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My Best Friends Haunted House

My best friend Sherry lives in a very haunted house. The house is a fairly new pre-fab house that sits on two acres of land, south of Preston in Fairview Idaho. Let me give you a layout of the house so you better understand what I am talking about. When you walk in the front the door into the living room there are stairs immediately to your right that lead down to the partially finished basement. Walking straight ahead takes you into the kitchen and dining room. To your left through the kitchen is the laundry room and a bathroom. To your right is the hallway way leading to another bathroom and two bedrooms. When Sherry and her husband and two children, they have five now, moved into the house fourteen years ago, she knew something wasn't right about it, especially the bedroom next to hers at the end of the hall. Going into that room made her feel very uncomfortable and she would keep the door shut to keep whatever was in there, in there. The children didn't like that room either and spent little time in there. Through the years she had all the children have all seen, heard and smelled things in the house. Her husband has never experienced any of the goings on in the house. None that he will admit to any way.

She and the children have all seen the caps on their milk jugs and juice bottles suddenly pop off without explanation. What made this all the more odd was that those caps were all screw on caps. There is a cold spot in the kitchen next to the sink, that Sherry has felt many times. She says it feels like a breeze is passing through her, even though there are no drafts or breezes in the house.

Sherry has often hears someone walking up and down the basement stairs when she is alone in the house. One night about two or three in the morning, Sherry was woken up by the sound of music coming from her little boys bedroom. Thinking he had gotten out of bed and was playing, she got up to put him back to bed. When she walked into his room she saw that he was sound asleep and his toy car, which was sitting on the shelf was all lit up and playing music. This car has to be pushed along the floor to make the music play and the lights light up. When she picked the car up the music stopped and its lights went out.

One evening Sherry was finishing up the dishes while her husband and the kids watched TV. in the other room. Her little boy, who is in the middle of potty training was in the bathroom doing his thing, when all of a sudden he shot out of the bathroom with a look of pure terror on his face. She had never seen him run so fast and he didn't stop until he reached the safety of his daddy's lap. She came into the living room and asked him what was wrong and he pointed in the direction of the living room wide eyed and tried to tell her what he had seen, but still learning to talk to she was unable to make out what he was saying. Sherry went into the bathroom and didn't find anything. She wishes she knew what he saw in the bathroom that night.

She and all the kids of smelled the smell of cigarettes in the house, even though nobody smokes and she and all the girls have been awoken in the night, unable to move, filled with terror. Sherry woke one night and couldn't move. There was something big and black standing in her bedroom door. Blacker than any black she had ever seen. She prayed for help and only then did it go away.

One night her daughter woke up and saw a young girl standing in her bedroom. The girl had long dark hair and was dressed in white. Thinking it was her younger sister, she hollered at her and told her to go back to bed. Only when the girl turned and smiled at her did she realize it wasn't her sister at all. Then she watched as the girl walked over to the book shelf and started to play with her toys and then simply disappeared. Since then she has seen the girl in her room a few more times.

One night her daughter had several of their friends over for a sleep over. They were all woken up by a girl with blonde hair standing in the middle of the bedroom. A breeze was blowing through her hair, but there was no breeze in the bedroom and the window was closed.

When Sherry took pictures of her son playing in a card board box in her room and in the hall way, they came back with bright red and yellow splashes across them. Pictures on the same roll of film taken in other rooms came out fine.

Sherry said she has woken up and seen what she describes as little men with big eyes standing in her room staring at her. She doesn't know the history of the house, but is considering delving into its past to hopefully find answers to this haunting.