the front door with the key's Ernie got from his friend the realtor. Once inside your hit with the smell of a house that hasn't been aired out for a while. But stepping into the foyler, was quit the experience. Everything was in a dark wood cherry or walnut paneling. There was winding stairs leading to the second floor. Well what do we do first. Ernie said we have to go to the second floor and set things up for painting a ceiling in one of the rooms. Apparently there was a water spot that needed painting. No problem. Ernie went back down the stairs to get the paint and some brushes out of the car. I stayed up stairs and found the room to be painted latters were all ready in the room set up for the job of painting the ceiling. As I walked around the room a sudden cold draft came from no where and russeled the plastic laying on the wooden floor. I looked around and all the windows were closed. As I walked over to open a few window I heard a door slam shut. Thinking it was Ernie I didn't think to much of it. That was until I got to the window and saw Ernie standing out on the front lawn talking to one of neighbors. OK I figure it's just a draft like before it just happened to slam a door some where. As I started to reach the door of the room I heard someone coming up the stairs. A definite clump clump clump. Thinking once again it must be Ernie I stepped out of the room to meet him at the top of the stairs. No one there. This really was getting a little un easy. I asked Ernie what was the history of this house. I didn't want to spook him with had already happened to me just the short time I was here. As we started to paint and was well into the job at hand Ernie proceeded to talk about the house. Apparently there was more than just one murder\suicide in this beautiful home. The story goes as Ernie told it to me. That some time around the turn of the century some couple had moved out this way from the east and built this house from some family fortune. Everything was quit normal with the family for quit a few years. It wasn't until the lady of the house started to hold seances and things for lite entertainment things started to happen. As my friend Ernie tells this story. One night for no reason given the family was being rushed to get out of the house by the husband and his wife as they got the two children hurrilyed dress they rushed to go down the winding stairs. the mother must of caught her footing on the carpet or something and lost her balance and fell down the stairs knocking over the children as she fell. Everyone was all right except for the little girl who was crush and suffered a broken neck. Latter that year the mother having been deeply depresed over the loss of her daughter took her own life by hanging herself in the attic. This left only the father and one daughter left in the house. They eventually moved to someplace in Colorado. The house then sold to another family by the mid to late thirties. They didn't stay long. Complained of strange noises,lights going on and off at all hours of the night. Ernie said that that was pretty much the story of the house people move in people move out. It has been sitting empty for about 7-8 years Ernie said. Just as we were starting to head down to the main floor for a lunch break something was being draged across the floor in the attic then droped. Ernie looked at me and I said "let's go check out the attic! Ernie was not to gun ho for this. "Let's just leave it be." was all Ernie said. So we headed down the stairs when about half the way down the stairs something hit the side of my leg almost knocking me off balance. I caught myself up against the wall. Ernie didn't feel or see anything. As we finished eating our lunch and was half way up the stairs. That was when we saw her. A little girl about 6-7 yrs old,standing at the top of the stairs in a red and white dress ankle length.We both stopped in our tracks and just stared as the little girl just faded into thin air befor our eyes. I looked at Ernie and all he said was " I want to get this job done before it get's dark I need the money". So as unnerving as it was to see what we saw we headed back to the room to finish up the painting. As we entered the room the ladders had been knocked over one can of paint tiped over onto the plastic drop sheet. Ya know Ernie now that I look back at it was one hell of a trooper. He set the ladders up assessed the paint. And said we still have enough paint to finish the job. God I was wondering what would it take to unnerve this guy? Then a couple of minutes later I found out. The door in the room slammed shut. the sound of children running down the hall followed by a loud banging on the door. By this time I was ready to wet myself. As soon as the pounding on the door stoped Ernie opened the door to find no one there. "LET'S GO!" Ernie yelled . I ask what about the stuff as we were running down the stairs. "Just leave it. We can get it tomarrow." So we went home. And latter Ernie was telling the whole incident to are friends at the Mayflower bar that night. Ernie never did go back and get the paint and the ladders and everything else he just left it all there. I couldn't blame him. I sure was not going to volunteer for that job. The house still stands empty to this day to the best of my knoweledge. The Cheyenne cemetary now that was an interesting romp that turn out to be even more threatening and scarier but I've run out of time with this short story of many yet to tell.