Ghost Stories

Ghosts, They Are Everywhere

Hey All,

Long time no Write.. If you remember me, from my other writings, then you have read the strange and yet true happening that I have indured most of my life. To me nothing is new, doesn't matter what I see or hear, it is always the same old stuff.

Ghosts, yeah, doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing they are there, watching you, seeing what you do everyday and everynight. they never sleep, just always there. For those of you who are just intriged by ghosts but don't believe, you are lucky cause you won't see them, atleast until something happenes and one day you do. and then the veil between the two worlds ( the dead and the living) has just been lifted and you see things more and more...

As for me I have seen both realms since a very young age, And to be honest I dont very much like it.. From seeing my grandfather, to living in haunted houses, to even seeing my father, (Well to be honest, I liked that one) To now my Grandson seeing things and always wants to run away, he doesn't like this apartment we live in, and I don't blame him. On the first night we moved in, I was alone here, after a long day of moving in and unpacking, And setting things up, all I wanted was to sleep, I layed in my freshly made bed for a night of wonderful sleep, I layed in bed with my door open and the hall light on and my back facing that open door. It was long after when I heard scutteling noices, like a animal running on the tiled floor (keep in mind at this point I don't have an animal) Then I felt something jump up on the bed and put an arm over me. (yes you read right, an Arm, How can this be seeing I heard An animal, I don't know) I half a sleep just went to feel the arm and I said, hey hey Ming, but was startled awake when I felt nothing there. Now for some reason I said Ming... Ming is my mothers dog, I don't know why I said his name but I did... I didn't get much sleep after that.. A couple of days after my boy came home to see his new home.. He didn't like it from the start. He said "Mommy, (he calls me mommy because I have been raising him since birth) Mommy, I don't like it here, It feels weird and there is someone here." I asked him who, and he said a little girl and a old man.. then one day, he was calling me very loud "MOMMY. MOMMY, COME QUICK" I ran to him, he was in the living room up on my entertainment center pointing to a picture, and he said, "Look, that is grandpa Burt, I know, because he told me and he says he loves me and will never leave me and he will always keep me safe"... It was odd, cause we never told him the picture is of my father, nor did he ever hear my fathers name... He was only 2 at the time.. It wasn't long after that when he would start getting out of the house and running off.. And finding his way on his own to his grandmothers house which was almost a mile away.. when asked why he would run away, he would say, to get away from the old man.. He comes when Grandpa Burt and Grandpa Ken are not around.. this has happened until he turned 4 and a half, We were taking care of a Rotti for some people we didn't know.. they lost there home and needed a place to keep their dog, or it would be put to sleep, and so my heart went out to them and I left there with a phone number and a dog I did not know.. This dog was the best dog I have ever met in my life, she would check on the little guy every night and make sure he felt safe. needless to say, he didn't try to run away while we had her, he said, "All the ghosts are gone, all but my grandfathers, she made them leave Mommy", so for seven months, (that is how long we had her for) we were ghost free.. but after she left, he started to run again, yes, they came back. It would seem that the old man was the one that scared him the most.. and so I did everything in my power to get him another Rotti, finally I got one. a male who ws 1 year old, whom he (My little guy) named Gunner.. And now It is ghost free again.. I have no idea who the old man is or the little girl, but I have seen them too. there are many sighting of them here in this apartment building, roaming from each apartment and to each floor.. as for my father and my Ex, Father-In-Law, I don't see them very much but at times I do see them.. As for my son, he still see them on a regular bases.. thank god they are there for him...

So what do you think.. let me know..