Ghost Stories

ghosts that walk on the ceiling???

hi, i'm sure my ramblings will bore you silly, but i decided to give it a go anyhow.

my name is Carlie and i am 24 years old. i lived in london, england my whole life until i recenetly moved to british columbia, canada.

i guess the whole mess started around 1985 or 86. i was an only child and we had moved into a small apartment in Abbey Wood, London, and my mother was expecting a child. but because i was the only child for the moment, my parents gave me the smaller room. well, when your 6 or 7 years old it doesn't take much for you to fall asleep. it wasn't until i was 8 or 9 that i started to notice that odd things were happening. it felt as if someone was constantly next to me. i would look around...and no one was there. i would hear whispering, only to be the only one in the room. it got to the point where i started having a hard time falling asleep at night. i would tell my parents "something is in the room with me" but they thought i had an over active imagination. and when your a kid, adults are never wrong. so i would go to bed at night. i would fall to sleep after an hour or so. then i started to wake up in the middle of the night and my heart would be beating so loud because i knew i hadn't woken myself up. something was with me. i would be too scared to open my eyes, which made it worse, because i would feel something touching me. my hair would move, my arms would tingle, my blankets would pull themselves down. i would hear laughing, but it was so quiet i thought myself crazy. it wasn't really there.

after about 3 or 4 months of this happening, things started to get worse. i would wake in the middle of the night to find blood on my arms and legs, scratches and bruises. it got so bad that my teachers at school thought my parents were abusing me and my parents thought i was getting bullied at school. but still i didn't speak up, only to be accused of having an over active imagination. well, one night i was woken to the usual experiance of scratching sensations and feeling my clothes and blankets being pulled at. i was so scared that night, because of the malice i felt, that i actually wet the bed. something i hadn't done before, nor since. and i was young enough to belive the whole "if i can't see you, you can't see me thing", so with my eyes still closed to found my way along the wall to my parents room, where i crawled into bed with them.

the next morning my mother woke me up and asked me what the hell i had done to the room. i said i had done nothing and she said, "come look." so i did. the dresser draws were on the floor with all the clothes just thrown everywhere. my pants had been spilt, my books ripped up, my toys everywhere. i told my mum that i didn't do it, that there was someone in my room everynight. obviously she didn't belive me. so we both cleared it up, and off i went to school.

when i got home that night, because i was being punished for the mess in my room, i went straight to my room, with no tv. i was sitting on my bed staring at the wall, feeling mad at everyone, when all of a sudden, quick as a flash, a huge black shape lunged towards me then was gone. i screamed and my mum came running in. i was crying hysterically and when she urged me to tell her what was wrong, i refused. i told her that i had seen a big spider and that it scared me is all. so i waited untiol my mother had left the room, then with tiny steps, i opened my bedroom door and sat in the doorway. my room was opposite the front room and i could see my parents from here. i slept in my doorway that night. then, for the next few nights, nothing. i was relived. had the mean man finally left me alone? of course not.

3 nights later, i was lying in bed thinking of games that was to be played in our neighborhood this weekend. so we play football, or knockdown ginger (the game is to knock on someones front door then run away so they don't catch you). then my heart sank when i felt the familier light touches on my hair, followed by a light yanking, which gradually always grew stronger. i snapped my eyes shut and hid under the covers, where i flet this thing tug at the covers. i held tight and closed my eyes and cried myself to sleep.

the next morning, i woke up. and as my eyes slowly came into focus, i saw these slotches on the ceiling. they were almost the shape as human foot prints. but the toes were longer, pointier. i called to my mum and asked her "mummy how did you get on the ceiling to do them?" i pointed upwards. she took one look and called for my dad. that night, not fully beliving it, but wanting to, they took my bedroom door of it's hinges so they could see me at all times. what these "foot prints" were or where they came from was never explained.

things got worse from here on out. my parents, thinking i was a lonley child and was just wanting attention, got me a dog, who, to this day is still alive. the dog would sleep only in the kitchen, would never go into any of the rooms, and constantly growled when nothing was there. every cat i ever owned had run away once we had let it out of the house to do it's business. the house was constaly cold, even in the summer. the tv and stereo would switch itself on a off constaly, as would all the lights in the house. my parents, finally wanting to know why i would not sleep in the room, switched rooms with me. they slept in my room, and me in theirs. i slept a full night and for the first time in a long time, was not scared. the first night they slept in there, my mother woke up and she was being dragged out of bed by something unseen. after this they belived me. they stayed sleeping in that room, convinced that if i slept in there this thing would evetually hurt me past the scratches and bruises. i only ever saw the thing once, when it lunged at me that one day. i saw another "spririt" in the house though...a man with a beard who look almost blue in appearance. he had a friendly faceand looked to be from another time and place...almost victorian. i only ever saw him once, too. almost everynight i was waking up to the sound of my dog, muppet, barking and growling,. and my dad yelling "what do you want?" he later told me that he would see this black shape moving up and down the end of the bed, tugging and clothes and covers. but things were getting worse. the apartment we lived in had a huge old attic, and, as cliche and unorigianl as it sounds, there were now noises coming from up there. stomping and moaning, laughing. my dad called a friend over, and together he and his friend went up into the attic to rule out the possibilty of either mice, or someone living in our attic, as crazy as that sounds. they saw nothing, but what they found was an old sword with rusted parts on it that looked suspiciously liked blood. my mother and her friend, pam, had done some digging wround and they found out an old man, a heallthy 50 something man, had died in the bathroom. the coroner had believed it to be a heart attacked. no one else believed that. word got around and neighbors were telling us that no one had lived in the apartment for decades before us. downstairs neighbors who were friends of my parents becamse angry because of the noise coming from the apartment, only to find out that we had not been home. one neighbor had reported that a demonic howl that had been constant for about 2 or 3 hours had been heard while we were out.

the final straw came when i was home alone...aged about 13, and all at once with no warning, what i can only guess was the same demonic scream began to reverberate throughout the apartment. it was loud, high pitched. i have nothing in the world to comapre this hellish noise to. it just would not stop. things started banging around, grabbing at me, scratching me. at one point i was actually lifted into the air for about 15 - 20 seconds by my thought by unseen hands. it let me down, and when i fell i broke my ankle. i crawled into the door and dragged my dog over with me, and clutched at her until it stopped. i was still in the corner crying when my parents came home.
they asked me what was wrong, and my mum tried to come to me but my dog snapped her head up and began growlong at my mum. then, my dog did the same to my dad. it went on like this until about 3 in the morning. finally, from the other side of the room, my mum said "carlie, walk over to me" i stood up and walked a few pacesand the balcony doors behind me flew open. my dog ran from the room, teeth barred and snarling and i got scared, so i tried to run to my parents, and it felt like i hit a brick wall. nothing was there but i ran head first into this invisible brick wall. my nose caved with the pressure and blood spurted all over my face. there was a loud banging at the door and all at once...the thing left. you could tell. the cold had gone...the feeling of mailce had gone, and i ran to my mum. the neighbor had come to see what all the screaming was about then she took one look at my limping ankle and blood soaked nose and said "i know whats going on, get carlie and jodie (my little sister) and the dog, get your stuff, your staying with me. we never did go back into that house. we sent movers in to collect our belongings. funny thing is, the other 3 apartments in the building are empty too now, and any time someone moved into our apartment they left within a month. i know this because my mum's best friend, pam, lived next door to the apartment until 3 years ago. she and her son have both said they had been kept up at night every so often because of the banging and screaming coming from the apartment. i used to walk by the apartment every so often just to see if i was still scared...but i'd get to the street corner and chicken out. i just couldnt do it. i haven't told you everything here. it would take too long, and waste too much of your time and probably your patience[8D]. i figured as a child, we are innocents and all children can see things. and i had hoped that leaving that place would be the end of it. but it was not too be. i am now living in british columbia, canada, and some unseen force has picked me again....but thats another story for another post.