Ghost Stories

Grandfather's last goodbye

Hello again all! :D
I thought of another intriguing incident I've had concerning contact with the dearly departed through a dream. Actually, 2 seperate incidents. I posted in the Ghost Talk thread before about how I was contacted in my dreams by the same "spirits" over and over for years on end. I think this seems to be my main form of communication with the beyond.

Grandpa's Goodbye:
On the morning of my 18th birthday, my family received the call that my grandfather had been put on life support after suffering a massive heart attack in the night. This was no surprise, since he had been having issues with his heart for about 8 yrs. at this point-but this time, we were told that he had no brain function left, and they were going to pull the plug. We made the 5 hr. trip to the hospital to say our goodbyes. Upon arriving there, we found out that they weren't actually going to pull life support for another 2 days-June 6th of 2002 (Wow, just realized that this anniversary is here!). Only my 2 aunts, my mother, and myself (we have a very large family) had the respect to wait it out with him. My aunt N. said that he was supposed to be baptized one week from the day he was admitted, so they went ahead and had him baptized in the hospital before they thought they were originally pulling the plug. They said he actually smiled-even though he was showing no signs of brain function...the doctor passed this off as nerves reacting (makes you wonder though, eh?). I was extremely upset to be losing my grandpa, as I had recently lost my grandma (his wife), my uncle (his 40 yr. old son), and my cousin (only 19 yrs. old) seemed too soon to lose another family member. Plus, my grandpa and I were very close- he was like my hero. I refused to leave the hospital, because I didn't want him to die alone. I had hardly eaten or slept, and a very sweet male nurse finally brought me food, a drink, a pillow, and a blanket so I could have some comfort in the waiting room the night of June 6th. With my belly full for the first time in nearly 2 days, I tried to get some sleep. I finally drifted off, and I saw my grandpa-looking totally healthy, with my grandma and uncle. They all looked SO happy and full of life. My grandpa said, "It's ok baby (he never called me by my name-I was always referred to as the matter HOW old I, I'm fine now. Don't worry anymore-I love you." Right after I got that message, I felt my mother shake my arm and heard her saying my name. She said that he had JUST passed away about 5 minutes ago. Do you think it was my imagination because I really wanted to see that he was going to be okay that badly, or do you think he was trying to reassure me and comfort me from beyond? I like to believe it's the latter :D

Grandma's Message:
Before I had my son, I had been pregnant. I ended up having a miscarriage in the first trimester, though. It really hit me hard-because I'm not supposed to be able to have children very easily (thank goodness I have a beautiful little boy who's about to be 2 now!), and I became extremely depressed. I cried myself to sleep constantly, and could barely bring myself out of bed-thinking I did something that killed my baby. One night, I was in the pit of despair, and feeling like I didn't really want to live anymore, and that I wanted to see my baby. I cried myself to sleep yet again, and dreamed of my grandmother. She was holding a baby, smiling at me-like everything was wonderful, and she was going to take care of my baby until I got there. It was so strange. I couldn't see the baby really-just a plump little arm reaching out from it's little cacoon of a blankie. For some reason though, this did help me heal a little bit. Any thoughts? Sometimes I really wonder if this is all just my mind playing wishful thinking, but then again-I was so close with these grandparents... I want to believe they're giving me peace during hard times.